It was 2 years ago that billy elliot had left for the royal ballet school in london. His best friend, Michael, longed just to hold him in his arms once more and to feel his lips on his cheek once more. At this thought Michael's left cheek started to prickle and tense up, as iff expecting the touch of Billy Elliot's lips to mark their rightful place there once and for all. Michael had been alone for near 2 years now with only the occassional letter from the boy he loved to keep him company. He longed ever so much for his best-friend.

"Michael, there's a visitor for you" called his father in his usual drunk manner. Now michael knew he didn't mean St. Nicholas even though Christmas was 2 days away but he hoped ever so much that he would open the door and so the face of William Elliot. He approched the door and slowly opened it and he saw tony Elliot, Billy's brother. "michael, come and see this." Michael was stunned. He got along well with the elliot's but they had never come to his house before to tell him anything.

Michael followed tony back to the elliots house and once inside tony ran upstairs in the direction of billy's room. No he couldn't have. He would have written and told him if he was coming home. Michael was suddenly pulled from his thoughts when he saw billy standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"hey michael"

"hey dancing boy"

They both had smiles on their faces from ear to ear and ran to embrace. Billy lead michael upstair so they could disscus the past two years in peace.

"So how've you been michael?"

Michael suddenly felt all the love that had been hidden away for the past 2 years come rushing out into the open. "I've been missing you ever so much because I love you." He knew instantly that he had said too much. Billy probably still thought of him as a friend and was more than likely straight. He hid his face, which was turning a brighter red every second. He waited for billy to reply and say that they were just friends, but instead he felt a warm hand on his thigh and before he had time to think, billy lent over and kissed him so softly and gently, but oh so passionatelly on the lips. After a few seconds they pulled away and looked each other in the eyes.

"what was that for?" asked michael

"what, didn't you like it?"

"no I loved every second of it but I thought you were straight"

"that is no longer. When you kissed my cheek on new years a few years ago after you warmed my hands I haven't been able to think of anything but you since. I love you to michael."

Michael was speechless. Billy could see this and decided to kiss him again, this time even more passionatelly. And so he did. He turned michaels face towards his own and started planting little butterfly kisses all over michaels face. First his forehead, then eye lids, then his cheeks and then moved 

to his mouth. He was even gentler than before yet even more forceful. Michael could no longer resist. They lay down on the bed with billy lying on top of michael, they started to ast more like lovers than just two 14 year old kids fooling around. This continued for most of the afternoon in between snippits of "I love you," and "I missed you." For the rest of the afternoon they lay in bed filling each other in about news from the passed two years, kissing every now and then.

They had been there for so long that they had lost track of time. Billy's father came to the door and saw them sitting on the bed, caressing each others skin with their hands. They didn't notice him and he turned around and motioned silently for tony. Tony saw michael taking of billy's shirt and then kissing his shoulders, chest and stomach. He whispered to his father, "what's done is done. We can't change anything now. They are in love and we can't do anything to stop it." He then left them in peace and motioned for his father to follow.