Chapter 1

The two vampires sat together on the floor. Miranda lay on her back looking up at the ceiling. Mick sat beside her watching her breath in and out slowly. After a moment he got up and went into the kitchen. She watched him, upside down, pour them both glasses of blood. She smiled at him as he came back into the room and sat her glass on the table near her feet. She sat up and took a sip.

"How long do think this will last?" Miranda said, lying back down but looking out the window this time, as she always seemed to do when speaking of something she found important in anyway.

Mick looked down at her, a strange look of confusion on his face. "What will last?"

"This" Miranda said, not looking at him. "Our time together."

"Why should it end?" Mick asked.

Miranda sighed. "Everything ends"

"But us"

"We, as vampires, will not end but you really think that 100, 200 years from now you will not want someone new?" Miranda looked at him then. It obvious she had really been thinking on this. "I know I asked you to marry me like you did Coraline but…I was thinking that, when you married Coraline you had assumed it to be for a lifetime, not 100 lifetimes."

"What does it matter if it was one lifetime or 100, Miranda?" Mick leaned down and kissed her. "I love you and if we were to live 100 years together or 1000 years, it wouldn't change that fact"

Miranda smiled, "Are you sure?"

"Are you sure you want to married to me?" Mick ran a hand around her neck.

Miranda felt something on her chest. She brushed it off and found it was a ring. She picked it up. The band was gold with a large diamond circled by four little rubies. She gasped, at how much it shined even in the minimal light of the apartment. Mick smiled as her head swung in his direction. He tried to look innocent but failed.

"You?" she asked in a whisper.

"Who else?" Mick asked, laughing at how silly the question was. Miranda smiled, taking the ring and slipping it on her finger. It fit perfect; probably because Mick had measured her finger while she was asleep one night, but he wasn't going to tell her that.

"So is that your way of saying you really do love me?" Miranda asked, not taking her eyes off the ring.

"You could call it that." Mick leaned forward and pinned her back on the floor with kiss, as he sat his glass down on the table behind him with one hand.

Beth woke them in the middle of the day. Mick was the one who heard her knock and went to see. He opened the door,in black pajama bottoms and no shirt. She blinked a few time and then said, "I forgot you sleep during the day, when you're not working"

"Come in" Mick shut the door behind her as she went in past him.

"So, what happened? No one has talked to me since that day with Josef" Beth shook her head. "And that was a week ago."

Mick shook his head, smiling sadly. "I'm sorry, Beth. I completely forgot."

Beth nodded, smiling. "I had guessed as much but I was busy with work and didn't want to get in the way of all you vampires. How is Miranda, by the way?"

"I'm fine thank you" Miranda said, coming out of the bedroom, wrapping in a bathrobe. It was big, black and fuzzy, making Miranda's small figure appear larger than normal.

Beth looked at Miranda. "Hey! How's Aubrey?"

Miranda laughed. "We forgot to tell you what happened, didn't we?" Beth nodded and Miranda told her what happened, as Mick made coffee in the kitchen. "So, she's safe and sound in her little apartment."

Mick came in the room and handed them each a cup of coffee before he sat beside Miranda. "I think Josef has decided he's going to take good care of Aubrey and keep a close eye on her"

"You mean they're, like, dating?" Beth asked.

Miranda laughed. "Something like that" She took a sip. As she did her ring caught the light.

Beth looked surprised. "Are you two engaged?"

Miranda looked at her and then down at her ring. "Oh…yes"

"When did that happen?"

"The night we rescued her sister" Mick said, wrapping an arm around Miranda.

Beth smiled sweetly. "Congratulations"

"What were you thinking?" Josef asked, leaning back in Mick's client chair as he looked at Mick, who was sitting the behind his desk. "I mean, Mick, she's hot but come on!"

"I'm not marrying her because she's hot" Mick said, looking over at Josef with a look that said the idea was ludicrous.

Josef stood up and paced over to the window. Mick turned in his chair to keep him in sight. "Why? You two were perfectly happy dating, and now you're going and making it all official."

"A-what's wrong with making it official and B-you were there the night we decided this.Why are you so shocked?"

Josef sighed, loudly, turning to Mick, leaning across the window sill. "Nothing is wrong with making it official if you are sure about things and if you're not going to live forever. And I'm shocked because when Miranda asked you that, I had assumed that you two would date; not actually get married. I mean what's the point of a vampire getting married?"

"What's the point of humans getting married?"

"To have a legal document that says they owe each other half of everything" Josef muttered.

"No, it's show others that they really love each other" Mick said, rolling his eyes. "I love her, Josef. I'm not afraid to say it anymore. I have loved her for a long while. I came to grips with what happened between us and I've moved on. I want her to know that I love her."

"And you couldn't buy her a diamond ring like a normal person?"

"I did" Mick said. "It's really quite attractive; I'll have Miranda show you."

"It's an engagement ring, Mick" Josef said, pacing about the room. "That's not what I meant."

"I don't see why you're so against it"

"I-I don't want you to repeat what happened with Coraline"

"It's not the same thing" Mick said, standing up. "Miranda and I know what we are. We live the same way. There are no surprises that will ruin this."

Josef just shook his head. "I think you're rushing it, Mick"

N/A: I had to set things. As for the "vampires are drinking coffee even though Mick said vampires don't eat or drink anything" thing: Mick put blood in the coffee. So it's coffee, vampire style. Not that I suggest that. Personally I prefer vanilla in my coffee. I hope you enjoyed and will stay tuned.