Intro Notes/Authors Notes:

Okay finally fixed everything, got all the chapters back in order and got Chapter 12 posted up. (Ki-Rice'd grrr…)

8*8*8 Works as a section break for me, so that marks the parts in the story be is scene change or where the A/N are going to cut in

I re-wrote a few sections but it's hardly noticeable from the original, mostly did a bit of a spell check (although I know I didn't catch it all) and removed most of the A/N so it would be less confusing. So it's not a total re-write, I just had to go through and change my line breaks.

Thanks for all the patience and reviews while I figured this stuff out. I should be updating a bit over my summer vacation (9 more days, 9 more days)

I might re-write chapter 12… I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment.