Chapter 11 - Last ONE!

Miranda looked up at the guys came out of the office. She was sitting on the couch beside Aubrey and Zoe, who was eyeing the gifts that had been moved to the coffee table. Beth and Josh were sharing a chair. "We were beginning to worry" Aubrey said, moving over to the far side of Zoe so Mick could sit beside Miranda. He did, she didn't even blink. Josef sat down in the far chair.

"Now, you may open your gifts" Miranda said, handing the girl her first gift. "This is from Beth and Josh."

Zoe ripped open her gift. It was a pink and purple journal with a little lock and key. Zoe smiled. "I had a journal when I was your age, its fun to look back on" Beth said.

"I still have one" Aubrey said.

"We know" all the vampires (and Beth) said at once. Aubrey gave them all dirty looks as she pulled her gift from the pile and handed it to Zoe.

Zoe tore open the book to find a Fly pen and notebook with three different activity add-ins. When Miranda gave her sister a look, Aubrey just smiled. "I am the aunt, I can spoil."

Miranda sighed and pulled the last two gifts from the table, handing them both to Zoe at the same time. Zoe opened the small one first; it was a necklace with a silver heart shaped pendent. One the back was engraved: Know you are ALWAYS loved, Mick and Miranda. She looked up at them. "It's white gold" Mick said. "So it'll last forever." Zoe hugged them. Then pulled up her last gift. It turned out to be an art kit. Zoe laughed as she ripped the packaging off.

"I notice you draw really well. I thought you'd like it" Miranda said. Zoe hugged her tightly.

"Thank you" Zoe said.

Mick glanced at his watch. "Zoe, thank everyone. It's time for bed. You do have school tomorrow." Zoe thanked everyone, hugging them all and then collected her gifts, with help from Mick, and headed upstairs. Mick followed to tuck her in.

Miranda sighed, pulling her feet up. "Thank you for coming" she said, looking at everyone.

"Hey, it's not everyday a friend's daughter turn seven" Josef said.

Aubrey sent him a sideways look. "It's not often a friend of yours has children."

Miranda sensed his temper rising. "Enough" she said. "Behave children." Josef gave her a look that said he was biting back a retort. She smiled.

"I had fun" Beth said, "It was nice to meet you, Aubrey" Josh nodded.

"We should go" Josh said. "I have work in the morning." Beth nodded and they got up, heading towards the door. Miranda followed, hugging Beth and, much to his surprise, Josh. As she pulled away, Mick appeared.

"Leaning so soon?" he asked.

"Josh has to work" Beth said. "And I am so tired…I can barely see strait." She smiled. Josh opened the door. They waved one last time and left.

"Have a nice night" Miranda called, as she shut the door behind them. She stared away, when he pulled her back and leaned her against the door.

"Hey" he whispered. "You're not mad at me, are you?"

Miranda looked up at him. "No"

Mick kissed her. "Good"

-FIN- 'Jack', the next story of the St. John family, is already up. Enjoy!