Summary: Alice has a vision one day about Bella's past and the Cullens have a couple of questions. But would Bella be able to answer them even if she doesn't know what they are talking about? What is Charlie hiding from her?


A woman with long, brown hair was wearing a hooded black cloak and was running barefoot in a forest. However, there was something in her arms, or was it someone? It was a baby girl wrapped around in a purple and blue blanket. The baby started to whimper but her mother hushed her by humming a soft lullaby to her. She walked slower making sure she didn't leave any footprints behind.

Suddenly, she heard a wolf howling and the woman looked up to see a black wolf with yellow eyes on a hill. Across from him, on the other side of the hill, was a man with very sharp teeth. It was a vampire. She knew that they would find her; after all, she was wounded and bleeding at her waist. But was hoping that they wouldn't track her scent or the baby.

The mother grasped onto her baby closer and tighter before she started to run again but this time, faster and better. She streaked through the darkness of the woods, like a bullet. There was no sound, no evidence that her feet even touched the earth. She darted in between trees and jumped over rocks and bushes.

Finally, she stopped running when she saw a house with one light on. It was a few miles away but she knew that is where her baby girl, is going to be safe. The young mother looked down at her baby and noticed that her small brown eyes were staring at her mother as if she was trying to memorize her beauty and passion.

She took something out of her pocket; it was a letter and a heart shape necklace with a long cord. It had a name carved onto it. The mother put it in the blanket and started to run again when she heard a wolf growling for hunger and a vampire snarling for blood.