She fell form the tree with a loud thud. A scream came from her lips when her knee cracked with the collision and her bone jerked from its original spot. Blood came from her knee and slithered down her leg like a snake. Surely her knee was broken. The pain that radiated from her injury was unbearable.

Jonah jumped down beside her and helped her to sit up straight. When she wailed in protest he slapped her already red face. He sneered at her pain and leaned in for a kiss. She turned away. With her reaction his face grew hard and he roughly pulled her chin to face him. He gritted his teeth and his lips curved into an evil smile. Jonah kissed her quickly and she squirmed to get out of his grasp.

When he pulled back from her his hand hit her once more. "You little beauty, don't you know people who are in love show their affection? We love one another and so you kiss me and I kiss you. It really is quite simple. So buck up, love, and show me you love me."

His dirty lips mashed unto hers and moved around with haste. Sam did not move. Jonah began to trace her bottom lip for entrance but she did not oblige. So he put his weight on her broken knee. He hand pushed down on it and moved it more out of place. Sam screamed into his mouth and whimpered. Jonah jumped on the chance and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth.

Jonah's body was boiling over with pleasure, every synapse firing. He wanted more of her and he wanted her now. But he could not make love to her on her front lawn. It was classless.

With one final kiss he grabbed Sam and dragged her by her hair across her front lawn to his car. She screamed in disapproval but he stopped and raised the gun he killed Freddie with to her head. He threw her in the car and locked her in with a handcuff and seatbelt.

They drove for hours with a gun to her head and a break in her heart. Finally Sam sobbed herself to sleep. Her life was a mess, her boyfriend was dead, and she was going to be a love slave to Jonah for the rest of her life. Sam welcomed the sleep, the rest, and darkness.

When they arrived at their destination Jonah exited the car. He slowly made his way around to the other side and picked Sam out of the seat. Jonah brushed a lock of unruly hair out of her face. He found himself tracing his fingers along her soft features. She was so lovely, yet so sad. Jonah hated seeing his angel in pain. All he wanted form life was to make her happy, because he loved her.

The love he felt for her made his heart ache. He wanted to protect her from all wrong. Hurting her killed him but he had to do it to protect her. If she feared him she would never act out. If she never acted out he could make sure she was always safe.

Jonah would take a bullet for Sam. Jonah would kill for her. Never could he live if she was in danger. To fully save her, Jonah had to do terrible things. But holding her in his arms at that moment made it worth all the trouble.

Maybe he was evil, but it was all for her. Her white magic and positive outlook on life made him do the evil things. She was like a witch that haunted him. Truly, he was sorry for killing Freddie, but Freddie would have eventually hurt her. Freddie had a brighter future than Sam; he had aspirations that surpassed Sam's. Eventually Sam's heart would have been broken and Jonah would be to late to be the knight in shinning armor.

Jonah held the sleeping Sam as he paid for the motel key. The man behind the desk smirked at the sight of the passed out Sam. Jonah smiled at his face and nodded to the man. The man replied with a laugh. The two men seemed to be speaking an unknown scumbag language.

He made his way to the staircase of the motel. Jonah walked up the stairs carefully being mindful not to awake the sleeping beauty. She twitched but never awoke even when he put the key in the door. Jonah kicked the door the open and made his way inside the drafty, old room.

A large, rusty bed sat in the middle of the room. Jonah layed Sam on the bed and took off her black, worn converse shoes. His fingers pulled off each individual sock and tickled her toes. Sam giggled and rubbed her face as she began to wake.

She muttered softly, "What are you doing, babe?"

Jonah growled under his breath, "Trying to make you comfortable. I wouldn't be able to stand if you were the slightest bit uncomfortable."

"Well mission accomplished I am completely comfortable and relaxed."

With that Jonah began to kiss the balls of Sam's feet. She giggled and grabbed the blankets. "Stop it. Gosh you know I'm ticklish there, babe."

"That is why I am doing this."

Sam stopped, "Wait… not Freddie. Jonah! Let go of my feet and let me go, now. I need to go to Freddie. I need to help him, he could be dead."

Jonah laughed, "Oh Sam, he is dead. No way could he have survived that shot I sent him. And if he did he wouldn't make it to the hospital. So just lay back down and let me continue our little love game."

Sam shrieked, "NO! How dare you try to make a move on me the day you kill him. I hate you and hope you die. I hate you. I hate you!"

Jonah turned his head to the side, "No. You love me."