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Chapter 12


"RAITO!" Called out his mother jumping up and down waving at him. He resisted the urge to look up and wave. After living a life of sight in America he felt actually blind having to close his Shinigami eyes and stumble around in the dark for his visit back to Japan. But his life truly depended on it.


"Is there anything you can do to stop her?" Raito muttered to Ryuk as softly as he could having no idea how good a Shinigami's hearing was.

"Nope." Ryuk replied, he seemed just as uncomfortable with Rem as Raito was. Mostly because Ryuk was under the impression Rem had killed Giles and was scared she would take him out next.

"If she writes your name in her book there's nothin' I can do. Well… Wouldn't stop her anyway, she might kill me too." Ryuk whispered back.

Raito ran his hand through his hair, his brain frantically ticking along. He was in America, Misa was in Japan, He had her note, which was at least one good thing, but God only knows what they'd do to get a confession and then what?

"Do you know what they're doing to her? Has she told them anything?" He asked Rem

"She doesn't remember anything." The Shinigami answered dryly.

Raito looked at her with confusion.

"Just before I left she gave up the note and her memories of it."

Raito could vaguely remember one of the notes rules being that if someone gave it up, or lost ownership of it, all their memories regarding it would be gone. In a way it relaxed Raito.

Rem stared at him waiting for something from him to reassure her.

"The soonest I can get back home is early July. I still need to finish up some classes here before I can even think about heading back." He told her flinching as her eyes narrowed into a look of anger.

"Running back now will just look suspicious anyway. If she doesn't remember anything they can't get a confession from her. And without the physical note there is zero evidence for what she's done. Hell even with the note there really is no evidence, it's not against the law to write a persons name down and there's no REAL proof that the note kills people. What jury would believe that?"

Rem still frowned.

"She was not taken by the police by conventional means" She said.

"Who is to say she will get a human trial in a legal court system? Remember if she dies…"

Rem left the threat floating, Raito knew how it finished. He was sure he could fix this, somehow. He just needed a little time.


"Wow Bro, you've only been gone like 4 months and you're homesick already?" Saya teased him on the drive home.

"It's hard speaking English all the time. Plus it's summer vacation and since I'd saved money by moving out of the dorms I could afford to come back for it."

He could hear his mother frowning from the front seat.

"I wish you would have told us about that before you did it." She said in a bit of a tight voice, clearly over-concerned that Raito could have gotten lost or hurt or anything because he was out of the safety of the campus.

"Don't worry Mom, my roommate Ryan goes to the same University and he'd been really looking out for me."

His sister made an appreciative 'hmmmm' and since he'd heard her listening to voice over CD's of men doing rather inappropriate things to each other on her i-pod he grit his teeth and tried not to smack her. Ryan might have been a good guy, but there was no way Raito would be into him like that. The guy was a bit of a tool.

Saya took the lull in conversation as an opportunity to yawn. Which set off his mother and himself. He wasn't terribly tired. It was only 4:00 in the afternoon in New York but he could tell his Mom and Sister were beat seeing as it was 5:00 in the morning in Tokyo.

"You might be able to say hi to your father before he heads to work" His mother commented trying to make small talk.

"Yea, where is Dad anyway? Isn't it Saturday? What's he doing going to work? And so early? Usually he doesn't leave till like 8 or 9."

"Dad's working on the Kira case" Saya said excitedly. "So he's been working non stop dawn till dusk like every day."

"He's going to put himself in an early grave. He's a department head, he shouldn't be working so hard." His mother interjected her tone a little harsh.

"Oh? Is he going to take any time off while I'm here?" Raito said. He didn't really care, he'd gotten over his Daddy issues a long time ago and frankly didn't like him all that much. But he wanted to try and pick his fathers brain a bit about the case.

When Raito was younger he'd helped his Dad on two cases bring fourth new ideas which had resulted in their resolution. His father had never meant for Raito to have access to the information, and while it was one of the shining moments Raito felt close to his Dad it also pointed out how his Dad barely saw his son as a competent person.

The had only spoken to Raito about the cases so openly was due to some belief that Raito was not just blind, but mentally insufficient to be able to understand what was happening in the cases.

Certainly this had allowed his father to speak to him more candidly then he did anyone else, but it made Raito realize that his father only did that out of disrespect to his son, not some kind of father/son equality.

He intended to use that failing of his father to his own advantage to try and get Misa out of there.

Arriving at the house he heard Saya sleepily comment that Matsuda was there to pick their father up.

"Good Morning Yagami-san! Saya-Chan, Welcome Back Raito-kun." Matsuda called to them getting out of his vehicle. "Did you have a good flight?"

"Yes, thanks Matsuda-san." Raito responded along with the greetings of his Mother and sister. His mother commented she would get Soichiro the car keys so he could drive himself.

"Did you have a good time in America?" Raito asked Matsuda politely listening to his mother go inside.

"You went to America too Matsuda-san?" Sayu interjected as she pulled Raito's suitcase from the car.

"Aa…" Matsuda said awkwardly "Yes, it was good, too short, I barely got over the jetlag and then I was back."

"I'll know how that feels soon enough." Raito commented.

"How long are you staying?" Matsuda inquired, almost simultaneously asking Saya if she wanted help.

"I'm Fine" She called back, wheeling the case inside leaving Raito with the younger detective.

"Just for a week, maybe two. My ticket is open for the rest of the month… Depends on how fast I get sick of being home." He said with a smile.

"Yea, all your friends are still in school right now aren't they Raito-kun?" Matsuda asked and Raito nodded.

"Yes, so I won't have too many people to visit. I assume you're still busy with the Kira case?" He said bluntly looking directly at Matsuda. Raito had 'opened his eyes' to look at the youngest member of his father's team.

Raito had been practicing reading peoples faces more and more during the last month before he left. Peoples expressions tended to be more candid with him since he couldn't see (or so they thought) and Raito was also developing an appreciation for certain facial ascetics. Some of which Matsuda had so he didn't mind staring at him.

Matsuda looked uncomfortable but kept his voice pretty steady.

"Were busy with it. We have a suspect but I don't think it's the right one." He said with a deep frown.

"Oh? Why's that?" Raito said making his voice as warm and calming as he could.

"Well the killings haven't stopped and I…" Matsuda looked angry although his voice stayed fairly monotone. "I don't like how we've been treating the suspect… It's not right."

Raito saw and felt Matsuda jump a little as he reached out and put a hand on his arm.

"Are you okay?" Raito asked stopping and turning his head towards the house causing whatever Matsuda was about to say to die on his lips.

A few seconds after Raito turned his head, the door opened and his father stepped out.

"Man your hearing is good…" Muttered Matsuda causing Raito to laugh a bit.

Raito squeezed Matsuda's elbow a bit, giving him a smile which was only increased when he saw a little pink creep into the detectives face. Raito knew he was flirting with danger with his Dad walking towards them but he figured he should cover all his bases and get as much info about what was happening as possible.

"Maybe we can talk later" Raito said very softly before turning towards his Dad.

"Welcome back Raito. I'm sorry I can't stay…" His father said gruffly giving Raito a clap on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, Matsuda-san was saying how busy you all were. I understand."

"Will you be okay?" His father asked. Causing Raito's eyes to narrow in anger.

"I think I can make it to the door by myself father. I haven't been away so long I've forgotten where the house is from the driveway." He answered icily

He 'closed' his eyes on his father, not caring to see the tightening of the old mans jaw.

'Well crap just burned that bridge…' He thought "We'll see you around Matsuda-san. Have a good day Father."

"Aa… See you Raito-Kun" He heard Matsuda say in a very warm voice before listening to the car doors shut.

"But maybe there's an even better bridge I can get across…" Raito thought before turning to the house.


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