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Everyone was gathered on the floor together. Bart had a fire extinguisher secretly hidden behind him. It was small, but it could definitely get the job done in case a certain Kryptonian got a little green eyed. He was keeping an eye on Clark, who regretted saying anything in the first place.

"Here we go…" Bart tossed a plastic bottle in the middle of their circle. "So who wants to start off?"

"I will." Chloe called eagerly, and grabbed the bottle. She placed it in the center of the group and looked at everyone, a grin slowly taking over her features as she twisted and flicked her wrist, letting go and settling back in a comfy position. They all watched, entranced by the empty spinning plastic Sprite bottle until it came to a slow stop.

"Well, well, well." Chloe chuckled, smirking. "Truth or Dare Bruce?" She questioned him, tilting her head to the side.

"Dare." Bruce smirked, not a hint of hesitance or reluctance in his tone.

"I dare you to give the person on the left a piggy back ride around the room." Chloe grinned.

Bruce furrowed his brows and looked to what would be Chloe's left and found himself staring at Oliver. They looked at each other for a second, expressionless, before looks of disgust overtook their sharp features.

"No." Oliver stated plain and firmly, while Bruce shook his head.

"Your left Bruce." Chloe corrected him, rolling her eyes.

Bruce looked to his left, and Bart looked up.

"What? Why are you all looking at me?" Bart asked, defensively. He obviously had not been listening.

"What's the last thing you remember Bart?" Clark questioned, holding up a hand when AC was about to tell him. He wanted him to figure it out on his own.

Bart's boyish face took on an even more puzzled look as he tried to remember. He furrowed his eyebrows and stared intently at the ground.

"At this rate--" Victor started but Chloe silenced him with a sharp look. "O-okay…"

"Uh…." Bart sucked his teeth, and looked up and into everyone's faces to see if anyone would reveal any hint in some way or another.

When his eyes landed on Chloe, she lifted her hands and jabbed her thumbs over her back, and then mouthed the words, "Piggy back ride!"

"Piggy….back….ride?" Bart turned to look at Bruce for confirmation when he realized what he said and gasped. "Yes! Let's go!" He jumped up eagerly.

Oliver laughed and clapped Bruce's back, who glowered at him momentarily before standing up and brushing himself off. Bart was practically bouncing with joy.

"You guys can continue the game, nothing too funny!" Bart warned them. He saw that Bruce's back was turned and assumed he was ready, so he ran without the extra boost and launched himself at Bruce, instantly locking his arms around the older male.

Well, Bruce wasn't ready.

"BART!" Chloe admonished, covering her mouth to hide her laughter.

"Oof!" The suave nonchalant man was caught so off guard that his eyes widened and he made a choking sound, tugging on Bart's arms. Luckily though, his reflexes where good enough at the moment that he didn't fall or throw Bart off of him. All he wanted was air.

Bart rolled his eyes and scoffed, "Fine." He muttered and loosened his arms. Bruce placed his hands under Bart's knees and shook his head, muttering how stupid this game was.

"Let's GO!" Bart ordered, and Bruce sent a withering glare towards Chloe before they both disappeared out of the room.

Chloe finally calmed down, AC nudged Victor who had fallen backwards and simply decided to lay there until he got past his fit, and Oliver lifted his face from his hands. Seeing Bruce of all people being ordered around by Bart was enough to make Lionel Luthor laugh out of amusement.

Clark spun the bottle next, since Bruce wasn't there to do it himself.

"Ollie," Clark gave him a half-smile. "Truth or dare?"

Oliver looked at the place where Bruce and Bart had both once presided and said without any hesitance, "Truth."

"If you were Kryptonian, for a day what would you do?" Clark sat back further so he could have more space to stretch his long legs.

"Find another Kryptonian and have the best sex." Oliver said bluntly, and lightly shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes!" Victor and AC both cheered him, completely supporting his decision, making him smirk.

Clark chuckled, shaking his head and looking down slightly, feeling that he should have seen that coming. He turned to see Chloe's expression and saw her roll her eyes which made him in turn laugh.

Boys. Chloe thought, scoffing only to hide her amusement.

Oliver spun the bottle and it landed on AC. A little while later, after Victor got his turn as well, Bruce had returned with Bart still on his back.

"We're…. done!" Bruce announced, panting. He was almost to the point of crawling on his hands and knees when they reached the circle. "Bart… off…. NOW!" He ordered.

"Yeah yeah!" Bart waved his hand and jumped off, landing right on his original spot.

"What happened?" Chloe asked slowly, raising an eyebrow.

Oliver patted Bruce's shoulder in feign sympathy, and Bruce shook his hand off. "Kid… eats too much. Too damn heavy!"

"You're just old." Bart retorted, causing Bruce's closed eyelids to spring open. "I could hear your bones creaking the moment I jumped on you!"

"Okay! Victor's turn!" Chloe quickly evaded the fight that could have taken place.

When the bottle spun, it landed on Chloe.

"Make it a good one!" Bruce encouraged him.

"Well just for that I'm taking truth." Chloe smirked at his scowl, while he rubbed his sore back.

"So if you were stranded on an island," Oliver snorted right then and there, "with one person…. Who would you pick?" They all leaned in closer to hear her answer.

This falls into the second step of their mission. Getting them both to relax and just have some fun. This was Bart's idea of course, but he reasoned that it was good because if either was too jealous or angry then nothing would go as planned. They don't exactly respond like the average person would to situations.

"Clark." Chloe said instantly making all the boys minus Clark exchange mischievous smiles.

Clark's head shot up and his eyebrows flew up to his hairline, "Huh?"

Chloe smiled, "Well you're the best company," She gave the rest of them looks, "my best friend, not annoying so I wouldn't be forced to eventually cut you up and eat you as a desperate last resort and…" She paused and leaned her head in closer as he met her halfway, "it really… really … helps that you have superspeed so you can get us off the island after those few relaxing hours away from civilization." She finished, and laughed.

Clark looked into her, opened his mouth to say something but thought against it. I'll always save you. He thought to himself, feeling a sense of something beyond appreciation wash over him as he thought back to those times she's saved him.

Chloe noticed the faraway look in his eyes and thought better than to say anything.

Next was Bruce's turn again, and he chose truth this time and had to reveal who he would pick to be his slave. He sent a wink in Chloe's direction, who in turn narrowed her eyes at him.

Clark wasn't exactly an over jealous person, but this was just ridiculous. It seemed that lately Bruce was in some way or another, getting more of a reaction out of Chloe than he was. He wasn't used to being in the backseat; it was a different view for him. Usually he was right by Chloe, or she was beside him, not that whichever way anyone looked at it matters.

Bart immediately recognized the boy's brooding and elbowed Bruce discreetly.

"Uh I'd want Ollie as my slave--"

"What?" Oliver hissed.

"Because I always wondered what it would be like to boss him around and then have him clean up after me without talking back." Bruce chuckled, avoiding a hit and spun the bottle.

"Bart!" Bruce revealed a malicious grin, "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Bart lifted his chin, to show no fear.

"Go to each state and get a memorabilia from there. Now!" Bruce said quickly.

"On it!" Bart jumped up, gave a salute and was out the door in seconds.

"Bruce!" Chloe scolded him, "Don't give him a dare just to get him out of here!" She frowned.

"Oh…" Bruce blinked, "Oh no Bart come back, I'll give you another dare." Bruce only turned his head the slightest fraction, his volume not raising that much. Clearly, he didn't care all that much.

"And I will spin again!" Bruce leaned forward and this time it landed on Clark. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Clark shrugged, wondering they would possibly tell him to do.

"I dare you to kiss Chloe." Bruce smirked.

"What?" Clark felt a tinge of redness tint his face as both he and Chloe exclaimed that at the same time.

If he had looked over to see her face, he would've seen that she was blushing as well but neither of them felt the courage to look at the other.

What is this, high school? Oliver thought to himself, then again the dare was kind of childish but it wasn't part of the plan. That was just Bruce being Bruce.

"Um," Chloe awkwardly cleared her throat and turned to face Clark who slowly turned his face to meet her eyes. She looked at the others from the corner of her eyes and narrowed them, making Clark follow her gaze.

She looked back at him while he was distracted, and took in his features, from his beautifully sculpted face, even skin tone, kissable lips, black hair which sometimes fell onto his striking blue eyes that looked like they could see right through you ….which they technically can. But Clark's a lot more trusting, when he's not on Red-K that is.

Clark turned to Chloe when he felt her gaze fall upon him, and he openly looked back intently. Her sun kissed skin tone just made his fingers itch to touch her, stroke her cheek lovingly and look into her eyes deep green eyes and just get lost in them. He's lost himself in her eyes quite a few times, and it's a feeling that none of his powers can compare to.

Chloe leaned in first, and Clark began to meet her halfway. Her eyes fluttered close, and Clark paused a minute as their faces were only inches apart. His lips were parted and she could feel his warm breath on her face. He was so close to her that all he had to do was lean in further and finally take her soft lips with his own.

He paused for a moment, and clenched his eyes shut tightly, knowing he would regret what he was about to do. He leaned in further but moved his head at the last second to place a soft kiss on her cheek. He lingered there for a few seconds longer than appropriate for friends and then pulled back. Chloe opened her eyes and smiled at him, hiding her disappointment. Clark simply gave her a half-smile, regret clouding his eyes.

When I do kiss Chloe Sullivan, I don't want it to be on a dare. That's not right. It's going to be when she's aware of my feelings for her. That'll be the right moment. Clark promised himself.

The others shared looks and just shrugged, having no clue what all that was about. It was just a bunch weird oogling eyes and staring lovey dovey to Bart. And lips missing lips. He couldn't help but to think sarcastically and snort to himself.

A half hour later, and the game's pace had picked up a bit.

"Are you sure?" Chloe asked, crossing her arms and furrowing her brows like it wasn't a wise decision.

Bart, AC and Victor all looked back and forth between the two of them. Even Oliver couldn't keep his eyes off of them.

"Definitely." Bruce's expression didn't falter for a second.

"Okay then!" Chloe smiled, "I dare you to act out a commercial ad."

Bruce waited for more, but when she just continued to stare at him, he shrugged his shoulders. "Alright…." He stood up, feeling confused and kind of paranoid. What was she up to? He thought for a few seconds and opened his mouth, about to start when Chloe cut him off.

"About Erectile dysfunction." She finished off, with a triumphant grin as Bruce's face fell completely.

Well that just screwed me over! Bruce thought to himself, hiding his frown so she wouldn't know she won; even though he had a feeling Chloe knew that.

Bart gasped, Clark made a choking sound, AC snorted, Victor laughed and Oliver smirked.

"Okay then." Bruce said slowly, trying to remember a commercial concerning that area of topic. He doesn't watch much TV, but a few nights ago he couldn't get much sleep and ended up watching some late night television that was accompanied by many of those hilarious ads.

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