Art of Smothering II

Art of Smothering II

The next time Severus woke up it was dark again. He was parched and stiff, not unlike have he had been cursed.

Rolling onto his side he sneezed roughly and groaned. His dry sore throatefelt like it was going to jump from his neck, and he wished his head would just explode and get it over with. He heard rustling in the darkness beside his bed.

"Bolly. Hesskessh! Bolly, dond't. You dond't wand to get this. Heh-Heh-Kessh!"

Tenderly, a washcloth was placed on his forehead and he sighed in relief. Somewhere deep inside he was grateful that she would never abandon him. "Thangs," he sighed.

Tow strong hands helped him into a sitting position and handed him a glass of lemon water, which he gulped down. Slowly, the hands helped him rest again and he drifted back to sleep.


Harry descend the stairs quickly.

"How is he Harry, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked startin dinner.

"Tired, feverish and miserable." He sat at the table. "I keep getting worried that he's going to figure out who's really caring for ihm."

"Don't worry, Harry dear. He won't hurt you."


Harry's feet dangled at least two feet above the group. 'He's not going to hurt me indeed,' he thought. 'Note to self: Do not deceive a Death Eater – even a sick one.'

"What have you done to her?" he scowled. "How long have you been here?"


With that, Severus dropped him to the floor.

Harry watched as his Professor went back to his bed, and his energy drained from him.

"Professor," Harry croaked, rubbing his throat. "She's been overstressed. I offered to help out. That's all."

Severus sneezed wetly and flopped onto the bed. Holding his head in his hands he whispered for Harry to just go.


"You did what!!" Mrs. Weasley yelled.

Severus sniffed. "I didn't mean to. I was startled and embarrassed and I c-c-cou-uh-chesssh!" Excuse be." He blew his nose forcefully.

"That explains the bruise. And his reluctance to come up here." She stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Ill send him right up.

But, Harry didn't come up that night or the ext day. Not that the Severus could blame him. It wasn't as though they'd ever gotten along anyway.

The following day, Severus felt well enough to join the world. As he came downstairs he noticed Harry alone in the sitting room. A large purple and black bruise in the shape of a hand covered his throat.

A flicker of guilt sparked in Severus. Even he thought a three day old would like that was excessive. Clearing his throat he stepped into the room. When Harry didn't respond he tried a different tactic. "Mr. Potter," he said in his best teacher voice.

Harry jumped. "Professor." His voice was strained.

Severus winced. He had not meant to hurt the boy like that.

"Are you in pain, Professor? Here, sit down." Harry rose from his seat.

"No, thank you." His nose started to tickle. "I'm fine. Hickzzit!" He bit his lip to stifle the sneeze and pulled out his handkerchief.

"I don't think you are," Harry whispered, as Severus directed an onslaught of husky sneezes into his handkerchief. Patiently, Harry pushed Severus int the chair and waited to the sneezing to sop.

"Bless you,' he said.

Severus nodded and tucked his handkerchief away. "Harry, I'm sorry for attacking you. You didn't deserve it. I was…startled."

Harry nodded, but didn't say anything. Severus hadn't even known it was him for two days. Then when he did, he turned violent. "You were sick. Mrs. Weasely needed help. Don't read too much into it," Harry said.

Severus nodded. He could respect that answer.