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Italics are thoughts and Flashbacks.

Learning To Fly

Straightening Ties

Ginny sat in the library staring at Hermione. She was trying to decide if her best friend in the whole world was keeping something from her. Can't blame her can you? You're hiding something from her. Ginny shook the thoughts out of her head, of course they had secrets, everyone did.

Ginny wondered why Hermione put up with Ron and Harry's stupidity. She was always correcting their work, helping them or giving them her notes. She should make them learn on their own, it would be good for them. Ginny did understand that Harry had more on his plate than a normal student; she had gotten a brief look into his head when they dated.

The memory of them dating sent a shiver down her back, even though she had thought she liked Harry since forever when they kissed there was no feeling. It was like kissing an aunt or an uncle. Ginny and Harry had put on a good show for everyone and it lasted for a while until they mutually decided that they didn't need to act for any one.

"Hey Ginny!" Ginny snapped out of her train of thought and saw Hermione waving her over.

"Hey Hermione, I didn't want to bug you while you made my brother look smart." Ginny replied with a wink.

Hermione rolled her dark chocolate eyes and laughed. Ginny loved Hermione's laugh it was like nothing she had ever heard before. I need to keep my thoughts on track around her; she can read me so well. It wouldn't go over well if she found out that I was in love with her. She would never speak to me again and I can't have that.

"…and I was thinking we could hang out at Hogsmeade…Ginny? Are you listening to me?"

"What? Sorry Herm I spaced for a sec. Can you forgive me?" Ginny did her best to pout.

"Fine but quit trying to pout and be cute you're not very good at it." Hermione ducked as a small book was flung her way. Hermione laughed again as Ginny tried to look mad but utterly failed.

"Careful Gin, I still have the Hagrid's book that bites!" Ginny's face was distorted in mock horror. Hermione and Ginny made plans to meet in Hogsmeade that weekend and do some shopping for various things. The only problem was Ginny attitude about it

"Herm, I hate shopping, you know that! It's so boring especially when I can never buy any of it." That may have been the root of Ginny's distain for shopping, but growing up with six brothers didn't help her tomboy complex.

"Oh come on Gin, even you can be girly every once in awhile. I will make it fun…" Hermione really just wanted to spend time with Ginny, she could care less what they did.

"Fine but I am not trying anything on. But…"

"There is always a but with you!" Hermione interrupted.

"As I was trying to say, but then you have to spend a day doing something I like. No matter what it is." Ginny already knew Hermione would agree and she knew what they were going to do.

"Fine. Deal. What ever it takes to get you alone." Hermione had a slight blush rise in her slightly tan cheeks. Her thoughts of her and Ginny alone were far from innocent.

Hermione had known she liked girls since before she had even known about Hogwarts, she thought it was normal, her parents had several gay friends and always taught Hermione to be open minded. When Hermione met Ginny for the first time she knew they would be great friends, she didn't know that she would fall in love with the younger red head.


Ginny came running into Hermione's room she looked pissed.

"Herm! Hermione, are you in here?" She asked looking around the prefect's room.

"Yeah Gin right here." Hermione stood up from behind her desk holding the quill she had dropped.

"Hermione, I thought it best if you heard it from me before I go kill the git or you hear it from some one else. I would feel terrible if you heard it from some one besides me. Come to think of it he isn't worth going to Azkaban, so I guess I won't kill-kill him. I would hate it there I couldn't see you, or anyone for that matter." Ginny's ramblings were cut short when Hermione clamped her hand over Ginny's mouth.

"Ok Gin? When I let go you are going to tell me what happened. You will be calm and you will make sense. If I have to I will find a spell, you know I will." Hermione laughed as Ginny's expression changed to a frightened one. Hermione let go of her friend.

"Better yet Ginny?"

"Yes thank you. Ok so I thought it best if I was the one to tell you that Ron is in the common room shoving his tongue down Lavender's throat. Oh Herm I am so sorry."

Ginny hugged Hermione tightly and was surprised when she felt Hermione start to shake but instead of tears she heard laughter.

"I told him that people wouldn't be able to tell we broke up. He was so sure that it was going to be obvious." Hermione started to lose control of her fits of laugher. Ginny was happy she was taking this so well, and then it dawned on her.

"Wait. You guys broke up? When. Why didn't you tell me?!" Ginny was slightly hurt.

When Hermione saw her friend's face she stopped laughing, she hadn't meant to hurt anyone.

"Oh Gin, I'm sorry. I just thought that you knew. We broke up about a week ago; it's funny that we lasted a week and a half we could hardly even stand to touch. Ginny I'm so sorry I didn't tell you I will make sure you're the first to know next time something happens."

"Fine but if I'm not the first to know then you will suffer!" With that Ginny pounced on Hermione and tackled her to the bed and proceeded to tickle her senseless.

End flashback

Does this count as me not telling her? I know I love her but what if I tell her and she hates me? Hermione thought to herself as she recalled her promise.

"…and then I will teach you too fly. Then we can have a picnic. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Hermione turned a nasty shade of green. She looked at Ginny and stuttered

"D-d-d-did you s-s-s-say f-fly?"

"Yes." Ginny said with a smug smile.

"Gin you know how scared of heights I am! I will die if you put me on a broom. You can pick anything but that." Hermione was terrified of heights and flying was even less appealing than kissing a Blast-Ended Skrewt.

"Tough, you said anything." As Hermione opened her mouth to argue Ginny cut her off. "No Herm, we had a deal. No going back on it."

"Fine I will drop it for now." Ginny knew she could get her best friend to do anything she wanted and she was going to use that power to get her way.

"Good I will spend a day in Hogsmeade doing what you want and then I can teach you to fly one sunny day." Ginny was pleased that she had yet another reason to spend time with Hermione.

Hermione saw Ginny putting her books away, she had been studying for a test so Hermione had left her to her work, but when she saw the red head was getting ready to turn in for the night she couldn't resist.

As Hermione stalked her prey she looked around and was pleased to find that everyone else had gone to bed. A predatory grin flashed across her face as she crept up behind Ginny.

Hermione got as close to Ginny as possible without touching her. She then put her lips by Ginny's ear and whispered as wrapped her arms around the red head's waist

"What is a fine young lady doing studying at this hour? You should be enjoying life with a friend or some one you love." Hermione felt Ginny tense up and then relax a bit when she realized who it was holding her.

"You know I was thinking the same thing." Ginny was shocked at how steady her voice was, usually she had time to prepare herself for Hermione's touch so that she wouldn't get flustered.

Hermione quivered at Ginny's words. I wish I were the one you loved. If I were, we would never study and I would never let you go. Some how Ginny twisted in Hermione's arms and was now facing her capture.

She is so beautiful. I wish I could always look into her brilliant eyes. I wish she knew what she does to me when she holds me like this…on second though maybe not. Ginny looked into Hermione's eyes and found herself drawn in as usual.


"Yes Herm?"

"You can let go of my ass now."

Ginny was mortified to find that her hands had indeed wandered lower than she intended. She tried to recover

"Um. Oh…crap." Ginny failed yet again at having a coherent thought as Hermione leaned in, closing the gap between them. To Ginny's disappointment the older girl turned her head to the side at the last second, so that their cheeks were touching and Hermione's lips brushed Ginny's ear.

"I will let it slide this time, but next time you decide to make a move on someone it's better to just kiss them." Ginny pulled back mouth agape to look at her best friend.


"No forget it Ginny its fine, I understand."

"I doubt you can even come close." Ginny was skeptical of the bookworm's words.

"I get it. I am just to hot for you to resist. Who can blame you?" With that Hermione let go of Ginny and turned to walk away but then as if having second thoughts turned and brought her hands up to Ginny's tie.

"Herm?" Ginny was worried what the older girl was about to do, this was uncharted territory with her best friend. She had no idea how to react.

"Just a sec, this was going to bug me." With that the brunette moved Ginny's tie to the right a centimeter, stepped back a bit and then said

"There much better." As she walked a way with a slight sway in her hips, which caused her skirt to show more leg, she said as an after thought

"You know as long as you keep it on straight, you look rather good in a tie Gin. Ties are sexy." With that Hermione went up the stairs to her room and left Ginny standing alone in the common room with her jaw on the floor

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