Hey! It's me Oystiee, I found a random KandaxAllen story in my archive and decided to post it. It's pretty much crack, I'm not going to lie. Well anyways enjoy my story!

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Kanda was very hungry. No, not hungry he was just wanting to eat a horse or two. He had just gotten back from Southern America on a trip that took two days longer then it should have. All because of this annoying monkey who after he rescued the innocence decided to run into the jungle with it. Needless to say he hadn't eaten since the monkey came into his life. He stumbled into the lunch room where Jerry gave him the biggest plate of the daily special. Usually he wouldn't try Jerry's special's, but he was in desperate need of food. He didn't even care if it wasn't soba, it was better then the feeling of his rotting stomach slowly decay to nothing. Sitting down he ignored as Lavi and the others flocked toward him.

Quickly Kanda began eating Jerry's special with vigorous speed. He had to admit it wasn't as good as soba but damn close. He was enjoying the taste now slowing down to enjoy each bite. He was now licking the spoon with each bite and moaning after each spoonful. The entire table was silent as they watched Kanda molest his poor spoon.

"Yuu what are you eating?" Lavi asked smiling as he looked innocently at Kanda.

Kanda ignored the comment with a brief 'cha' and continued eating the delicious food. Later he'd have to thank Jerry for making such a heavenly dish.

"Because If I'm not mistaken you ordered the bean-spout special."

Kanda froze in his tracks, seconds later Allen who was sitting across the also stopped mid-bite.

"What did you say?" Kanda asked in a very unlike Kanda manner.

"You are eating bean sprouts!" Lavi exclaimed smiling with his eyes.

Kanda was speechless. He didn't mean to order the bean spout special. Forget everything, oh how he'd kill that oddly flamboyant cook.

Allen had dropped his fork and it crashed to the table with an awkward clang. Allen wide-eyed with fear looked up at Lavi and Kanda, his bangs covering his eyes and his face growing paler by the second.

"Does this mean Kanda's going to eat me too?"

Hahaha. What did you think?