Fire With Fire

Author: The Humbug

Disclaimer: "Kim Possible" and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. No profit is being collected from the fiction contained within.

Rating: PG-13 for suggested violence and intimations of a physical relationship and intimate contact between consenting adult females. This should also cover a little harsh language now and then. I do take the Lord's name in vain ONCE but it's non-gratuitous and in an understandable circumstance. If this will offend you, please read something else and then seek some professional help. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CREATE A BLOWTORCH USING A LIGHTER AND AN AEROSOL CAN!

Summary: This is a Kim/Shego pairing fan fiction set in my 'Who's Writing This Crap?' storyline. It's a harmless one-shot with a particular 'holiday' in mind. This references heavily events from the story 'A Small Possibility' by NoDrogs because that was the basis for my own personal Kigoverse and, of course, Kasy and Sheki are his creations. Enjoy!

Fire With Fire / Part III

… scrape…

"Nobody likes you."

"Yes, they do."

… scrape…

"You have no friends what so ever."

"I have loads of friends."

… scrape…

"No one cares if you live or die."

"There are so many good people waiting to do favors for me that I have to turn them away." Kim blushed and nestled on the bed, spread-eagled because of the straps holding her limbs in place. "It's a little embarrassing."

… scrape…

"I'm going back to Drakken."

"As if he'd have you."

"He'll give me a fanfare of trumpets when I bring him the girls to vivisect."

"All you'll ever get from him is a 'manly squee'. Besides, the girls have a dental appointment Wednesday so please make sure it's a local lair."

… scrape…

"The girls love me more."

"They would if you'd show them how to use their power. Otherwise, wait 'til 'pizza night' or any time we're making crafts and it's 'Momma who?'"

… scrape…

"Geez, you're fat."

"I wish! I'd finally outshine Bonnie in the curves department."

… scrape…

"Your boobs… hold still, Kimmie. I really, REALLY mean it… your boobs are too small."

"I have it from an excellent authority that they're just right." Kim lifted her head and peered down the length of her lithe body to where Shego was working. "What's the sitch?"

"Just doing a VERY tender spot and didn't want to nick you."

"So not the drama."

… scrape…

"Although," Shego cleaned the lather and hair from the straight razor onto the washcloth draped across her forearm. "I suppose that this is the perfect opportunity to use this razor and gut you like a fish."

"Yeah, whatever. You'd never do that because it would spoil those stretch marks that you love so much."

… scrape… scrape… scrape-scrape…

"I s'pose you're right." Shego stopped long enough to admire the faint, silvery lines, almost invisible to anyone who didn't know where to look. The former villain set the razor and the soiled wash cloth back down on the china tray with the drying brush and the mug of shaving soap; she arched her back in a stretch as she carefully inspected her work.


"All done?"

"Yes, I am. Let me clean you up a little."

Shego turned where she knelt at the foot of the bed and lifted a clean and folded towel in her hands; she gently dabbed at the newly exposed skin and cleaned all remaining soap and hair from the area. Kim held herself still but she did wince at little at the touch.

"Oh, baby, what? Too hot?" Shego pulled the heated and plush cloth away.

"No, no… s'fine." Kim's eyes were closed and she was almost purring. "It's fine."

"All-righty, then." The pale green woman returned the towel to its previous resting place and continued with her ministrations.

She stood and climbed onto the foot of the bed, letting her weight press the warm, damp towel down onto the exposed flesh and wriggled slightly as she dragged herself up and along the slender body, drawing ever closer to the beautiful face of her mate. Shego paused on her journey to offer a judicious appraisal inspection of Kim's breasts.

"Mmmm, just right." She gave them both equal time and attention.

"… please and thank you…"

It was still the First of April, not quite ten minutes to Midnight. Shego's journey ended when her longer, fuller form totally covered that of the woman strapped to the bed, excluding the slender limbs held outward with the force of the bindings.

"So NOW you're all empowered and full of self-esteem, huh?


"Nothing that I can say or do will topple that iron will, huh?"

"Nope!" Kim grinned her widest grin. Shego pushed her body upright and straddled her wife's left thigh. Crossing her arms and glaring down with eyes hooded and mouth pulled into a hard, thin line.

"Who's the woman that can do anything?"


"Whose house is this?"


"Whom do those two little miracles belong to."

"Shego, don't joke about that. You know how I feel about that. They're ours."

"Ok, ok. Sorry."

Everything was as Shego had expected so she peered down at her wife's flushed lower abdomen and sought out the paler flesh that her razor has recently exposed. She stroked the smooth skin and let her fingertips probe the sensitive fold.

"And who does this belong to?"

"… m-.. m-…ngh… y- you… my Empress…"

"You think you're all that, Kim Possible, etcetera, etcetera." The tall woman grinned. "What are the magic words?"

"Muh- muh- magic words?" Kim needed a few more heartbeats to get her mind back on track. "Did you say 'magic words'?"


"Whatchu talk'n bout, Shego?" While not quite as good as Gary Coleman, which was probably for the best, Shego still appreciated the attempt and explained.

"The magic words that will make me want to unfasten your bindings and let… you… up." Shego punctuated each of her last three words by flicking stray red hairs out of her wife's face.

"She-go!" Kim could only shake her head in frustration; it was all the freedom of movement that her restraints allowed. "I don't know any magic words!"

"Oh, Judas Priest. Yes you do." The sharp green eyes rolled in their pale orbits. "Think about it for a minute."

Kim thought.

"How about, 'Please'?"

"Think about it some more."

"How about, 'NOW'?"

"Keep thinking."

The redhead sighed and kept thinking… kept thinking about magic words that would make Shego want to unfasten her bindings and… and…

"Ok, I've got some."

"Really?" Shego did her best to look more surprised than she felt and Kim simply nodded up at her.

"Really, really."

"Then I'll lean down and you whisper them in my ear."

Shego leant down and Kim whispered softly and distinctly, the words unfolding and barely loud enough for her mate to hear. This continued until a dusky, bruised color began to bloom at Shego's neck and face. The older woman was biting her lip when Kim finally stopped whispering and she looked a little shaken.

"Um… what was that last part?"

Kim repeated it and yes Shego had heard her right.

"So are you going to release me?"

"Yeah… oh, yeah… Hell yeah!" Shego couldn't get at the bindings fast enough and Kim patiently waited until she felt slack at each of her wrists and ankles. The last restraint was two seconds from being released when the former villain stopped and an uncharacteristic pout crossed her angular features. Kim sighed and rolled her eyes.

"What is it now?"

"Can… can I hear those magic words again?"

"Sure, baby." Kim slipped free of the final restraint; on her best day Shego could never hope to hold the redhead for more than a few minutes. The slender body drew up her legs and leaned close against the larger form, nuzzling her chin into the hollow of Shego's long throat and muttered the 'secret words' into the perfectly formed, pale green ear.


"Why, Kimmie! You make a girl all flustered."

Joke though she might, the older woman felt weaker in the knees than she had a second ago. She didn't even notice that Kim had escaped from the last manacle on her own. The truth was that Shego could think of nothing else than putting away the accoutrements of their occasional 'grooming ritual' and climbing into bed with the little woman who brought so much life and light into her world. To that end, the pale green woman pulled herself across the rumpled linens until her nude and voluptuous shape was resting fully on the warm, empty bed.

Empty? Shego raised her head and watched her young wife collect and organize the various shaving implements. What the Hell?

"Kimmie, what are you doing? Leave that shit 'til morning, will ya?"

"Uh,uh." Kim didn't meet that emerald gaze but grinned to herself instead. "My turn."

"Your turn? Your turn to… Oh, no." The mass of black hair flowed outward as Shego shook her head in negation. "No way! Princess, this isn't a 'my turn, your turn' kind of thing!" She was feeling impatient now, whiney. "I want you now!"

"Me? You want me, huh?"

"Yes." That voice which had once frightened commanders in the Armed Forces hardly ever sounded as plaintive as it did now. Shego stared hard at her wife's lithe body, the hard, trim frame.

"Shego, my face is up here." Kim smirked inwardly; she'd caught Shego admiring her own handy work. The reclining woman looked confused for a second but then refocused at a higher point of reference as she huffed in frustration.

"Pumpkin, why don't we just get in to bed, and…"

"A little higher, please. You're trying to reason with my breasts."

"Well maybe they'll listen to me!" Shego was righteously flustered. "Kim… it's late and I'm horny and I want you like nobody's business! Will you please come over here before I decide to return to evil!"

"Shego, it'll just take a…"

"Now, now, now,nownownow!"

Kim knew that it bothered her mate to have to resort to such childish behavior; Shego was bordering on a meltdown and was even drumming her legs on the bed. The redhead knew that she had to be quick and convincing if she were to get what she wanted tonight. She moved to the bed and laid her hands firmly but gently atop muscular thighs; the rosy pink of her flesh contrasted with the greenish white skin beneath.

"Baby, listen." She spoke quickly, her tone soothing and confident without being demanding. "Just this once, ok? I know you've been patient with me and I really appreciate what you've done… I just want to return the favor. It felt wonderful like you always make it feel and not it's my turn to make you feel wonderful, too."

Shego didn't answer with words. Instead she remained flat on her back but reached down with powerful arms to where her wife perched. Kim never lifted her hands away from where they rested but fended off the questing fingers with her own face; she kissed and nibbled at the digit until they retreated. Shego crossed her arms across her chest and debated.


"Please?" The 'Pout' was totally unnecessary and the outcome was never really in question.

"… oh… ok…"


Shego relaxed a little and uncrossed her arms; she frowned and stared up at the ceiling in resignation. No sooner had she done this than she felt her ankles and wrists being tenderly grasped and securely bound in the same restraints that she had recently removed from her wife. Her forehead knitted and she cocked an eyebrow; she'd not even heard the manacles rattling.

"If this is your way of trying to make me feel better…!"

"It is."

"Damn, you're good, Pumpkin. Never even felt it coming."

"I've learned from the best." Kim stroked a pale cheek but Shego refused to be mollified. The glare was a sham and they both knew it, but they both knew how the game was to be played and respected their mutual need for it.

"And by 'spanking' you'd better not mean anything except for that stupid catch-phrase of yours!"

"Then I suppose it's a good thing for you that you weren't laying face down, hm?"

"Frelling pervert."

"Let us revisit my 'learning from the best' statement, shall we?"

"Oh, wait." Shego shifted on the bed, testing the firmness of her restraints. "This is where you claim that you're capturing me for Global Justice, right?"

"What are you talking about?"

"'The jig's up, Shego! You're under arrest, blah-blah-blah.'" The long and powerful body writhed on the sheets. "'After five long years and even to the point of having children with you, the velvet cudgel of JUSTICE is putting an end to your days of crime and malfeasance!'"

"So not the drama. I'll leave the grandiose schemes to you, lover. Now stay still like a good little captive."

All Kim got was a raspberry blown in her general direction.

"There's no need to be that way. This is a 'win-win' sitch if I ever saw one."

Kim paused to inspect her own supple flesh where Shego had invested her time and attention and liked what she felt. She kept that hand in place while she grabbed the shaving mug with her free hand and walked into the master bathroom, calling back over her shoulder as she did so.

"Let me get some more hot water for the soap, some fresh towels and a few other things and I'll be right back."

"If you keep touching yourself like that, Pumpkin, you'll go blind!"

"Then can I just do it until I need glasses?"

"I don't love you." Shego couldn't stomach even the parody of defeat. She tested the strength of her bindings and admitted that nothing less than a minor plasma emission would set her free. "I hate you and have always hated you and will kill you the first chance I get!"

"You worship me." Kim spoke without turning around; she wasn't quite finished with her preparations yet. "You worship me, you love me, you have loved me for years and you couldn't live without me."


"Kiss, kiss."

Kim returned with the same china tray and the same articles that had been used on her earlier that night, with an additional item or two of her own selection. She adopted the same position that her spouse had at the foot of the bed and immediately saw that her work was cut out for her.

"Holy crap."


"Maybe I should slip down to the garage for the hedge trimmer."

Shego growled dangerously.

"Judas Priest… our lawn doesn't grow this fast." Kim combed her fingers through warm lusciousness. "Or this green."

"Kimmie, I'm warning you…"

"Or maybe the weed whacker."

"So not funny!"

Despite her protestations, the long, pale woman writhed with the additional attention paid to her by the petite redhead. Meanwhile Kim ruffled the dark hair with its green highlights. She gently held back most of the strands and leaned in close.

"Hello! Hello… hello… ello…ello…"

"Huh? What?" Shego fought against gravity and raised her head. What had she missed? "Kim, what's going on?"

Her wife looked back at her along the long, voluptuous body and smirked; she leaned down again.

"Echo! Echo… echo… echo…"

"Oh, that is IT!! Let me up NOW!" The writhing woman never got to finish her words as Kim slipped a nimble finger a little deeper into the healthy thatch and the fold beyond, then a second finger. Shego's body pulsed and clenched.

"What was that, baby?"

"… ngh… nothing, my Empress…"

"Thought not." Kim grinned and inspected the topography of her wife's pubic region. She removed her hand so that Shego could collect herself and return to some state of control before the event began in earnest. "All joking aside, don't you usually see to this yourself?"

"You should know. It's your second home."

"Doy! I know that!" Kim flushed. "What we're doing tonight is something special but you usually burn this away with your plasma."

"M'yeah." Shego huffed. What was Kim waiting for? "You've seen me to it a thousand times."

"So why does it grow so damn fast?"

"Dunno. Don't care."

"Is it only your plasma that can burn it away?"

"Pumpkin, it's only hair." Shego rolled her eyes; her darling wife was obsessive if nothing else. "It cuts, it shaves and it burns. My plasma is convenient and thorough."

"But only at a low level?"

"Low, medium, high or fricassee. I'm immune to my own plasma." The redhead should know this by now, right?

"But not immune to fire in general?"

"No, just the heat and effects of my own." The former villain thought for a moment. "Maybe the girls', too. We'll have to see about that, one day."

Kim nodded at that; there were many things that they won't know about their daughters' abilities for years to come. The redhead made absolutely certain that her wife was not looking in her direction when she slowly brought up two particular items from the china tray.

One was a disposable cigarette lighter. The other was an aerosol can of hairspray.

"So plasma won't burn you but normal flame will?"

"What's with the questions, sugar plum??" The captive woman screwed her eyes shut and slammed her head back onto the bed. "If I'd known there was gonna be a quiz I'd've prepared a crib sheet!" Why wouldn't her Princess get the damn show on the road? Shego lifted her head, puzzled by the meaningless statement.

She was just in time to see Kim activate the lighter and hold it out in front of the aerosol can as far as she was able.

"Let's put that to the test, shall we?"

"What the fu…" Her eyes shot wide open in shock.

"Hold real still, baby."




When Kim awoke the next morning it was too late for her usual run around the residential areas of Middleton. This was just as well because no sooner did she amble downstairs than she was besieged and made to sit alone on the sofa under guard and observe a simple lecture.

"I could make you breakfast?"

"Momma made us bekfast a'ready."


Great, Kim thought; I've been trumped by pancakes. The guards did allow her to pour herself a glass of juice, however.

The matching red fire hats both declared the wearer to be 'Fire Chief' and, fortunately for their parents, Kasy and Sheki were rarely competitive against each other; they had no trouble sharing rank as long as they held the attention of their Mommy while they presented their lecture. Neither Kasy's bright pink pajamas nor Sheki's green and black nightshirt particularly coordinated with the red helmets, but no one cared. Kim sat with a patient smile and nodded to assure her daughters of her comprehension throughout her attendance of the session; it had been demanded that she do so and it had been their Momma who had asked the girls to make this presentation before they got dressed for pre-kindergarten.

Mostly the lecture consisted of Sheki counting off potential fire hazards and Kasy making fire engine noises. The lecture ended when Shego returned to the living room.

"How's it shakin', eggs 'n bacon?"


"Fine, Momma!"

"Was Mommy a good girl for you?"


"Really?" It wasn't that Shego doubted them; she just wanted the tweak. Kim's expression confirmed that the tweak was delivered on target.

"Yes, Momma."

"Excellent! Go and get dressed for school, please and thank you."


The adults had eyes only for their offspring as the little miracles giggled and scampered out of the room and up the steps. Shego did not sit down but remained standing, towering over the hero. Kim did her best to look contrite, sipping orange juice and still wearing a battered flannel robe over silk nightclothes and bunny slippers.

"Fire safety?"

"It seemed appropriate."

"I can defuse a bomb while holding onto the side of a burning airplane and avoid getting open flames into the fuel system and you made me sit through ten minutes of fire safety as presented by little Siskel and Ebert!"

"But don't they look CUTE in those helmets?" The black glossed lips remained parted in a smile until the little girls were well out of earshot. The moment that the smile faded Kim prepared for the onslaught she knew was coming.

"Well?" Shego had her arms crossed across her chest and gazed down in expectation.

"Um... 'well' what?"

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"I already said that I was sorry." Kim pouted. "What more do want to hear?"

"Ooh, I dunno, how about 'Gee, Shego, I'm sorry that I tried to KILL you last night'?"

"I didn't!"

"Did." The tall woman took full advantage of her long legs and began circling the sofa like a stalking cougar. "I barely escaped with my life."

"You burned yourself loose and took off so fast that I didn't have a chance to say anything! If you'd stuck around..."

"Yeah, right. Like you stuck around the other night when you had your meltdown! Not!" Shego's eyes flashed for a moment. "That, and I was terrified for my safety!"

"Oh, so not the drama!" Kim let a little indignation seep into her expression; not too much and with great hesitation. Shego took the bait.

"You tried to set my..." The pale green woman paused; she listened for the pattering of little feet and glanced towards the stairs to see if the twins were returning. There was no sign of their impending arrival so she continued. "You tried to set my hoohoo on fire!"

"Again with the 'hoohoo'."

"Flames everywhere!"

"So not! I aimed high and the flames were over two feet away from you! It lasted all of, what, maybe five seconds." Kim dropped the show of indignation and made herself appear as small and meek as possible on the broad sofa. "I would never have been THAT careless. I know how your powers work..."

"Whatever." Long hands joined at the thumb and index finger to mimic the general shape of a letter 'W'. The tone was already softening, though, and the submissive posture of the petite woman had already dissipated that little anger Shego had retained from last night's chaos.

"... but I just forgot, is all! I'm sorry!" Kim's neck was getting sore from following her wife's passage around and around the sofa. Without warning, Shego ceased her revolutions around the sofa and sat down abruptly.

"Then prove it."


"Glad you asked!" With legerdemain worthy of the best stage magician, Shego produced a slip of notepaper and handed it over to the anxious redhead.

"What's…?" Two seconds later, Kim had her answer. "Whoa."

"I wrote that while Homer and Jethro brushed their teeth."

"Do you want me to pick one?"

"Nope." The pale expression almost… ALMOST managed to feign sympathy.

"We're going to do them all, aren't we?"

"Yep!" Shego giggled with anticipation. Kim moaned and brandished the list.

"But this will take a whole week!"

"Oh, at least." Emerald eyes sparkled and she gave her exasperated spouse another chance to review the list.

"Why?" Kim couldn't believe what she was reading. "Why all this?"

"Because you owe me."

"For what?"

"Doy! For the last few nights of drama in the bedroom, that's what. I figure that this way you'll be too busy or too tired… or too brain-fried to get more crazy ideas in your head like trying to set my hoohoo on fire."

Kim had no argument for that. Instead she read aloud from the slip of paper.

"Miss Go and the Naughty Student… Break-in at Go Tower… The Girl Who Can Schtup Anything… Elphaba and Galinda… Maleficent and the Poor Trapped Spritekin… Cheerleader Tryouts…"

"You'll probably want to catch a nap in the afternoon because you can already see that you'll be up late for awhile." Shego shrugged. "Me, too, for that matter. We'll need to sleep sometime."

"Shego, we'll need to practically cloister ourselves here at the house!"

"Mmm, except for getting the girls to and from 'pre-K' and trips to the market, I suppose we will. So?"

"What about missions?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you? After I drop Yin and Yang at school, I'm swinging by 'GJ' to have us removed from the mission roster for two weeks."

"TWO WEEKS?!" Incredulous; there was no other way to describe how she felt.

"I'm factoring in recuperation time. I expect we'll be a little sore for a few days." She nodded in satisfaction at her foresight. "We've each got at least three times that in accrued vacation, anyway."

"But two whole weeks?"

"Kimmie…" The gaze narrowed slightly and Kim warded her off.

"Ok, ok. We do have the time." She remembered something. "Umm… can we not do number eight?"

"Kimmie, this is non negotiable." The mass of black hair billowed as Shego frowned and shook her head. "You'll just need to…"

"It hurts."

"Oh. You never mentioned that before."

"We only did it that one time. I… didn't think we'd try that again."

"We'll do 'Break-in at Go Tower' twice, then. We'll reverse the sitch and let you be the dominant one."

"Please and thank you."

"Kim, if anything we do ever hurts you, and I do mean EVER, I want you to speak up. Ok?" The response wasn't fast enough and Shego pressed the issue. "Ok?"

"Ok. And thanks" Kim gave a half smile and folded the paper before handing it back to her mate. The woman's imagination was fanciful, to say the least. "I'm surprised that you'd even want me in the bedroom after…"

"Jupiter's Balls, Kimmie! This isn't a punishment, for crying out loud!" The hands that were capable of emitting green death finally reached out to touch the petite woman for the first time that day; she stroked the course flannel. "This will make up for things being so freaky-deaky lately. Besides, I'm not stupid." Shego gestures at Kim's body. "Why would I want to give up THIS? Are you nuts?"

"Did you ever think that I might resent the implication that I'm a sex slave?"

"Briefly, but you're my sex slave and that means that we both benefit."

"I'll need to buy some more lubricant before we get to number nine."

"Kim, please don't pick everything apart. Number seven is out because it's painful but if you're going to buck every little detail…!"

"No, no. It's ok."

"Are you sure?" The question was asked as much with Shego's eyes as it was with her words; she would never force her Princess to do these things and she had to KNOW. Kim nodded and gave her an ironic smile.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Booyah!" Shego reached out and used both hands to make a frizzy mess of Kim's hair before standing up. "That's the spirit!" She strolled away in the direction of the stairwell and called up to the twins. "Your chariot awaits, Munchkins! Let's haul!"


"Kay, Momma!"

Grinning, she returned to the sofa while Kim cleared her vision of errant red hair.

"I'll hit the market on the way home… pick up some food for the next few days. By the way, is that golden cage in storage or here at the house somewhere?"

"Storage. No, hang on." Kim corrected herself to the accompaniment of jabbering as the children scrambled down the stairs. "I lent it to Ron."

"Ron? What for?"

"Bonnie was in town. They do this thing they call 'Zorpox and the Wrong Cheerleader'."

"'Wrong' meaning…?"

"Meaning that Zorpox plans to kidnap Kim Possible but nabs Bon-Bon by mistake. She pleads for her freedoms and he, well…"

"Those crazy kids! Heh!" Shego smirked as she steered her offspring over to the sofa; Kasy was dressed in dungarees and a sweater while her sister wore a blue dress and matching ribbon in her hair. "We'll need it for the 'Poor Trapped Spritekin'."

"I'll call him this morning."

"Please and thank you. Ok, girls." She spoke to the twins where they had climbed up on the sofa to sit next to their mother. "Give Mommy a kiss before we hit the road."

"Mommy's hair's all mussy!"

"MUSSY!" Nonetheless, Kim was the happy recipient of two boisterous smooches. There was also time made for a quick hug.

The morning was a bit brisk so the twins began to slip into their jackets and this gave Shego a moment to walk back to the sofa where Kim still sat. The tall woman bent over and leaned down across the back of the sofa, effectively pinning the petite form to the cushions with her upper body. From a slightly askew position, black glossed lips firmly clamped onto Kim's mouth and Shego's free hand ran down the length of the rumpled bedclothes. The fingers sought, and found, familiar landmarks on the topography of Kim's lithe body as they danced and skimmed down, down…

Kim gasped into the kiss.

"… wow…"

"You like?"

"Me like."

"Consider that priming the pump."

"Yes, my Empress!"

"You're right, you know."

"About what?"

"I worship you. I couldn't live without you."

"You'd better leave now before we end up making the girls miss school altogether!"

"See you later, then." Shego licked Kim's cheek and moved away. With nothing more than a promising wink, she opened the door and the three most important people in Kim's life left the house to start their day. Kim finished her juice before leaving the sofa and walking into the kitchen where the telephone hung on the wall beside the counter. She dialed a number as familiar as her own and waited for the voice at the other end to answer.

"Morning, Ron. It's Kim. I'm pleased to report that Team Possible has once again successfully executed an April Fool's Day joke on the mighty Shego!" She stopped to listen to the congratulatory words coming through the phone. "Yeah, pretty much without a hitch. I have to admit that the payoff is a bit overwhelming." She remembered Shego's list. "In fact, there's a distinct possibility that it might cripple me for life!" She paused and laughed at the response she received. "Sorry. 'TMI', I know! Oh, speaking of which, are you finished with that cage? Yes? Great. I'll pick it up around Noon." She envisioned her schedule in her mind; at least how it had been planned before she learned that she'd be a prisoner in her own home each night. "Can you meet me for lunch? It might be the last time I'll have the chance to see you for a week… or so. Spankin! I'll pickup the cage then."

They concluded the call with pleasantries and each said goodbye. Kim broke into her 'happy dance' midway to the bedroom where she intended to dress for her day. Next year, she promised herself, I'll stick to nothing more erotic than peanut butter. Then again, even that had numerous exciting possibilities!

The End.

Author's Notes: Do you have any idea how long it took me to END this damn thing?? Four total rewrites of the final scene and several edits; if there's any part of this story that has the most typos it's THIS one because I don't want to look at it anymore! The 'experiment' I mentioned in the first chapter was to see if I could add more eroticism without being too graphic. I will leave the final judgment to you. Be well.