Meet Me in St. Louie Epilogue

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Randy's POV

'So Wilson, what do you think?' I ask him.

'It's a very addictive story. It'll definitely get you an A plus' Wilson replies.

'You don't think "Meet Me in St. Louie" is too ambitious for a high school creative writing assignment?' I ask, wanting to make sure that I haven't gone overboard.

'No, it's a wonderful story. I love the way you incorporated everyone into the story. Including my self' assures Wilson.

'Do you think I should maybe use a different ending? Or do you like the happy ending better?' I ask, continuing the bombardment of questions on my poor neighbor.

'I like the happy ending, but it's your story, so write it how you think it should be' advises Wilson.

'Thanks for the help. I can't wait to turn this in on Monday' I say with a smile.

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