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Chris sat on a chair near the entrance to his classroom, looking at the clock, waiting. He felt like he'd been waiting for hours for her to show up, this delicious little piece of forbidden fruit that he called a student, but it hadn't really been that long. He looked down at his watch again. Third period had ended only about five minutes ago, but she'd agreed to come right back to his class after making a quick stop...somewhere. He'd been so distracted by thoughts of what he wanted to do to her that he couldn't recall where she said she had to go, he just remembered that she said she'd be back soon.

The question was, when?

He stood up and began pacing back and forth, occasionally looking down at his watch and then looking up at the clock again. He was being impatient, he knew, but there was just something about her that made him anticipate seeing her. Deep down he knew that it was wrong and that he would probably regret it later, especially if they got caught, but he didn't plan on getting caught so at this point he didn't really care.

A series of three short knocks sounded on the door and he looked up, immediately knowing that it was her. He tried not to look like he'd been anxiously awaiting her arrival. After all, he would be 24 tomorrow and he didn't want her to know that he'd been acting like a horny little teenager, waiting for her to show up. He took a deep breath and opened the door, leaning against the door frame and observing her.

"I've been expecting you." He looked her up and down, taking in her appearance and nodding his head in approval. He held the classroom door open for her as she entered the room. "What took you so long?"

"Sorry," Stephanie apologized as she stepped into the classroom. She leaned against a desk and watched him as he stepped outside of the classroom to make sure the door was locked. She could see him looking both ways down the hallway to make sure no one had seen her come in, but that wasn't very likely since the hallways were deserted. When he came back inside and closed the door, she continued, "It wasn't exactly easy to talk my way out of my fourth period class."

"Oh that's right, I forgot you have fourth period while I have my lunch break," he remembered. So that explained what took her so long to get back to him. "Why didn't you remind me? I could've written you a pass or something."

"It wasn't really on my mind," she admitted, taking a step towards him. She gave him a once-over, then smiled at the look on his face as she stepped closer. "I only had one thing on my mind..."

"And what would that one thing be?" he asked her, as if he didn't already know. He just wanted to know what she would say, how she would answer that question... Looking at the slightly amused expression on her face, he had a feeling that he was going to like her answer.

"You already know," was all she said before she fully closed the distance between them. Her lips found his immediately, and she teasingly nibbled on his bottom lip.

He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her briefly before remembering where they were and quickly pulling away. "Not here," he said, walking over to the classroom door and looking out of the small window that was in it. "Anybody could walk by and see us."

"Then where do you want to go?"

He leaned against the door, his mind racing as he thought of where they could go. He'd said in the beginning that they couldn't meet up at school and do this, but here they were anyway. He looked over at her and smiled a little to himself. Oh, there were a lot of things he'd said he wasn't going to do but when it came to this girl, it no longer seemed to matter.

"The clock is ticking," she said, interrupting his thoughts. "First lunch will be over in like twenty five minutes and that won't be a problem for me but don't you have a fourth period class?"

"Shit, yeah, I completely forgot about them. You make me forget everything," he joked. He looked around the classroom one more time, and this time his eyes landed on a door that was located directly to the left of his desk. "I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Get your stuff and follow me."

All she'd brought into the classroom with her was her purse and her notebook, which she hadn't yet put down. She followed him over to the door by his desk, one eyebrow raised as she watched him fumble for a specific key on his ring of keys.

"I never noticed this door before," she commented as he found the key to unlock the door. "What's in there?"

"You'll see," he answered, unlocking the door. He pushed the door open and held it for her, a somewhat devilish grin on his face. "Step into my office."

"Some office," she said with a little laugh as she stepped inside. She put her notebook and her purse down on an empty shelf and slowly began walking around the small room, casually observing it. "It's pretty tiny, luckily I'm not claustrophobic or anything. Seems more like a supply closet to me."

"That's because it is a supply closet," he admitted, closing the door and locking them inside. "Although technically it could be considered an office, with this desk and these chairs in here."

"That's true," she agreed, making her way over to the desk he'd just mentioned. It wasn't that far away from where she'd been standing. She leaned against it, testing it to see how sturdy it was. Satisfied that it could hold her weight (and probably his too), she sat on the edge of it and looked over at him with one eyebrow raised. "Why are you still over there?"

"I'm just looking at you and thinking about how much trouble I could get into for doing this..." He let his voice trail off as he slowly made his way over to her, taking loose one button at a time on his shirt. "You're a sexy little thing, Stephanie, you know that?"

"Now that you're saying it, I'm forced to believe it," she replied, biting her lip as she watched him approach. "Stripping for me already, are you?"

"I don't want to wrinkle my shirt," he answered, now standing in front of her. "We wouldn't want to raise anyone's suspicions in my fourth period class, now would we?"

"No, we wouldn't want to do that," she agreed, reaching out to help him finish undoing the buttons. He was almost finished though, his fingers now working at the speed of light to undo the last button at the bottom of his shirt, so she leaned back a little on the desk and watched, supporting herself with her hands behind her.

He took the shirt off and hung it across a hook behind the door, then turned to face her again. He'd worn an athletic shirt underneath but he didn't bother taking it off as he walked towards her again. Taking off the athletic shirt would take too much time and they didn't have enough time as it was. There never seemed to be enough time.

"Did I really take too long getting back here?" she asked, needing to break the silence. She was still sitting on the edge of the desk and he was just standing in front of her, looking at her. It was kind of unnerving, the way he seemed to be drinking in every detail of her appearance.

"You did," he answered finally, staring at her. "You kept me waiting and gave me way too much time to think."


"About what I want to do to you..."

"So...are you going to tell me what you want to do to me?" she asked curiously. He was still just looking at her and it was really beginning to drive her insane, that piercing blue gaze of his. She wished he'd just make a move already.

He smirked at her, then stepped even closer and stood between her legs. He braced himself, his hands flat on the desk on either side of her legs. Then he leaned in and tilted his head a little to the side. "I'd rather show you."

She thought he was going to kiss her lips, but he caught her by surprise and went for her neck first instead. Not that she minded though, because his lips on her skin in any way felt heavenly. She could get lost in the way he was kissing and lightly nipping at that particularly sensitive spot on her neck.

"Do you like that?" he whispered against her skin, as he gently bit her. She moaned lightly in response and he took that as a yes and continued working on that same spot, intent on leaving a mark there. He wanted her to look back later and have a visible reminder of sorts... He could feel her gripping his shoulders and he could hear her panting and he smiled to himself. She was just as responsive as he'd thought she would be.

He finally made his way to her lips and kissed her softly. It wasn't like they had all the time in the world but he didn't want to rush... He hadn't intended to rush, anyway, but there was just something about kissing her that made him lose control a little bit, and before he knew it his tongue was wrestling against hers in a fierce kiss and her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist.

He let his hands travel until they rested on her butt, pulling her ever closer to him. He wanted her to feel him, to feel the reaction she got out of him just from kissing. "See what you do to me?" he mumbled against her lips. He pulled away from the kiss so he could look at her face while he pressed himself against her. "Do you feel that?"

"It's just too bad you can't feel what you're doing to me," she responded, before pulling him back in for another kiss. She reached down between them, intent on feeling him, when he suddenly pulled back. "What's wrong?"

"My pocket is vibrating." He tried to catch his breath as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and looked down at the display. "It's Paul, shit, I have to take this."

"Who's Paul?"

"He's Mr. Levesque, I'm sure you've seen him around, he's a teacher here. Just hold on while I get this." He pressed the green button and tried to sound professional. "Hey Paul, what's up? Yeah, I know, I decided to just hang out in my classroom and work through lunch today, you know, get some stuff out of the way so I can have tomorrow night free..." He leaned against the wall and listened to his fellow teacher talk, the entire time looking at Stephanie. His eyes widened a little at something the other man said. "You're outside my classroom? Cool, I'll...I'll be right out."

He hung the phone up and looked at Stephanie. "Oh God, we're going to get caught."