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Rainbow of Emotions

Red. A color that represents many things. A color of seduction, love, anger, hatred, and blood. Seduction, with its many victims. Love, like that held and hidden in the heart of the Major Case Squad's two best detectives. Anger, which provides motivation for committing horrendous acts of violence. Hatred, powerful with its relentlessness, and shocking with the terrors it could make one commit. Blood, the sight of which is all too familiar to the detectives of the Major Case Squad.

Orange. Representing enthusiasm, hope, and cheerfulness. Enthusiasm, such as that reflected in a certain detective's examination of a crime scene. Hope, which is what the detectives intend to bring to a victim's family (among other things). Cheerfulness, like that which said detectives experience in the days after a case is successfully solved.

Yellow. A color that represents a mix of different things. Joy, deceit, and cowardice. Joy, sharing so many similarities with cheerfulness. Deceit, as is often portrayed within a perpetrator. Cowardice, as is occasionally portrayed by some of the perpetrators.

Green. Color of envy, immaturity, and friendship. Envy, yet another emotion that sparks motivation for committing crimes. Immaturity, such as that showed by children, or a new cop. Friendship, like that shared by the aforementioned detectives.

Blue. Reflecting sadness, tranquility, and honesty. Sadness that is always felt by the families of the victims. Tranquility, something that the one doesn't ever seem to have enough of when conduction an investigation. Honesty, which the detectives don't often receive right away, even from the most inconspicuous witness.

Purple. Color of power, mystery, wisdom, and passion. Power, like that held by the Chief of Detectives, and other members of the brass. Mystery, like those that the aforesaid detectives work to solve everyday. Wisdom, such as that possessed by the educated and experienced. Passion, which serves as an effective motive for many a crime.

White. Representing cleanliness, innocence, and peace. Cleanliness, like the sterility of a hospital room. Innocence, too often shattered by the world's tragedies. Peace, something that is far too rare in this world.

Black. Color of evil, misfortune, strength. Evil, so often associated with criminals, especially murders. Misfortune, which is of too great an abundance in this world. Strength, such as that displayed by the detectives, even when faced with the most brutal of crimes.

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