Shattered Yet Not Broken

Summary: " wasn't supposed to turn out this way.." Someone finds out about Bruce's alter ego. He'll never be the same again. Yaoi.

Warning: Anyone who's read my profile will knwo that the main pairing will be J'onn/Bruce. I simply LOVE the pairing, and it saddens me to know that there are so very few stories out there that center it. If you cannot stomach that, or dislike the pairing, the back-button is just a mouse click away.


The sharp twinges of pain resonating throughout his body and the sound of someone entering the room alerted Bruce to the fact that he was awake. He didn't know how long he'd been held captive in the dark room. Time had become syrupy, much like his thoughts, probably due to the drugs that were being pumped through his system.

As a result, he couldn't move. That was probably the worse part. Knowing that if he had control over his limbs, he would no doubt be able to take on the man who was towering above him so smugly. But he couldn't move. Not a single inch.

His captor had made sure of that.

The room was very plainly set up. A table in the corner, which had a small case on it, and a mattress in the other corner, where he'd been thrown quite carelessly by a goon. He hadn't been able to get a good look at any of them.

At first he hadn't been worried, thinking that someone had kidnapped 'Brucie' and was demanding a ransomed. Nothing major, and it wouldn't be the first time something like that happened. He would just have to bide his time and wait for the moment to make his move. Tricky, but again, not the first time.

But as his captor revealed himself, and Bruce was able to look up into those cold green eyes...

He felt his stomach start to sink.

Right then and there, he knew he wasn't being kidnapped as 'Brucie', air-headed billionare, but as Batman, vigilante of Gotham City.

And Lex Luthor knew it too.

They had stared at each other for what seemed to be hours, until Luthor suddenly lunged forward and smacked him so hard it broke the skin. And even though he couldn't move, Bruce could very much feel the pain throbbing through his jawbone.

And as he felt the blood begin trickling down his cheek, the only thing that he could think of, was the fact that it didn't really make a lot of sense. Luthor was a madman to be sure, but Bruce had never figured him for the type to torture his captives.

A laugh erupted from the bald man's throat, and it unnerved him at how similar it sounded to Joker's. So high and shrill...

Dripping with insanity.

"It's not right Bruce. Or should I call you Batman?" Luthor paused long enough to open the case before continuing on with his rant. "You're just a man. And he sees you worthy enough to be by his side?!"

Should have known this had something to do with Clark.

Bruce's eyes widened ever so slightly as Luthor drew near and he was able to spot the items in his hands. In his right was a syringe, in the other was a dagger. The man drew near, his eyes gleaming wickedly. "Well I intend to show him how wrong he is. I'm going to break you Batman."

The needle was pushed into his skin and as the world began to dip and spin, Lex laughed once more. The volume only increased as Bruce's body began jerking wildly in reaction to the drug he'd just given him. Tossing the now useless syringe aside, he knelt down next to the motionless body of his captive and began tracing the dagger over his skin lightly. "Oh Bruce...where should we start first?"


Doooo ya wanna read more? It's a plot bunny that's erupted in my head. O.O I can't help myself man. I just can't. After this I plan on posting another chapter after this one. I have quite a few written up. I so need a life.