Notes-All characters were made by and belong to Misashi Kishimoto. I'm sorry if Neji seems a little OOC, but I can honestly see him doing this. Lastly this takes place in our time, seeing as he's using a a computer. Also, I apologize for the slight gay...ness of Neji and the bit about Lee and Sasuke, that's just for my own personal happiness.

being truthful, this was inspired by me, when I was thinking of making my own little lemon. This is probabaly what I would do in that situation.

Lee shivered as his jumpsuit was unzipped and Sasuke slowly massaged the exposed skin.

"Lee, have I ever told you how much i want to be in you?" He whipered to his soon to be lover. In silent whipsers he consoled the boy in his arms while he moved his hands downwards, closer to his prize.

"What're you doing Neji-nii-san?" With a shock I quickly minimized the window I was working as Hinata leaned over my shoulder to look. I wanted to bark orders at her to leave, but I was working in the family room so she had a right to be there. My own personal computer was broken.

"N-nothing. Just writing a story." I responded quickly, mentally slapping myself for the obvious stutter. From then on I concentrated on keeping my voice steady.

"Really? I didn't know you write." Hinata's long blue hair joined her as she leaned closer to the computer screen. "Lemon…?" She read the little bar at the bottom of the screen. "What's it about?"

I deliberately looked away for fear of giving anything away, but her voice sounded sweet enough. I felt strangely compelled to answer.

"It's a s-story about…A lemon!" I said, desperate for the title to make sense in a fashion other than the truth.

"What?" The smallest of laughs came into her voice; I dared only a small glance to see if see was buying it.

"Yeah, a story about a lemon and…this lemon is in a band!" I exclaimed with sudden inspiration. "It's in a band with an orange, and a lime. They're called Citrus, y'know, since they're all citrus. And the Lemon is going out with the Lime, and they're all doing music together and stuff." With a nervous laugh I could hear the lie flowing out of my mouth like a river and not stopping. Not quite sure what I was saying I watched Hinata's face in search of a sign that I was saying too much.

"But then while on tour the Lemon walks in on the Lime and the Orange together in bed! So they broke up and the press got involved. Of course it was a huge scandal and all. The lemon got really depressed and their band went out of business. Now I'm on the part where the Lemon is considering suicide and some Grapefruit nurse is trying to stop it."

"Um…" I could tell Hinata didn't understand it, or maybe didn't buy it. I wouldn't have, if I'd been told such an obvious lie. "Well, Neji-nii-san, I didn't know you had such and imagination." She said with a smile. I vaguely wondered how Hinata could do that…

With that she left, leaving me to turn back to my ever so important 'Lemon story.'

"Sa-sasuke..." Lee moaned as Sasuke grabbed his prized and started placing kisses on all the exposed areas, "I want you...I want you so bad..."