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25 Years after a secret squad defend the world from its destruction; the things have been peaceful again. No more cases about people that lost their self-conscious and unthinkable accidents. It is all thanks to our silent savior, Arisato Minato, though price for this peaceful time paid by sacrificing himself.

A fallen light come down quietly at the silent night. Bring back the lost soul. It's the sign of the new destiny…

Chapter 1: Prologue to Destiny

On a Sunday morning, in the heart of Hiroshima.

A girl with turquoise hair stayed at her house. Nobody seemed to be at home except her. Her clear blue eyes dazed over the laptop screen in front of her.

Sigh…boy, its sure is boring.

She was playing a MMORPG called Innocent Sin right now. But there were only few people logged in. Her character just walked around herself. Even there were some people too, they were chatting each other, and that girl hate to begin any new relation with senior player.

Okay. That's it! I'll send a message at the message board and see if someone called me in 10 minutes. Or else, I'll quit playing it!

So she started to type an announcement on the message board. She was then lying on her bed and sighed, let alone the laptop at the moment. As she wanted to take a magazine from her desk, the monitor flashed. Someone had calling her, fulfilled the request. It was a male, and his character name is FoOLerRy. The girl laughed as she read it.

LoKiE: Hey, thx to answer me ya?

FoOLerRy: I'm bored too

Hmm…so, he's single? He doesn't have any girls to hang out with today?

LoKiE: BTW, where u get that name from? FoOLerRy…are u stupid? Not mean to offend u.

FoOLerRy: No. I'm OK…it's just a cross-mind name. Why u have that LoKiE too? U r a female…right? O.o

LoKiE: I read a comic

FoOLerRy: U r a student?

LoKiE: Yeah. A college student girl. U want older girl?

FoOLerRy: No, I'm OK with college girl.

He didn't care about age! Wow, a diamond in trashes…nice! Maybe he's ugly, so he's not popular and don't have any dates…or maybe he's still underage? Ops, let's see here…

LoKiE: Are u ugly?

FoOLerRy: It's up to ur opinion. But I think not. If u ask why I stayed playing Innocent Sin at such beautiful Sunday, the answer is because my friends all left.

LoKiE: Wowie! We r in the same situation huh! :3 I'm glad :D

FoOLerRy: Hahahah…:)

LoKiE: Hey, tell me. Don't u think they—ur friends—so mean? I mean, they left u stay at ur boring house. They had a date, right? All of my friends did.

FoOLerRy: No. I mean…I'm just transferred, so I don't have any friends right now. U r my first friend.

Oh, so he's a newbie! Poor guy…

FoOLerRy: Sorry, I spontaneously call u a friend.

LoKiE: No, it's OK. I'm just surprised u r new…

FoOLerRy: I'm currently college too.

LoKiE: Really?! I'm at Shizou-ou University and I'm junior. U r deciding the school yet?

FoOLerRy: So, we r the same grade.

LoKiE: Yay! Really? This April I'll rose to my third terms. What about u?

He's not answering. Want to fake your it, huh…? Ha! I bet you actually a business man.

FoOLerRy: Sorry. I'm 18. I thought u r 18 too, since u said u r a junior just now…

LoKiE: u See…I'm 19. So, where u go? Shizou-Ou too?

He didn't answering. Are my words true?

FoOLerRy: Sorry, my parents home. I'll log off. See you next time, kay, LoKiE? Buh-bye!!

And FoOLerRy disappeared. The girl let out a heavy sigh again and she decided to log off as well. She still wonder was that was true after all, before someone calling for her name from downstairs.

"Shou-chan! Dinner time!!"

"Coming, mum!"

The next day, at Shizou-ou University front gate, early morning.

That Shou girl tried to hide her annoyed face when she spotted her friends stood on the campus yard, far in front of her. Her turquoise hair waved as she walked toward the two chatting girls.

"Morning Touko, Hazuki!" she greeted them cheerfully. "What a nice weather, yes?"

"Morning, Shou!" replied the redheaded one. "Hey, do you know the latest gossip?" she smirked to both her friends.

"Forget it; I don't want to hear any gossips!" Shou sighed.

"Okay, but we're not meant to talk about that guy secret, so it's hardly gossiping, right Hazuki?" added the short haired brunette.


"Okay, okay…So what is it?" Shou gave up. She was never able to convince her friends to stop gossiping people. She cared because she believes that they'll get the punishment someday, sooner or later.

Hazuki took a deep breath before announced the news. "There will be a new student for us!"

Shou gasped. Wasn't FoOLerRy also a freshman? Is that mean he really will…No way! Shou shook her head frantically, made her friends frowned to her.

"What's wrong, Shou?" asked Hazuki, worried. "Getting a headache? Not feeling well? Caught a fever or some sorts of disease?"

"No. It's okay…" Shou smiled to both of them, and then she tried to turn their attention to the gossip again. "So, what's with this new guy?" she could felt her heart beating so fast now, for unknown reason.

"People said that he was lived together with his parents until some months ago. But because they were often move, he moved to their former house and then he start to study here…that's all," explained Touko.

"I wouldn't say it 'that's all'," Hazuki grinned widely. "He used to live in many countries before, so he must be good at English! Wow…I wonder if he's a blonde with blue eyes...Like those foreign actors!"

"I had BLUE eyes," interrupted Shou, pointing at her own cerulean eyes.

"Yeah, your grandma is a foreigner," Touko mocked cynically.

When they arrived to their respective lockers, Shou left them. She must bring back the books which she borrowed from the library some weeks ago. As she arrived there, there was nobody around, even the librarian.

It's still too early, the girl sighed as she signed the guest book. She then walked to the bookshelves and returned the books. However, just as she returning the last book, she heard a strange music. Its sounds very low, but the hard rock really ear-catching. She searched at the path near back windows and finally found the source.

A guy with dark blue hair which seems sparkled thanks to the sunlight that came through the window sat on an unused table. His same colored eyes looked down at a small novel. His ears were covered by the head phones that still sang the hard rock music.

Shou keep staring at him until the guy realized that she stood over there.

Eyes widened in surprise as he saw the vaguely familiar face. "…Yukari…?" he gasped, make the novel on his hand fell down.

"Uh, what?" Shou frowned hardly before continued, "I'm not Yukari."

"Yes…" the younger man smiled sheepishly. "I must be wrong. I'm sorry."

"No loud music in library, you know," Shou walked a step forward to him, stared sternly at the somewhat ignorant boy. "The librarian will scold you."

"There was no librarian," the guy looked at the librarian desk that still empty through the bookshelves corner and then stared at Shou again, lined a teasing smirk on his lips. "Or are you the librarian?"

"No, I'm not."

The guy guffawed. He stood up and picked the novel on the ground again then returned it to the bookshelf. He let down his head phone and smiled faintly to Shou. "Sorry to be very inappropriate. My name's Arisato Minato," he held out his right arm, invited her to shake hands.

Sho accepted it and replying the smile too. "Suzuka Shou."

"Suzuka-san, right?" Minato smiled, "You have a nice name. Just call me Minato."

"Okay, Minato-kun. Then, you can call me Shou too."

The bell rang as they released their hands. Shou said good bye to Minato and left him after gave an explanation as he asked about "the location of practice room for first-year Law students".

There's something odd about him, Shou thought while she was running through the hall. But it's not evil. Something…that feels so comforting and makes me felt safe…Yet so powerful and makes me rather frightened…

Minato was still in the library. He was looking over the window that was opened and stared at the hazy skies. His eyes seemed blank and he murmured something.

"She's blessed," he said calmly, "With the power to create a strong Persona."

Shou gasped. She was hearing something.

"Persona?" she mumbled.

However, as she noticed the tutor walked to the lab, she started to run again and saved by the punishments, scolds, and maybe endless lectures at her first day in this new term.

Author Notes:That's it for the first chapter. Kind of boring, and the first opening is lame…Okay, let's review the story. The story is growing around Sho, this new heroine. And he found Minato, that supposed to be dead already (that's what I read). She also a Potential too, but she's not at Port Island, so she didn't know anything about her Persona. We'll get into that at the next chapter, which came at least next Sunday. Well, see you!

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