Fire With Fire

Author: The Humbug

Disclaimer: "Kim Possible" and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. No profit is being collected from the fiction contained within.

Rating: PG-13 for suggested violence and intimations of a physical relationship and intimate contact between consenting adult females. This should also cover a little harsh language now and then. If this will offend you, please read something else and then seek some professional help. No badgers were harmed in the writing of this story.

Summary: This is a Kim/Shego pairing fan fiction set in my 'Who's Writing This Crap?' storyline. It's a harmless one-shot with a particular 'holiday' in mind. This references heavily events from the story 'A Small Possibility' by NoDrogs because that was the basis for my own personal Kigoverse and, of course, Kasy and Sheki are his creations. Enjoy!

Fire With Fire / Part I

The straight razor had been stropped for as many minutes as it took for the bathroom sink to fill with water. Shego held the blade up to the light and inspected it with a keen eye, making it sparkle as she turned it to and fro; the metal fogged with the vapor rising from the hot water. She ran her thumbnail along the edge to feel for imperfections, then emitted a tight plasma field from her index finger and let the blade heat up until it shed a faint red glow.

There was little light to be seen, other than that glow; the fluorescent wand over the sink didn't do much to illuminate the space beyond the doorjamb and there were no lights on in the bedroom at all. She paused to turn off the water and called over her shoulder into the master bedroom.


"Oh, yes."

"Good. I think that you'll like this."

"I'm sure I will. Maybe something soothing and less boisterous for one night, huh?"

"Good point, Princess. This bedroom has seen a lot of action, lately."

The date was the First of April, roughly a quarter past Twelve in the morning.

Kim lay on their marriage bed and luxuriated in the peace and quiet of a long day having finally ended. The silken comforter beneath her naked body was soft as a cloud and she was positioned so that her feet hung over the bottom edge of the king-sized bed. There was a bath towel situated under her bottom and the coarser weave itched slightly but not so much as to make her uncomfortable. She had let her arms rest limp beside her but raised her hands to her face just long enough to fluff her hair and let it billow out across the bed; the hair resting on her neck had been just a bit too warm and, even though she was nude, Kim sensed that she was soon to become warmer still.

"Almost ready."

"Baby, please!"

Shego rolled her eyes and doused the hot razor blade in the sink, resulting in a quick 'hiss' when the metal hit the water. She set the pearl-handled tool down onto a small china tray that already held a mug of shaving soap and a dampened shaving brush.

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

"That's my line."

"Kimberly Ann Possible," Shego said, turning off the bathroom light fixture and carrying the tray of personal grooming appliances into the darkened bedroom. She fired up a full plasma emission from her free hand to light her way to the bed. "How you do talk!"

Kim watched the emerald glow draw closer and marveled at how it shone on the pale green body of her spouse. Shego wasn't naked, at least not yet. She had chosen a lacy black negligee that Kim had given her as a present over the Holidays. The black fabric over the pale flesh gave her wife a 'sepia tone' look that Kim always thought was too surreal for words.

"Please don't torture me, ok?" Kim writhed and the towel rustled under her thighs. "I've been looking forward to this all day."

"Me too, Pumpkin." Shego reached the bed and knelt down at the foot of it.

She set down her tray within easy reach and positioned herself right in front of the petite woman's knees. The warm razor was kept at a safe distance while she gently reached out with her other hand to lift and spread those slender, muscular legs to reveal the tender flesh at the apex. Kim closed her eyes at the ministrations and writhed a little more.

"Pumpkin, you're going to have to hold still while I'm working, you know?"

"Mmmm… I will."

The scantily clad woman examined her target more closely, using the long fingers of her free hand to ruffle the exposed patch of red hair. The recumbent woman squirmed on the bed.


"Kimmie! I mean it! You can't be jerking around like that or I might hurt you."

"Well, I'm sorry if I'm ticklish!" Kim knew that a Pout would go unseen in the darkness so she had to be satisfied with an aggressive whine. "Besides, I've been hurt far worse than any little nick or cut when we used to fight all the time."

"Yes, but never down here." Shego flexed a finger and gently inserted it into a rosy fold. Kim gasped and went rigid and Shego smirked. "And never during foreplay."

"… yes, my… mmm… Empress…"

"So are you going to hold still or do I need to resort to 'Plan B'?"

"I promise to hold still." Kim moaned. "Until you're finished doing what you're doing."

"Fair enough."

Shego kept her plasma glowing at a constant level and dipped the shaving brush into the mug. She swirled it around for a few heartbeats, letting the moist fibers make a thick lather that clung to the brush until she was ready to dab it onto her wife's tender sex. When she was ready, the pale green woman lowered the tip of the brush down onto her target. She moved the bristles in a circular pattern at first, occasionally altering the pattern into a simple back-and-forth motion. Tight muscles knotted and rippled beneath the fair skin and the older woman marveled at the tight, little hardbody moaning on their bed.

"… mmm… so soft…"

"Badger hair."

"… you… don't say…"

"Yup. Best shaving brush you can buy."

"… I'm … convinced… mmm…"

"Good. Now shush."

Shego grinned and blew warm breath down onto the petite woman and she watched as limbs clenched and Kim's back arched ever so slightly. Her careful hand guided the application of the lather across the smooth skin of Kim's lower abdomen and inner thighs, raising the red hairs to be found there and lubricating the flesh for stage two of the process. After a minute or two longer than is customary for such a practice, the brush was returned to the mug and the razor was brought into play.

"Ready, baby?"


"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Shego made herself more comfortable on the floor where she kneeled at the foot of the bed. She flexed her arms out and back to loosen her elbows and leaned forward over her target. With the blade poised and ready to drop, she gingerly placed her hand on Kim's lower belly for stability.

Kim squirmed at the touch.


"Ok, that's IT!" Shego tossed the razor off to one side where it landed on the edge of the towel with a muffled 'thump'. She huffed with frustration and stood. "Plan-B goes into effect now."

Kim wasn't able to see the scowl on her wife's face because of the darkness, but she managed to duplicate it nonetheless as she scrunched her face in displeasure

"But Shego… you know how much I hate being tied down!"

"Too bad. I've been waiting for this all day, too, and you WILL hold still even if I have to resort to tying you down." Firing up a stronger plasma field this time, the former villain stalked around the room; she went to each dresser and chest and opened every drawer she came to.

"So where are they?"


"Tell me or you sleep in the guest room with shaving soap on your hoohoo."

"Nuts." The younger woman sighed in resignation. "Wardrobe, top drawer, in the back."

Kim couldn't see her mate as the slightly older woman walked over to the correct piece of furniture but she could hear her plainly enough. There was a 'click' and a faint squeak of wood rubbing against polished wood as the drawer was opened. The next audible cue was a rustling and mild clanking.

"Why'd you put 'em way up here?"

"The girls found them."

"You're shitting me."

"I shit you not. Kasy was practicing her Pixie Scout knots with one and Sheki was jumping rope with another."

Shego nodded and mused as she untangled the bindings.

"How were her knots?"

"The Grannie and Slip knots were good but the Sheep Shank needs work." Kim grinned as the looked up at the ceiling; the green light from Shego's plasma made weird shadows on the tiles. "I told her that we'd work on that this weekend."

"That's our girl." Shego returned to the bed, restraints in hand.

Ironically, Kim held very still as her wife tenderly affixed the padded manacles to her wrists and ankles, winding them around bedposts and under the legs of the bed and eventually locking them off. She was able to perform most of the actions with one hand, made necessary by the need to use the other hand for illumination. It was experience that guided her hand because Shego was more of a fan of bondage than her young wife and had been attempting to get Kim to experiment more in that area of their sex life for quite some time.

"But I just don't GET it!" Kim would argue.

"Then you aren't doing it right." Shego would opine.

The tall and shapely woman finished her task and stood back from the bed to inspect her work. Kim waited patiently for the evening's planned event to continue and did her best to ignore the restraints that held her arms out and her legs spread… although the latter sitch should make Shego's job easier, she had to admit.

"Can you move?"

"You know I can't."

"Not at all?"

"Shego, please! Need I remind you that this was originally your idea?"

"So you can't move?"

Kim sighed and professionally assessed her ability to free herself from her bindings.

"No. I can't move. Barring the use of actual chains, I'd have to say that I have never been so incapacitated in my entire life."


The plasma emission around Shego's hand winked out and the room was plunged into total darkness. Kim smirked and relaxed where she lay on her towel on their bed. She wasn't going to let this little bit of drama spoil their fun. She let the stress of the day leech out of her body and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more. Kim could hear movement but it wasn't coming from where Shego should have been. It was the sound of fabric against fabric, of zippers and buckles.


"I'm here."

"What's up?"

"Oh, I just needed to get everything ready, Princess."

"But I thought everything was ready."

"Not… quite… yet."

"But you can't see, can you?"

"No. But what I'm doing now, I've had to do in the dark many times before."

Something about the tone of the other woman's voice made Kim feel the need to see her wife. She raised her head as best as she was able and peered into the void.

"Baby, will you please turn on the lights."

"Sure. Why not?" The other sounds stopped and Shego's voice moved away in the direction of the light switch. "I guess that I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

Kim had to clamp her eyes tightly closed in the sudden glare of the overhead fixture. It was several seconds before she was able to open her eyes and when she did, she saw Shego standing at the switch wearing her old green and black uniform.

That fact alone made Kim feel uneasy; it was her wife's original 'Team Go' outfit and not one of the enhanced versions that Shego would wear on their missions for Global Justice. Kim knew that there was still one of the old suits packed away somewhere but she hadn't seen her spouse wearing it in a dog's age. Averting her eyes briefly, the young woman noticed that the tray with the mug, brush and razor was gone and the lacy negligee was nowhere to be seen.

"You like?" Shego had caught the petite redhead staring and she looked down at inspect herself; she was glad to see that the skintight uniform fit her as well as it had the day she last wore it a few years ago. "I think I still look pretty good in it."

"Well, you do, but…"

"What's the sitch?"

"Uh, huh." Kim was starting to feel a chill that had absolutely nothing to do with her state of undress; something was wrong and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. The imposing woman smirked for the briefest of moments and then her face grew hard.

"What's going on, 'Princess', is that the game is over." She bent at the waist and reached down to pop open her ankle pouch. Shego straightened and held up a tiny device that looked to Kim like an undersized communicator. "Now please excuse me while I make a call."

"A call?"

The woman ignored her and pressed an unseen button on the little machine. After a moment, she spoke into it.

"Doc? Hey, Doc, are you there?"

Kim smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that. Yep, she'd almost fallen for Shego's old joke that time. Fun's fun, but why on THIS of all nights did her wife want to disrupt their plans with…

"Excellent, Shego! Well done! Are you ready to return to the lair?"

Nausea hit hard and Kim's head swam as the world dropped out from underneath her. There was no mistaking Drakken's voice; even with the distortion of the miniscule speakers she was certain of the source of that insanely happy cackle. Kim pulled at her restraints but they didn't give an inch. Shego nodded unconsciously as she replied to the question and didn't bother to look down at the struggling woman on the bed.

"Yeah, and make sure that you don't program the hover sled for automatic pilot on the return trip. I want to be able to fly the thing myself."


"Can it, Possible. Can't you see that I'm busy?"

"That… that was DRAKKEN!"

"No! Really? Thanks."

"This isn't funny!" Kim was thrashing now.

"Not even a little?"

"Shego, please stop this!"

"Is she ours?" The voice from the communicator sounded even more maniacal. "Is Kim Possible really our prisoner?"

"Oh, yes. You should see her now." Shego glanced over at the bed; the look she gave Kim was about the same as if the captive woman were something vile to be exterminated. "All trussed up like a pig for the slaughter."

"Let… let me GO!!" The hero was having trouble breathing and her exertions were making it worse. "Shego… please, Shego… what is… this about?!"

Shego was in her face instantly. Given that she was firmly bound by the restraints, Kim's recoil was minor to say the least but she did her best to sink deeper into the mattress when the woman clad in green and black finally rounded on her, giving Kim her full attention.

It was like being judged by the eye of a hurricane and Kim froze on the bed.

"What this is about, my sweetness, my angel, my dearest Kimmie-wimmie, is that MY life has been on hold for five years." Emerald eyes flaring, the jet-black hair starkly framed the pale green face and she spat her words. "Five years while I courted you, shared your life. Five years to gain your trust and insert myself into your heart and life."

"You… but…"

Kim didn't even feel the bindings any more; she was numb from head to foot. The woman standing before her was a stranger. No, she wasn't a stranger. She was a ghost from the past. Kim felt her heart skip a beat as Shego crossed her arms and began to pace around the room.

"Oh, it wasn't all work and no play." The villain clicked her tongue and smirked. "You're a real sweet piece of ass, do you know that?" She rolled her eyes and waved her hands dramatically. "Wait. Of course you do! You're Kim Possible!"

Five years. Five.

"The girls…"

"Hm?" A gloved hand cupped around a pale green ear. "Sorry, cheerleader, I didn't catch that."

"Our…" Kim swallowed and formed the bile back down where it threatened to vent. "Our girls… Kasy and… Sheki. What… what about…?"

"Oh, yeah." Shego nodded. "The hybrids."

"The…?" She couldn't even form the shape of the word with her mouth. The tall woman had produced a nail file from somewhere and began dragging across the sharpened talons of her gloves as she considered the question.

"It's pretty simple when you think about it. Human DNA merged with meta-human DNA. I mean, the Doc's been trying to reproduce my plasma powers for years since we've been together and no soap." She remembered that there was still shaving soap slathered all over Kim's pubic thatch and Shego reached down to trace a stylized heart in the lather with the blunt end of her file. "Hey! Soap. Get it?"


Seeing that Kim was in no frame of mind to appreciate the joke, she continued.

"I kept telling him, 'No clones'. And since the retrovirus dart that knocked you up failed to keep you out of the hero biz, well, now we have two little plasma generating rug rats to start our army with." She shrugged. "It's called 'Plan-B', cupcake. I always have a 'Plan-B' ready, you know that."


"Hey, just 'cause I don't want Drakken cloning me doesn't mean that I care what he does with them." She gave her talons a final scrape and tucked the file away. "He can make as many clones of them as he wants." Her expression supported her tone; she apparently didn't give the matter another thought. Instead, she sneered and bent down to look Kim square in the face.

"I just wanted you to know this before I took you back to the lair."

Kim felt the hot breath in her face, smelled the woman that she'd shared the last six years of her life with.

"Do you know what else?"

"Nng… what?" She wasn't even sure if she'd spoken the word or not. She must have spoken or else Shego had suddenly gained the power to read minds because she grinned from ear to ear, straightened upright and planted her hands firmly on her hips.





"Whew!" Shego bounced on her heels and trust her arms up. "Man, I don't think that I could have kept a straight face for a second longer!"


"I mean, geez, Princess!" The tall woman laughed deeply. "'Let me go, let me go'… I've had you tied up worse than that several times, both here at home and way back when we fought and you'd always managed to free yourself." She pulled off her gloves. "You're really off your game, tonight!"

The reaction from the bed was limited to shallow breathing and a slight moving of two green eyes. Shego smiled as she idly unfastened the belt and buckles of her old uniform and strolled around the bedroom.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been working on this?"


"Months! Before the holidays, even. I told myself that there was no way I'd let you or Stoppable throw the screws to me this year." She had fully unzipped the upper half of the black and green suit and slipped it away from her shoulders. "Damn, I'd forgotten how hot this thing gets. The new ones are so much more comfortable, please and thank you."


Kim's mouth was so dry that her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth; it would creak if she could free it and her words would have tasted of ashes.

"Don't get me wrong, now." First one boot, and then the other were kicked off and the lower half of the suit slid down the long, powerful legs. "The peanut butter in my roll-on deodorant was funny last year."


"The Sir Mix-A-Lot ring tone on my 'GJ' communicator was a bit annoying but your all-time best was the year before that when you slipped me those tanning pills." She smiled ruefully. "As weird as it is to have dead-white skin with algae tints, I can assure you that having blotchy yellow and orange skin for three weeks is FREA-ky!" Uniform off, Shego stood nude in the center of the room and clapped her hands together. "So, Kimmie, this year you can consider yourself thoroughly had!"


"Well?" The smirk was mixed with expectation. "Don't I get any credit for this?"

"Sh-… Sh-…"

"That's it, you can say it." Shego's eyes twinkled like a child's. "You can tell me that I think that I'm all that, and I am!"


"… go She-go, It's your birthday…" Long midnight-black hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back, the tall and voluptuous woman danced and spun. "… we gon' party like it's your birthday…"

"Shego. Let me up."

"Hm?" She looked down at the bindings and started. "Oh… Oh! Sorry, baby!" She stopped dancing and lightly rapped herself on the forehead. "How can you applaud when you're all tied up?" She giggled and knelt down to loosen the closest binding.

"Oh, sweetheart, if you could've seen your face…"

"Up. Now. Up. Let me up now." The slender and petite body, for all its delicate appearance, was finely muscled and extremely well conditioned and Kim Possible was more than strong enough to hold her own in a simple brawl. Every fiber, nerve and synapse was pulsating now and the once still form was vibrating with an energy that demanded release.

"Kimmie, what's the problem, here?" Shego had trouble with the restraints because Kim had them pulled so tight that they thrummed like the strings of a cello. "You've got to stop pulling or I can't take them off."

"Let me up."

"Working on it."

"Up. Up now."

"Kim, I… ok, hold still!" She fumbled with the latches and straps.

"Let me up. Let me up, let me up, letmeupletmeupupupupUPUPUP!!"

"OK!" Confused and more than a little scared, Shego let the ever-present humming deep within her bones leach out in a controlled emission and her hands glowed with a tight plasma field. "There!"

She grabbed the straps that were tied around the legs at the foot of the bed and burned through them in less than two seconds. The greasy smell of melted rope was still heavy in the air while Shego lurched to her feet and scrambled to the head of the bed, burning through the third rope and, finally, the last. The hasty liberation completed, Shego staggered away from the bed with her heart pounding in her chest and both women were breathing heavily.

With the final strap severed, Kim immediately stopped fighting against the restraints. Now that she was free her limbs slowly folded inward to wrap around her stomach and chest; the motion was reminiscent of a dying insect or spider except that her limbs had several feet of binding trailing from her wrists and ankles. Shego stepped back a pace and watched her wife carefully, silently. The older woman was painfully aware that her own legs were shaking as she watched Kim roll over and sit up.

The petite redhead slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat there.

"Kim?" Shego took a half step forward.

The smaller woman screwed her eyes tightly shut at the sound of her voice and stood up from the bed; her every motion quick and jerky as if she were a poorly wired mannequin.


Kim twitched and shook her head back and forth, her eyes still closed. Naked and with shaving soap lather coating her lower abdomen and crotch, the petite hero walked stiffly to the door of the bedroom and fumbled at the knob with both hands until she was able to wrench the door open. It was the impact of the door against the edge of a dresser that jolted Shego into action; the noise was like thunder inside the house and fixtures rattled along the adjoining walls.

"Hang on, Kim… wait!"

The smaller woman was moving faster now but the pale green woman moved swiftly after her. Kim pointedly ignored the request to stop and was almost jogging down the dark hallway, apparently towards the guest room at the back of the house. Shego launched herself into a full run and her longer legs propelled her as if she'd been shot from a cannon.

The distance was closed in a heartbeat and she reached out for a slender, pink shoulder…


… and let her quarry slip beyond her grasp as the sound of her daughter's cry reached her ears. Kim reached the end of the hall and slammed the door behind her as she disappeared into the guest room. Shego skidded to a stop and stared after her.

"… pumpkin…"



Feeling the pull of her mate as surely as she could feel gravity holding her to the floor, Shego ignored the need to seek out and confront her wife for her inexplicable behavior and instead turned back to the door near her right shoulder. The door was like that of every other room on the second floor except for a vibrantly hand-colored placard that identified it as belonging to 'KaSy & SheKi'.

With a shifting of mental gears, she turned the knob and walked inside.

"Hey, hey, hey… what's wrong, guys?" She moved to the bed farthest from the window; it was Kasy's bed and the girls had decided to congregate there tonight; the twins were sitting up and Sheki had her arms around her sister. Shego sat on the rumpled covers and squelched her anxiety. "Tell Momma what's wrong."

"Momma, you're nudie."

Oh… crap.

"Tubbies?" Kasy stopped crying and looked hopeful. Shego reached over and plucked a quilt from where it had been draped across the end of Sheki's bed, draping it around herself before she moved closer.

"Sorry, Munchkins. No tubbies. Momma was changing into her pajamas, and that's why she's nudie." Shego was doubly glad for the darkness, so they wouldn't see her blushing. "Now is anyone going to tell me the sitch?"

"Kasy says she heard yelling!"

"I heard yelling!"

"She said it was Mommy!"

"It was Mommy!"

"You heard…" Shego swallowed and started over. "You heard Mommy yelling?"

"… ngh… ngh… ngh…" It was all that Kasy could do to catch her breath so Shego simply cupped the little redhead's cheek in her palm and otherwise left her alone.

"Well, Kasy's right. Mommy… had a bad dream and she… got scared." Shego was glad that they would be able to see her face too clearly in the amber glow of the little nightlight; she was certain that she looked as foolish as she felt at having to make up a story like this. "She made some loud noises because… because she was frightened."

"Mommy's a-scared?"


"Mommy's… checking the house to make sure that there's no bogeymen sneaking around." She busied herself ruffling both heads of disheveled hair. "She'll want to know that I'm doing my job of protecting you." She caressed their perfect little green ears and tickled at their necks; she got a subdued giggle from her raven-haired daughter but the little redhead still looked uncertain. "So that's why I stayed up here."

"Mommy's okay?" The very act of asking the question made their wide emerald eyes sparkle with hope.

"Of course, baby." She hoped that she wasn't telling another lie. "She'll be downstairs for awhile so you two need to get back to sleep." She focused on Kasy. "Do you want your sister to stay with you?"

"Please and thank you." Kasy looked more relaxed and she snuggled down in her bed; Sheki released her hold on her twin and both girls lay back against the pillows.

"Always looking out for each other." She poked and prodded them in the tummy and both giggled easily. "My little heroes."

Shego gave them each a parting kiss on the cheek and stood up to leave.

"Now please go back to sleep so that Mommy won't fire me."

They giggled some more.

"Okay, Momma."

"We will."

"Please and thank you. Goodnight."

She blew them one more kiss and they reciprocated. Once the children's door was closed behind her, Shego glanced down the dark hall to the guest room; that door was closed, too. Her feet dragged a little as they carried her back to bed.

To Be Continued…

Author's Notes: This is a bit of an experiment. I hope it works. Incidentally, a badger hair shaving brush really is the best shaving brush you can buy.