In This Pop Star's Body

Summary: She did whatever they wanted her to, they were her parents, and how could she say no? She became a pop star for them, she got a makeover for them, she hid her love of rock for them, and she dated him for them. But what happens when she meets an upcoming rock star and they fall in love? Can her parents control her when it comes to true love? FemSasu

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Chapter 1: Fake It

A small glass table sat at the end of a large oak bed with dark blue, soft comforter and sheets. On the table were light pink lipstick, clear sparkly lip-gloss, black mascara, light pink eye shadow, black eye liner, and light pink blush. On the bed was a v-neck pink cashmere dress that would hug the body and was a mini, matching pink guess shoes and bag, a small curling iron for spiral curls, and a matching pink head band.

Dark eye scanned everything that was chosen for her, it was always the same thing, she never made a choice on anything she wore, anything she sang, or anything she did. Ever since she was fifteen and her parents got her a recording deal as a pop singer, she never got to pick anything she did. She had to keep up appearances, she couldn't slip, and she couldn't think for herself, she couldn't even pick whom she dated.

She had jet black hair, which was naturally straight and went down to the middle of her back, here yes were as black as her hair as great at faking emotions, her skin was pale and flawless, she was skinny and tall though not in a freakish way, and she did everything her parents told her to. Her name was Uchiha Sasuke and by the age of seventeen she was the biggest pop star in Japan and she was dating Hyuuga Neji, Japans biggest teenage actor. He had brown hair longer than hers, freaky white eyes that women found to be "amazingly captivating" and was the boy that her parents wanted her to date, though she never found attraction to him and that was fine with him, it was all for appearances. The truth was that Neji was gay, she was his cover, though no one besides the two of them and Neji's lovers knew that, to the rest of the world they were the "it" couple. The clothes that had been chosen for her were for his premiere for the latest movie he was in. It was all about keeping appearances.

She knew soon enough her hair and make up stylist would be coming in and expected her to be dressed and ready for hair and make up so she and Neji could go.

The raven haired girl sighed and picked up the disgustingly pink dress, she hated pink, she found it to be the most annoying color on the face of the earth, but she did it to appease her parents. Everything was for her parents, to show them that she wasn't a failure, to show them that she may be a girl but she's just as good as her brother.

Sasuke heard the door down stairs shut and her mother and the stylist laugh about something stupid she was sure. She quickly put on the dress as she thought about how much she detested her stylist.

Her stylist's name was Haruno Sakura. Sakura's favorite color was pink, she had the most annoying voice Sasuke had ever heard, and she had pink hair, she was incredibly annoying.

"Sasuke! You better be dressed already!" the raven heard called from out side the door.

"I am!" she called back, trying not to sound as annoyed as she was.

The pink haired girl walked in with a stupid smile painted on her face, her short pink hair held back by a headband and dressed in a red dress, the only color apparently acceptable other than pink.

"Good now, come sit in the chair," the pink haired girl demanded.

The raven walked over the dark blue chair that was present in front of a mirror and vanity.

Sakura grabbed the curling iron from its position on the bed and plugged it into the power supply in the wall.

The pink haired girl talked about some nonsense the entire time she did Sasuke's make up and hair and cheered of joy at her finished product.

Sasuke ended up with small spiral curls and a headband in her hair. She had light pink make up to go with the dress, and yet she couldn't complain because this was all her parents doing, she would just fake it.

"Thanks Sakura," Sasuke managed to get out with a small quick smile.

"Right, now don't mess up that make up!" Sakura giggled as she walked out of the room.

The raven looked her self over in the mirror; it looked nothing like her true personality. In reality she was in love with rock music, her favorite color was dark blue, she was cold and distant, she was the exact opposite of her true self and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Sasuke! Neji is here!" the raven heard her mother call from down stairs.

"I'll be right down!" Sasuke took a deep breath and put on her fake smile so no one would know the truth.

The raven walked down to the bottom of the stairs where Neji and her mother were talking. The brunette teen smiled, "You look beautiful as always."

"Thanks," she smiled back. "You look great too."

Neji was dressed in a pair of dark fade jeans and a beige button up with the first few undone and the shirt not tucked in. His hair was pulled into a loose, yet neat ponytail and he was ready to go.

She gave him a small peck on the cheek so her mom would be pleased and said, "Well we better get going."

Once in the car they relaxed and she said, "So where are we going afterwards?"

"My friend Gaara's party, have you met Gaara?"

"I don't believe that I have."

"Oh, well I'll introduce you tonight, he's in a band."

"Yeah? Which one?"

"It's called Kyuubi."

"Are they any good?"

"Yeah, they're great, hopefully they'll play tonight."

"What genre?"

"Rock, thankfully," Neji laughed.

Sasuke gave a small chuckle, "Is he the singer?"

"No bassist, but the lead singer, Naruto, is cool too."

Before the raven could respond to anything they had already pulled up to the red carpet and had to get out.

Neji stepped out first, helping Sasuke out after as flashes from cameras went off. They smiled and put their arms around each other, posed for some pictures, and walked inside.

The movie was good, though it was just like every other romantic comedy out there, always a happy ending, and always exactly how one would expect it to be.

They once again went to flashing cameras and paparazzi following them and crowding the car they rode in.

"I can't stand paparazzi," Sasuke growled out.

Neji just let out a laugh, "Who can?"

"Hn," was all Sasuke said as she laid back and tried to get some rest before the party.

A mere two blocks away was where the party was so rest wasn't really an option. They once again had to get out and be crowded with cameras before walking into the tightly guarded space.

When they walked into the crowded place, the music was blaring and people were dancing, though some how Neji was able to spot the redheaded man from across the room. The brunette grabbed the raven's hand and pulled her through the crowd until they were to the redhead.

"Hey Gaara," Neji said with an uncharacteristically large grin.

It clicked in the raven's head and she had to suppress a laugh, it was obvious that the brunette liked Gaara.

"Hi Neji," the redhead said in a rather impassive voice as he turned toward them.

"NEJI!" the raven heard called from above.

The three of them looked up, though the other two knew who it was. It was a blonde haired boy about their age.

"Hey Naruto!" he yelled back.

"Stay there, I'll be right down!"

Sasuke just shrugged it off as she saw the blonde quickly run down the near by stairs though almost laughed as he tripped over himself. Neji just nudged her and she had to try even harder not to laugh.

When he got to them she found that she had the most beautiful blue eyes, which were staring at her.

"Is there a reason that you're staring at me?"

"You're Uchiha Sasuke right?"

The raven just looked at the brunette, whom just shrugged, "Yeah."

"Dude, you've got so many music awards!"

"Yeah? Your point?"

"Kyuubi is so gonna be bigger than you!" the blonde grinned.

Neji was trying not to laugh as Sasuke just raised an eyebrow, "Right."

"I'm serious!" he yelled with a pout, which she found amusing.

"Okay," she chuckled.

"I'll prove it!" he said as he marched off to the DJ and made him play a Kyuubi song.

Gaara wasn't caring, he was used to this, no matter whom the blonde met, if they were a singer or band he'd tell them that Kyuubi would be bigger and then try to prove it.

From the first Sasuke didn't know if she'd like it. It wasn't that the song was bad, nor the voice. It was the topic that wasn't her favorite and Neji knew it.

"Sasuke?" the brunette questioned as he looked concerned toward the raven.

"Yeah?" she asked trying to look fine.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," she said with a fake smile that neither Gaara nor Neji believed.

Naruto just walked back over with a large grin on his face, thinking that Sasuke's facial expression was because they were so good.

"I'm going to go get a breath of fresh air," Sasuke said to Neji, which he just returned with a nod.

"Wait! You can't go you haven't heard the whole song!" the clueless blonde protested.

The raven just rolled her dark eyes and walked away, only to be followed by the blonde.

"Sasuke wait up!"

The lyrics made her feel like crap, she knew why too, she knew that everything about her in the public eye was fake.


She ignored the boy following her and walked out the back door, though he just followed.

There was no one else there besides the two of them and they could still hear the music rather well.

"What's wrong Sasuke?" Naruto asked, acting like they'd been friends for years, not like they just met.

"Just leave me alone," she snapped.

"How about you just tell me what's wrong," he grinned, hoping to get things out of her.

"You wouldn't understand, so please just leave."

"Look obviously the song affected you some how," he stated.

"Shut up."

"Is this about your relationship with Neji? Cause I know he's gay," the blond stated plainly.

"Stop acting like you know me, you know nothing about me, so don't ask questions, you wouldn't understand," she said, trying to keep her cool.

"How could anyone know you if you don't tell anyone anything?" he said angrily.

"Why are you afraid of being real with someone?" he asked as he looked at her curiously.

"I'm not afraid!" she growled.

"I think you are," he smirked.

The raven just glared at the blonde, who felt like her eyes could burn a hole into him, but still didn't leave.

"Why don't you just give up?"

"Cause you don't want me to," he grinned.

"Oh, trust me, I want you to."

"No you don't, otherwise you would have just walked away by now, or into somewhere that I can't follow. Face it, you want to talk to me," he once again grinned.

The raven just rolled her eyes, "I don't want to talk to you, I don't even know you."

"We can get to know each other," he said excitedly.

"Listen I don't care if you're Neji's friend or something more," she started but was cut off.

"EW! No you got that all wrong, I'm completely straight," he said proudly.

"Whatever, I don't care, I'm not going to trust you by telling you things, now get away."

"Fine, but," he said as searched his pocket for something to write on and a pen, which he eventually found a napkin and a pen. He scribbled something down on it and handed it to her, "If you do need someone to talk to, or anything, call me."

Before the raven could answer the blonde had disappeared back into the party. She just looked down at the napkin with the number and for a reason unknown to her she felt her heart beat quicken.

The raven walked back into the party and quickly found the brunette.

"Are you okay now?" Neji asked.

"Yeah," she smiled, though she wasn't entirely sure the reason why she was feeling better, but she knew that with a show in two nights, the feeling wouldn't last.


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