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"And that is why a fish would make a good date," Sam Puckett said. The young blonde girl had a very fiery personality so the words were not a surprise.

"Thanks Sam! Now we have a new segment on iCarly called iHave a Question!" replied the host of the famous web show iCarly, Carly Shay.

Freddie Benson, the tech producer, was having a great shooting iCarly. He always did. As soon as Carly said the name of the segment he pulled up for the viewers an amazing graphic. Making graphics for the show was something Freddie loved to do. Don't get me wrong he sounds like a geek but he isn't.
Alright you caught me he is a complete nub.

Freddie walked over to his laptop and picked a random question. His attention then switched to Carly and he said, "Alright Carly. We have a ton of questions that were sent in. Here is one from iCarlyfan3069 from Washington state. She asks, Carly, I really like this guy but he is dating another girl. I feel like I'll never get my chance. What should I do?"

A small smile escaped Carly's lips, "Well, iCarlyfan3069 I've been in a similar situation. The best thing to do is wait and stay out of their buisness. It isn't your right to pry, let them be. Because if things are going to happen they will happen, don't force the relasionship. Great question."

"I agree Carly things will happen for us someday," Freddie said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"Freddork she'll never love you. Walk it off! Alright now that we've established that give us another question dork boy," Sam said.

"I'm going to ignore that comment because I'm the bigger person, Sam."

"Really cause you lok pretty short to me!" Sam shot back with an evil smile.

"Sam! You're so... so...!" He said struggling to find the right word.

"Aren't geeks suppoesed to be smart cause your actung pretty dumd to me," Sam said laughing after every word at his weak attempts to hurt her pride.

Carly iterruped the cat fight before it got worse, "Freddie! Please just read the question!"

"Sorry Carly. Okay this is from SamFreddie4eva. Wait what?" Freddie said looking plankly at his computer.

"Was that person droppped on their head? Me and Freddie? Ha! This'll be rich. Go on Freddie read it out I love it!"

"Um okay. This is for Sam. She says, Sam don't make me radthis please. I beg of you!"

"Freddie just read it."

"She says, Sam. Do you like Freddie? I mean because you two are so perfect. I mean don't girls always pick on the ones they like? Think about it."

The silence in the room grew to a point where even the viewers fell silent. Death could have come and still no one would react all eyes were on Sam.

"Sam do you have an answer for our viewers at home?" Carly said.

"I guess I mean he is sorta my friend. If your asking if I like him like him then that is a no. Eww!" she wasnot convincing.

"Oh. What is so bad about liking me?" Freddie asked.

"Well for one look at how you dress." Sam said becoming more comfortable in her regular surrondings.

"Whatever Sam. I'm gonna read the next question. It is from hP-bSG-FaN. He has a question for me and he says, Freddie. When are you and Sam gonna hook up? I mean Carly is hot but dude she just isn't feelin you. Rough man but the truth. Anyways Sam is hott! You two click more anyways."

"Freddie answer the question," Carly said.

"Well you see me and Sam are...complicated. She isn't really my...why the hell areyou people trying to set me and Sam up!"

"Freddie!" Carly said.

"No. Let me finish. Sam beats me up, calls me names, and never cuts me a break. Why would I ever like her?"

"Hey! What is so bad about liking me? Did you ever stop and think about why I rip on you? Of cousre not! Want to know why? I'll tell you why! Because, you are so blind past anything that has to do with Carly! So I have some Advice for you lover boy! You are a blind, stupid pig!" Sam yelled with every inch in her body. Fire was raising from her head that the fire alarm could have gone off at any second.

"Freddie, Sam breath..."

"No Carly! All he does is think, sleep, see, and breath you! Iffor one minute it wasn't about you I would be happy! Do you realize that he does is talk about you? It drives me insane."

"Maybe we should move on to our next segment iDare You! Is that okay Sam?" Carly said trying not to set Sam off.

"Yea. So this is how it works viewers. You, yeah you, send us your dare. Can be anything PG related and hey maybe some PG-13 snuck in there. Then we will do it live on iCarly. So click with your little mouse to send us a question!" Same said.

"Okay we have a ton of dares. Here is one from GiantsKickThePatriotsButt and they live in NYC. He says, Carly. Stand on your head."

Carly did as she was told and dares continued as planned making the SEDDIE drama ease down.

"Okay this is from EdwardIsMineBackOffBella and she says, Sam. Kiss Freddie." Three little words were now Sam's worst nghtmare.


"Sam you have to."


"Sam." Carly grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eyes tellingb her silently it was okay.

"Fine. Come here dork boy. Put down the camera and get over here." Freddie did as he was told. She grabbed his freshly ironed shirt and kissed him softly.

Electric sparks ran down the spines of bothe Freddie and Sam. He grabbed her hands from his shirt and wrapped them around his neck. His arms slithered around her waist and he deepened the kiss. Sam dropped her remote and the a button was hit. The audience clapped.

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