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Sadness – It was an oppressive cloud hovering relentlessly over his head, following him wherever he went. It rained down its little droplets of depression upon him, and washed any joy out of every waking moment of his day. The cloud was a constant, the only stable, sure thing left in his life now. Everything else was either gone, or too unpredictable to rely on. So he welcomed the little cloud of sadness in his life, because he had a feeling that it was one thing that would stay.

Tranquility – It flows over her like a river, a warmth forms in the very center of her being and slowly spreads throughout her body. Her breathing evens, and in that moment, it seems impossible to find anything in the world that bothers her. There is nothing she would rather feel, no where she would rather be, than here, now, in his arms.

Honesty – He trusts his partner with his life. She knows things about him that nobody else knows. She knows about his mother, his brother, and now his father. He wanted to tell her sooner, and now he wishes that he did, but it never seemed appropriate. What was he supposed to do? "Oh, by the way Eames, remember that guy Brady? You know, the rapist and serial killer? Well, I think he might be my father." Sure. That would go over well. So, really, he wanted to be honest with her, but he couldn't. Because being honest with her meant being honest with himself, and he wasn't sure if he was really ready to do that just yet.

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