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Chapter Eleven

They slowed right down, spending what felt like hours kissing and gently stroking their hands over each other as they searched and discovered every spot that made the other suck in their breath hard or drew a soft noise from their throat.

Remus finally rolled over Sirius and pressed open mouth kisses down his neck, sucking a little skin into his mouth and leaving a mark that would bruise.


His hands glided over his chest and down to his abdomen, feeling Sirius' muscles clench as he touched his cock. 'Rem,' he said hoarsely, and the werewolf got the message.

'Hold on,' he whispered, getting off the bed and moving swiftly to his own, grabbing the lube and his wand before returning. He looked down at Sirius uncertainly.

'Siri…' he began but the other boy stopped him.

'I want you to fuck me now,' he said, slowly and firmly, his eyes showing no doubt.

Remus nodded and he pointed his wand at the other boy. 'There's a spell,' he said when Sirius raised an eyebrow. 'For…you know, lubrication and…Pads, you know this is gonna hurt at first, right?'

Sirius smiled and looked down at Remus' weeping prick. 'It doesn't take a genius to work out that if you are putting that thing in me that it's gonna hurt a bit, but I want to, Rem. Please?'

The werewolf nodded, casting the spell and Sirius felt an oily sensation spread through his ass. Remus put some of the lube on his fingers and, after a moment, Sirius felt those fingers moving gently over his rear.

'Mmm,' he moaned, spreading his legs further apart and was rewarded for his actions by a well oiled finger sliding inside him.

Remus carefully prepared him, waiting until Sirius was pushing his ass down onto his finger before he added another. When he had three fingers inside him, he scissored them, trying to stretch Sirius to make the next process easier for him. Sirius' body jerked impatiently under him and, when Remus' fingers started hitting his prostate, he growled, 'Remus!'

The brown haired boy removed his hand and reached for the lube, rubbing some over his throbbing dick, which was leaking in anticipation.

'Hang on,' Sirius said with a grin, sitting up.

He slapped Remus' hand off his cock and finished spreading the lube over the other boy, hearing him groan.

'So,' he said, pressing a kiss to Remus' chest. 'How do we do this, smarty pants?'

Remus kissed him then said softly, 'Roll over.'

He did and Remus smiled a little at the sight of the boy's very nice ass. He gripped either side of his hips and pulled his butt up a little, exposing the pucker.

Biting his lip, Remus bought the tip of his impossibly hard cock to it, saying, 'Try to relax, Siri,' to the animagus.

He pressed himself forward, feeling the resisting ring stretch to accommodate him. Sirius tensed as Remus' tip entered him and the other boy stopped, taking a deep breath.

'S…Siri?' he asked, trying not to move as he so badly wanted to.

The other boy nodded. 'S'alright,' he mumbled, biting his own lip hard. This did hurt a bit. 'Keep going.'

Remus let out a shuddering breath and flexed his hips, a little more of his cock sliding inside Sirius' tight passage. He felt his body clench down on him and his fingers bit into Sirius' hip as he struggled to keep control. He moved slowly, slipping into him inch by torturous inch until he was finally fully encased inside him. He stopped, both of them sweating and panting.

'Ok?' Remus asked, breathlessly, shaking as he tried desperately not to come.

Sirius nodded, giving it another few moments before he said, 'You can move now.'

But he didn't: instead reaching around Sirius and circling his hand around his now almost flaccid cock.

'This has to be good for you too,' he murmured, forcing his mind not to think about the squeezing walls around his prick but to concentrate now on his boyfriend's pleasure.

He stroked Sirius' cock. Long, slow strokes at first then, as Sirius got harder and started thrusting into his hand, quicker tugs. As Sirius moved his hips, Remus' dick began to slide in and out of him and he let the dark haired boy set the rhythm and move on him as comfortable. When Sirius started to pump his hips faster and harder, Remus closed his eyes.

This felt too good - better than he could have dreamed. Sirius was hot. So hot and so very tight and he couldn't hold on much longer. He was praying he lasted until Sirius finished, but, as he pushed back with a loud moan, it became too much and Remus groaned, thrusting hard up into the other boy as he came - strong and hard.

Sirius felt Remus' cock pulse then the heat as his come filled him. Lust surged and he pushed his ass back - once, twice. The werewolf's hand had stilled on his dick but Sirius quickly took over and it only took a couple of rough strokes before he released himself all over both their hands. Remus groaned as Sirius' powerful orgasm made his muscles clench, tightening around Remus' still throbbing dick.

'Fuck!' Sirius gasped then fell onto the bed, Remus' cock sliding out of him.

Remus collapsed next to him and for several long moments, they lay still, the rise and fall of their chests the only movement. When his breathing slowed, Sirius fumbled for Remus' hand and threaded their fingers together.

'I'm sorry,' Remus said softly, hating that he'd hurt Sirius.

The other boy turned his head. 'What for?' he asked then teased him. 'Did you get me pregnant? You'll have to marry me if you did - I'm no tart.'

Remus smiled briefly but still retained his concerned expression. 'It hurt you,' he said and Sirius smiled at him.

'Yeah,' he admitted. 'But it was really good in the end. Awesome in the end, actually.'

He lifted Remus' hand and kissed it. 'Don't look so worried, Rem,' he said with a smile. 'It'll get better.' He winked cheekily. 'We'll just have to keep doing it and doing it and doing it…'

Remus grinned and leaned over to shut him up by smothering his mouth with his, letting the kiss grow until they couldn't breathe. He lifted his head and rested it against Sirius' shoulder.

'Later, when you've…recovered, will you shag me?' he asked quietly and Sirius looked down at him.

'I don't know,' he mused, shaking his head. 'It's a privilege to be chosen by me, you know. Do you think you deserve to have Sirius Black, the greatest lover Hogwarts has ever seen, shag you?'

'As I just took the great Sirius Black's virginity, I think he could at least return the favour,' Remus retorted, pinching the other boy's nipple.

'Ow!' he yelped, then rolled over on top of Remus.

'If you're sure, Rem,' he said softly, all teasing put aside then, when the boy nodded, he kissed him lightly.

'Give me a few minutes,' he murmured, rolling back onto the bed and closing his eyes. 'Then I'll be ready to fuck you until you can't even see straight.'

It wasn't until over an hour later that they woke up and Sirius set about keeping his promise. For once, he went slowly, making sure Remus was well prepared.

'Last chance, Rem,' he whispered, trembling as the head of his cock pressed against Remus' virgin hole.

They were face to face this time, Sirius balanced between the werewolf's legs. 'I can still see straight,' he said and Sirius smiled, leaning down to kiss him as he pushed his cock past the tight ring of muscle abruptly.

'Shit!' Remus exclaimed, biting Sirius' lip and tensing immediately.

'Sorry,' Sirius said, raining kisses over the boy's face in apology. 'But that was the worst part and now it's over. You would have gone all tense if I warned you.'

Remus started to relax a little, the sharp pain subsiding now. 'Ok,' he said and Sirius began to flex his hips, slowly rocking against him until he was buried to the hilt in the other boys ass.

'God, this feels incredible,' he breathed, looking down at Remus who nodded, biting his lip hard.

They began to rock together, Remus' cock squeezed between their stomachs, creating the most amazing friction and quickly bringing him to the edge. He wrapped a leg around Sirius', urging him deeper and moaned when he obliged and thrust harder. With one more push that brushed his prostate, Remus cried out, throwing his head back as he came, his seed spreading between them. Sirius plunged into him one last time, calling out harshly as he spilled himself inside Remus.

As they collapsed limply on each other, they heard a thump and Sirius looked up, laughing when he realised what it was.

'Mistletoe fell down,' he said breathlessly, resting his head on Remus' chest. 'We can get out of here.'

'Don't want to,' Remus murmured, hands stroking lightly down Sirius' back.

'Neither do I,' Sirius admitted, shifting so they were both a little more comfortable. There was a moment of silence then a whispered… 'I love you, Rem.'

Remus twisted his head and saw the grey eyes he adored uncertain and glittering with what looked suspiciously like tears. Remus' lip trembled a little and he leaned forward and kissed him lightly. 'Love you too, Siri.'

They were unsurprised early the next morning when James appeared. He'd charmed the mistletoe to come down on Christmas Eve - today - and he thought the Gryffindor thing to do was come and face the music.

'Hey,' he said, looking a little shamefaced as he stuck his head reluctantly around the doorway.

'Did you hear something, Remus?' Sirius asked, cocking his head.

'Nope,' said the werewolf, shaking his head. 'Not a thing.'

James stepped into the room, smiling a little. 'You can't be that mad at me,' he said, not really sure that he wasn't walking into some horrible revenge scheme. 'You're talking to each other properly again. That's good, isn't it?'

'You want to come to mine for a while?' Remus asked Sirius, still ignoring James as he shoved a book into his back pack and slung it over his shoulder.

'Sure,' he said with a grin.

He picked up his own bag and walked over to Remus. 'When we see James, should we tell him when the mistletoe actually came down or let him think it came down this morning?'

James looked startled. He'd assumed, as they hadn't left the room, that the mistletoe had come down as charmed today.

'Hmm,' said Remus thoughtfully. 'Should we tell him we found the release words?'

James opened his mouth - there was no way they figured out the release words were "Lily Evans has an ass that won't quit", but Remus continued.

'Or should we tell him what we really did to make it come down?'

Sirius smiled and reached out for Remus' hand. 'Let him figure it out for himself,' he said, then leaned over and snogged Remus senseless.

When they parted they saw James dancing a jig, grinning madly and crowing that his plan had worked.

They moved past him, still holding hands, and as they walked out the door, Sirius said, 'Should we tell him whose bed we did it on?'

'No,' said Remus, stifling a grin as he saw James freeze. 'Let him figure that out for himself too.'

They left the room to Floo to Remus' house, leaving a horrified James staring at his rumpled bed.

'Oh, gross!'

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