Chapter 1: Introduction

Rose's P.O.V


You know all those teen movies? The one's where the plain looking girl - that in reality is gorgeous - falls in love with her hot best friend - that in reality is really hot. The one's where he doesn't even notice her until the end of the movie where he also realizes that he is in love with her? The one's that always end well with everyone happy?

Well, Rose Weasley felt that she was starring in her own little teen movie.

Of course the truth was that she really was plain looking. And even though, she was in love with her best friend, of course he wasn't in love with her and unlike movies he would never realize her feelings about him or his feelings of love for her - which in her case would never exist - and they or more likely she would never have her happy ending.

Those where her thoughts before she fell asleep thinking of the day to come. The day that she would board the Howgarts Express for the last time.


"ROSE. Rosie! It's time to wake up!" mum half yelled at her door.

"Mum I'm already up, you don't have to yell!" I also half-yelled while running around the room trying to pack up everything.

Yes, I know what you're probably thinking by now.

I, Rose Nymphadora Weasley daughter of Hermione Jane Granger, am not packed for my last year at Howgarts?

And my answer to that would be: Yes, or did you forget that my dad is Ronald Billius Weasley, master of procrastination? And unfortunately for me, my hair color and eyes are not the only things that I inherited from daddy. Yes I have mastered and perfected the art of procrastination. However, on the other side I also inherited my mum's intelligence, so that sort of makes up for my other negative attribute. Don't you think so?

Now where did I put that badge? Oh yeah, did I tell you I was made Head Girl? My family was extremely happy about it especially Grandma Molly since another Weasley brought honor to the family. Ah here it is, but how the hell did it end up inside a sock, anyway better get dressed don't want to be late, after all I am Head Girl. Hmm now, what to wear!


"Okay now, did you pack everything?" mum asked Hugo and I.

"Yes, mum." we both answered.

"Are you sure? Did you check the lists I made you?" she asked again anxiously

"Hermione!" Dad said "I'm sure the kids have everything under control, right?" he asked winking at us.

"Yes, dad you don't have to worry for anything" Hugo said.

"Right..." Mum said while narrowing her eyes at Dad. "Anyway Rose..." she said and her eyes took a glossy seen. Uh, uh she's gonna start crying. "Rose..." she said again and pulled me into a hug and started sobbing.

"Mum........" I said softly and not knowing what to do hugged her back. After a while she pulled back and held me at arms length.

"Look at you! You have grown so much I... I-I can't believe this is your last year at Howgarts." she said and hugged me again.

"Now, now sweety let Rosie breathe!" Dad smiled but I could tell he was just trying to be brave for Mum. Mum kissed my cheeks and hugged me one last time.

"Make us proud, as you already have." she said and proceeded to hug and kiss Hugo which left Dad and I alone.

"Rosie" he said and looked at me for a moment before he hugged me, "Better watch out for any boys this year! There must be a lot after you" he whispered to my ear still hugging me.

"Yes Dad, didn't you know, they're lining down the halls for me." I said sarcastically and he pulled away so he could look at me.

"I'm sure that's true." Dad exclaimed seriously. Yeah right! "And you better watch out that Malfoy kid, I know you said you're only friends but..." Dad said but I cut him off before he could finish.

"Dad really now, nobody even looks at me like I'm a girl and especially Scorpius. I'm telling you we're only friends, I'm like... one of the guys to him." I said trying not to sound sad. Scorpius Malfoy for me was a prickly subject.

"Rosie I'm sure that's not true. You're really beautiful and I'm sure a lot of boys have noticed you." he said.

"Not the one I want." I muttered and looked around the platform.

"What was that?" Dad asked.

"Nothing." I said quickly "Anyway I've got to go the train will leave in ten minutes and I have to go find the guys." I said.

"Okay Rosie I'll miss you!" Dad exclaimed and hugged me again.

"I'll miss you too Daddy." I said as he let go of me.

"Ready sis?" Hugo asked looking down at me

"Yes, lets go. Bye I'll write as soon as possible!" I waived at my parents and followed Hugo on the train.

"Hey sis, I have somewhere to be so I'll see you at a couple hours."

"Who are you meeting this time?" I said with a raised eyebrow. Hugo just smirked and shrugged. "Anyway I'll be with the guys."

"Okay, I'll see you then." he said and left. Now on to find the guys.

When I say guys, I mean Albus Potter - who is also my cousin, Marco Zabini and Scorpius Malfoy.

Again,again I know what you might think 'How the heck did the kids of two Slytherins become friends with the kids of two Gryffindors?'... right?

Well to answer that possible question we became friends during our first ride to Howgarts. Albus and I were together, and Marco and Scorpius were together. We ended up sitting in the same compartment and the rest is history. Since then we've been inseparable.

You know, it wasn't that easy for me being the only girl in our little group and not to mention that I was in a different house than the guys. I was sorted into Gryffindor while the guys were all put into Slytherin, yes even Albus. But do you want to know something that is much more harder for me? The hardest thing is being in love with one of my best friends.

Yes, I Rose Nymphadora Weasley, am in love with Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Not only that, but he doesn't even know it, and he might be one of my best friends but he only sees me exactly as that: just a friend.

I mean... I don't even think he realizes I'm a girl. And to tell you the truth why would he. He along with Marco and Albus are the Heartbreakers of the school and I'm just the shy girl that hangs around them only 'cause one of them is my cousin. Or at least that's what people think, but again I don't know what goes through people's minds.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, well you see Albus, Marco and Scorpius are the most good-looking guys at the school. They are all tall, handsome, rich and they all play quidditch. All this facts result into one thing and that is the girls go nuts about them.

And I'm serious and not exaggerating at all; there hasn't been one day that I haven't been stopped at some hallway from a girl or two – or six - in order for them to give me a note that I could pass on to one of the guys. Something that really annoyed me especially if said note was meant for Scorpius.

I kept on walking in the train looking through the compartments for them.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... Don't ask me how this love thing about Scorpius occurred. I'm not even sure how it happened. And if you ask me I don't think I will be able to answer your question. The only thing I know is that one day, some three years ago I woke up and I just knew I loved Scorpius, not the friendly or brotherly kind of love but love-love as in my one-and-only-true-love; the one where you know that, that person is the one you want to wake up next to every morning for the rest of your lives kind of love.

However, I also know that this is the unrequited kind of love, but I really can't help the way I feel about Scorpius... it really isn't my fault that I have a crazy heart that chose the wrong person to love, is it?

The only one's that know about my love or infatuation - call it whatever you want - about Scorpius are my Mum and Lily.

Lily is Albus's sister and my cousin; she is a year younger than us and in sixth year with Hugo (both Gryffindors). Lilly is like my sister and she is my best girl friend. We are most of the times together or at least when I am not in classes or with the boys and we share everything between us. Even though Lilly is a year younger than me, she is literary my pillar of strength. Lilly was the one that I always went to crying at night because of Scorpius's new conquest and about the way he bragged about it in front of me and the other two. Of course Albus and Marco did the same about their escapades, but I wasn't in love with them...

I wonder what girls he's going to date this year, maybe some 5th years - he has already dated most of the girls in our year and the year's below ours.

Anyway I better not think about that right know. Seems like I found the compartment the boys are in. I can hear them laughing and if I look closely through the doors curtains I can see Scorpius's platinum blond hair and my heart has already started beating faster.

By the way, did I tell you how the boys look? I didn't did I ? Well I'll tell you now!

Albus is a 5'11 raven haired, green eyed guy; he isn't exactly buffed but he is pretty muscle-y, all in all he looks exactly like Uncle Harry... seriously they could pass for twins if you don't take into consideration Uncle Harry's scar and glasses. Albus is the serious guy in our little group. He's really good hearted and he'll do anything I'll ask him. Albus and I have a special bond between us, but can you really blame us, what else did you expect when our parents are siblings and best friends, and us growing up together living only two minutes away from each other. And I'm serious about the special bond too, even our mothers say that when they were pregnant we always moved together and it was like we were connected somehow between their belies. The most amazing thing is that we were both born on the same day - the 22nd of February - only Albus was born at midday and I late at night.

Marco also looks like his dad but not too much. He is 6'1 with black hair and really blue eyes, he has a golden light brown complexion, which I'm sure he gets from his summers in Italy and he is also pretty athletic. He's the funny guy in our little group. He's really smart and cunning, I can always have a good conversation with him and he always helps me to relax and have fun when it's necessary.

And last but not least there's Scorpius! He looks a lot like his Dad especially his face, but unlike his Dad's sharp, angular features his are more subtle giving him a softer, more approachable look. Anyway moving ooon, he is almost 6' tall and he has his father's platinum blond hair and pale complexion, his eyes are the most amazing color I've ever seen they are green but not emerald green like Albus's, they're a really pale green almost like they were washed up and most of the color went away, I think they're a combination of his mother's green eyes and his father's gray ones. He also has an amazing body, not too scrawny but not too muscle-y either, I always thought that he had the body of a swimmer and everyone knows they have the best bodies, right? Scorpius, of course had to be the ladies man in our group, just my luck. He is really funny and smart too, he likes to play pranks with the other two guys, sometimes I even take part in them, mainly because of Marco's persuasion.

He also likes reading, something that I enjoy as well and we can always discuss a good book we both read, most of the times he's accompanying me in the library but we always get interrupted by some stupid tart that comes to chat him up in hopes of a date.

Also, for some unfathomable reason he always comes to discuss his conquers with me and that is apart from the bragging he does in front of the other two boys. Like that isn't enough for me... Noooooooooo, he has to come when I'm alone and start talking about whoever his dating or snogging/snogged. And that is killing me. Every time he does that my insides feel like they're being shredded, and my heart feels like it's put under 'Reducto' but I can't really do something so I just put on my fake smile and later run crying into Lily's room.

I hope now, you can understand better why every girl in the school thinks that they are a catch, and really they are; they've got everything a girl would ever want.

And I hope now, you can also understand better why I will never get together with Scorpius.

I mean look at me... just look at me. I'm only 5'3 - thanks to Mum, why couldn't I get some height from Dad, why? - I have really thick curly red hair, a bad combination from both my parents. Why couldn't I just get straight brown hair, why? But nooooooooo I had to get this thing that I can't even call hair, this thing that I always have to wear in a pony tail or a bun cause I can't do anything else with it! Moving on, I'm really not that skinny and I don't have the long legs or the tiny waist that other girls do, Lily always tells me that I should wear more fitted clothes so I can show off my curvy body, but I know she's just saying that cause she's being polite. Really I mean me curvy? I don't think so.

The only things that I like about me are my eyes and my smile. I have this really nice sort of bluish-greenish colored eyes ( bluish from Daddy and I think the green comes from Grandma Jane) with the longest eyelashes that I've ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating, really even some of the girls have asked me if I have fake ones on. And as for my smile I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Well that's how I look. I know, not much right? But I really can't do anything about it, can I? Lilly tells me most of the times to leave my hair down or wear a shorter skirt or a more fitting shirt, but really why would I want to do that? Nothing I'll do we'll ever make Scorpius notice me.

I missed the guys, I haven't seen them since last year ended. Marco had invited all of us to go with him to Italy for summer vacation. Albus was allowed to go. I, on the other hand was not. And let me tell you exactly with two words the reason why I didn't go to Italy... Italy for Merlin's sake. Those two words are 'Ronald Weasley'. No matter how hard I cried, begged, and threatened he just didn't let me. He just sat there looking at me and when I finished all of the above he opened his mouth and said 'Rosie I'm truly sorry, but I cannot let you go to a vacation for six weeks with three boys in a foreign country and especially since the son of Malfoy is one of them' then he got up and left so he wouldn't have to hear the rest of my crying, begging and threatening. I didn't talk to him for a week after that. Apparently that was too much for him, cause when that week was over he came home accompanied by Lilly and Dominique; she's one of my other cousins, Uncle Bill's and Aunt Fleur's daughter, she's a seventh year like me and a Gryffindor as well, she is also one of my best friends. Apparently Dad was really unhappy that I stopped talking to him for not letting me go to Italy, so he decided to send me and Lilly together with Dominique to France, since Dominique was already going to see her grandparents and cousins that lived there. Dad also said that he was sorry he didn't let me go with the guys and next time he would let me go. Of course, I knew he was just saying that because he could have told me about his change of heart the day before, when the guys were leaving and I could have gone with them. But apparently, he had organized the whole France trip from before. Anyway, I did go to France and I did have a great time, but it still wasn't Italy with Scorpius...

I took a big calming breath.

I think it's time for me to go inside the compartment and greet my friends. I must have been standing here monopolizing for over five minutes, somebody would think I fell asleep while standing! I took another big breath, straightened up my clothes; a red v-neck shirt with white cropped jeans, very Gryffindorish if you asked me. I take a big breath again, plastered a smile on my face and slid the compartment door open. I raised my eyes and the sight that greeted me was that of two black haired guys; obviously Albus and Marco, and two blond haired guys one of them Scorpius and the other one unknown, laughing. They all turned their heads to me, I looked at the unknown guy with a questioning look and he looked straight into my eyes. We stared at each other for a couple seconds before he threw a smile and a wink at me.

Who is this guy?


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