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Theme 1: Future/Mirai
"If you excessively worry about the future, then you may soon find yourself without one to worry about." – Snowy Peach Tsubasa

What is it about the lines on your palm, a large crystal ball and the soggy remains of tea leaves that have people believing that they can foresee the future? Is it just the seemingly dark unknown that frightens the living daylights out of souls, making them mindlessly seek out the answer? Daily horoscopes, tarot cards, omens; you name it, people flock to it. Some can't help but indulge in it for simple amusement, believing such things are rather silly. Yet when so called coincidence strikes, they can't help but be roped in.

So on one end we have the firm believers of the so called processes of fortune telling. On the other we have people like Toshiro Hitsugaya that refuse to consider tea leaves as anything else but blackish dregs. Somewhere in the middle are people like Rangiku Matsumoto and Momo Hinamori, who partake in the occasional fortune telling session and daily horoscope just for the fun of it; and at the expense of the (just under) five feet tall taichou.

"Ohayou taichou!" Matsumoto cheerfully yelled as she walked into the office.

"Your paperwork's over there," Toshiro replied.

"No, I've already got my papers!"

Matsumoto waved the day's edition of the Seireitei News about in the air and promptly flopped down on the couch. Almost immediately the major events, editorial and any other pages deemed unimportant were crumpled up and discarded behind her. Toshiro glared daggers at the couch backing, decreasing the general temperature of the room and covering the balls of greyish paper in a delicate coating of ice. Matsumoto mildly glanced at him before returning to her paper. She flipped a page and took a minute to read its contents before letting out an audible gasp. Toshiro smirked, thinking the cold had gotten to his lazy fukutaichou.

"Taichou! It's says here that today's meant to be a nice and warm day! You shouldn't go around changing the temperature! Who knows what they might do to poor Shuuhei?!"

Toshiro twitched and closed his eyes, trying to remain cool, calm and collected. The internal battle was not to his favour; a large anger vein had appeared on his head and he clenched his hands into fists. Five hours of sleep the pervious night was not doing him any good either. In fact, it was probably the source for this morning's short temper.

"Ah Momo-chan! So good to see you!"

The barely controlled anger was instantly subdued and Toshiro looked over towards the door, only to see it vacant. Matsumoto let out a hearty laugh at his expense and proceeded to throw all kind of implications at him. His eye twitched but a sigh came out of his mouth; he would just ignore her. They were both better off with that arrangement. A few minutes passed and the only sounds were the flipping of pages and Matsumoto's occasional remark. She smoothed out the page in front of her and propped her elbows on the couch back, leaving her hands holding the paper dangling down.

"Taichou, you're a Sagittarius right? Which is kind of strange seeing as it's a fire sign and you're born in winter and hate the heat, oh! And let's not forget about Hyorinmaru or the fact t-"

"Get to the point already!" Toshiro interrupted.

"Just proving my point taichou. Well here's your horoscope for the week!' Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be shadowed by Saturn. Therefore take caution on the seemingly insignificant objects around you. This week shall not be pleasant for those who walk inattentively."

Matsumoto looked up. "At least you're well informed taichou!"

"Better tell Hisagi-fukutaichou to stop writing the news when drunk."

"You're so tense taichou!" whined Matsumoto. "It's just a little fun, loosen up!"

"Keh! Some people will believe anything."

Toshiro dipped his brush into its inkwell and was poised to write when a gust of wind blew in, scattering several papers off the desk. He groaned in annoyance and slid off his chair to retrieve the fallen sheets. After gathering the sheets, he moved his hand with the intention of grabbing onto the wooden surface. However, he grabbed onto an overhanging piece of paper instead. Of course the result was that that piece of paper came sliding off the desk. Now that in itself wouldn't be so much of a problem had the inkwell not been resting on top of said piece of paper.



Matsumoto looked up to see her taichou's lovely white hair half covered in black ink. In her eyes he looked like a squished onigiri (A/N: riceball). Peals of laughter rang throughout the room when Toshiro resurfaced, his frustrated expression and heavy scowl completing the look. It was at that moment Momo decided to pay them a visit.

"Ohayou Rangiku-san, Hitsugaya-"

Momo stopped mid-sentence when she got a good look at her childhood friend sulking behind his desk. A small trail of ink leaked onto his face, creating a black line down the centre. Momo placed her hand over her mouth and tried not to laugh.

"Ah, is this some kind of new look Hitsugaya-kun?" she teasingly asked.

"Shut up baka."

Toshiro walked towards the bathroom in a huff.

"Oh, watch out Shiro-chan!"

"Watch out for what Bed Wetter?" Toshiro asked as he took another step forward.

His foot slid out underneath him and a second later his world was sideways. Toshiro sat up and growled at whatever made him trip. It was the previously ice covered ball of paper that was now a soggy lump. Damn that Matsumoto.

"So taichou, do you believe in your horoscope now?"


"Eh? Not even for fun Shiro-chan?"


And not even after the week where Toshiro had many misfortunate incidents involving an empty bottle of sake, his captain's haori and a paper plane made him change his mind.

"Matsumoto, Hinamori...tell me again...why am I here?" Toshiro asked in a deadly calm voice. "I fail to see any hollows."

"Well let's put it this way taichou. You were tricked!"

"Matsumoto! I swear when we get back to Sei-"

Momo latched onto his arm. "Shh, Hitsugaya-kun!"

Her eyes moved discreetly towards the direction of the middle aged fortune teller sitting in the midst of purple satin, black crystals and lavender incense. She eyed the trio strangely before folding her hands together.

"Speak to me my dears. Who has come for their fortune?"


Matsumoto pushed Toshiro down into the chair and before he could even begin to complain, the fortune teller was humming a low note. She closed her eyes and picked up half the deck in front of her, placing it to the right of the original one. One by one from alternating piles, she laid six cards facing down.

"It's freaky," Toshiro heard Matsumoto whisper to Momo. "I went here last time and everything she said came true!"

"Really Rangiku-san? I should come here next time."

"Don't bother," Toshiro muttered. "It's just a fancy scheme to make money."

"Silent! You are disturbing the spirits housed within the tarots. I cannot hear their whispered calls."

Toshiro slid down into his seat and grumbled. How could he have let Matsumoto and Bed Wetter drag him into a pointless ten minutes with a demented old lady who could "hear the spirits within". Right now he could be doing paperwork or training or kissing M- Toshiro smacked his head; the stuffy, smelly room was getting to him.

"They have spoken!" the fortune teller said dramatically.

She flipped over the first card to reveal a mermaid sitting on a rock. "Hmm, not good, not good at all."

She proceeded to flip over the rest, each time muttering something along the lines of "not good" or "oh dear". Toshiro didn't get it. Besides from the mermaid card, there was also a picture of a bird's nest with young chicks, a rainbow, a starry night sky with a crescent moon, a peaceful looking meadow that he wished he was at right now and a funny looking dog. How in the world did all this add up to "not good" and "oh dear"? The fortune teller sighed sympathetically and swept up the cards.

"It seems ill will falls on you today my dear. I sense hostility and a dark, evil aura. Claws from hell shall rip asunder and the result? I do not know. Good day."

She dismissed them with a wave of her hands. Some fortune teller she was! Toshiro gladly rose from his seat and pushed through the beaded curtains. Matsumoto and Momo followed behind him, telling him to be careful. He told them not to be stupid before walking outside, right into the path of a hollow.

"You've got to be kidding me!!"

Momo knocked on the wooden door and entered the tenth division office. She went over to the desk and placed the book she was carrying on it. Toshiro looked up and eyed the book; it was about palm reading. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"No," he plainly stated before she could even ask.

"Shiro-chan, it doesn't hurt! I've been practising so please? Just this once?"

Toshiro caved in and he reluctantly stuck out his hand, turning to face the other way with a little scowl. Momo clapped her hands together and thanks him. She held his hand tenderly in both of hers and took a moment to just enjoy it. Before he could realise what she was doing, she quickly flipped through the book for reference.

"Okay, so this is your life line," she said, tracing a line on his palm with a finger. She took a closer look at it. "It fades a little in the middle so you will experience an unwanted turning point at one stage in life, but after that you're okay!"

"Funny, I wonder if that unwanted turning point was when I died on Earth," Toshiro said dryly.

Momo giggled. "Your health line is strong Shiro-chan, so you don't have to worry about it at all. Unohana-taichou will be happy!"

She flicked through the book from time to time, telling Toshiro of his other lines. She traced on line on his palm and looked at it for a while.

"Your love line...is clear. You already know who you love and any relationship you start will be long lasting and full of happiness." She smiled. "That's what my line was too."

"Hmp, and a single line can tell you that? I don't believe it."

"But why?"

"It's childish to think something like a small indent on your skin can tell the future."

"Even if it's a good fortune, you still won't believe in it Shiro-chan?" Momo said dejectedly.

"What does it mat-"

"But it's true! I love you Shiro-chan!"

Silence hung in the air between them; it was almost deafening. Momo covered her mouth with her hands, shocked that she had actually said what she said. Tears welled up in her eyes when she didn't see any form of reaction from Toshiro. She turned around to leave but he held her back.

"Do you want to know why I don't believe in fortune telling?"

Momo didn't reply; she only sniffed and tried to wipe away the fallen stray tears. Toshiro walked around and wiped the remainder away.

"Because every time I look at you I see my future."

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