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Hermione rolled on to her back and stretched, she was rather stiff from last night. Ginny's arm lay draped across her bare stomach. Hermione smiled at the memory of the night before. They would have to go around the apartment and pick up their clothes. It had been Saturday and they had started the morning off making love then after getting dressed and making breakfast where Ginny had gotten rather touchy feely. Once dressed again they had gone out and got groceries, that time Hermione had distracted them, ice cream was left melting on the counter. After putting fresh clothe on for a third time they had sat and read, enjoying each other's company, until they decided to enjoy each other.

Hermione wasn't sure how many other times that day they had had sex but she didn't care. It was a weird habit they had, putting on fresh clothes afterwards, Ginny said they should just go around naked and save some laundry. Hermione pointed out that if they did that then instead of melted ice cream they would have weeks worth of rotten food piled on their counter.

That wasn't necessarily an ordinary Saturday for them but since today was their anniversary they were extra aware of each other. Hermione turned and faced Ginny, who was still naked from one of their many rounds last night. Hermione trailed her fingers along Ginny's half covered form. Ginny tightened her grip on the brunette and her eyes fluttered open.

"Morning Love." Ginny said in a voice still thick with sleep.

"Morning Gin." Hermione said with a playful kiss on Ginny's nose.

"Happy anniversary!" Both girls said in unison, they laughed and Ginny lightly kissed Hermione. After a moment the kiss heated up and Ginny rolled on top of the brunette and let her hands roam over the body she had memorized. Even though she knew exactly how to make Hermione squirm with pleasure Ginny was always trying to find new ways to please her. Hermione moaned as Ginny's hands started moving lower, she broke the kiss reluctantly.

"Gin…as much as I want to." Ginny's hands reached dangerously low, "and I really want to." Hermione had to stop and try and concentrate, which was hard to do around Ginny, especially when the red head touched her like this. "Practice. You. Soon." Hermione could care less that she had gotten the message out in a choppy manor, she had gotten it out.

"God I really hate playing quidditch." Ginny groaned into Hermione's neck as her hands moved up Hermione's body and rested now on the bed on either side of Hermione.

"You don't hate it, you love it." Hermione smacked Ginny's strong arm softly.

"No I love you. Playing for the Harpies just entertains me." Ginny had been offered a job as an Auror and then the Harpies had contacted her. Ginny was going to pass up playing quidditch so, in her words, 'I can have a real job and support Hermione instead of playing all day.' She would have gone through with it except out of the blue Percy wrote to her and said he talked the Minister into leaving the job open to her and that she should play quidditch. Ginny tried for weeks to find a catch or Percy's ulterior motive, but he wouldn't say anything else about it. Hermione had the suspicion that he was trying to connect with the family again and that was all he could think to do with Ginny.

"You love playing quidditch and you know it." Hermione smiled up at Ginny, the lust obvious in both the hazel and deep brown eyes.

"I'd rather just play with you." Hermione smiled and blushed slightly.

"That's ok we've got all night and I took Monday off." Ginny grinned and finally rolled off Hermione. Ginny headed to their bathroom and after a quick shower returned to find Hermione pulling on some clothes to walk around the house in. As Ginny was about to sneak up on Hermione there was an owl at the window.

"Bloody hell what do they want? I'm on my way and I'm not even that late." Ginny grumped as she opened the window and took the note from the owl. She handed it a treat as she read it.

"What's it say?" Hermione asked as she pulled on some pajama bottoms.

"There's a meeting after practice today. I'm gonna be late going to Ron and Harry's. You'll have to go and I'll meet you there. Sorry Love." Hermione wrapped her arms around Ginny's waist and pulled her close so they were nose to nose.

"It's ok, it's your job. Plus you can just make it up to me later." Hermione winked seductively and made her way to the kitchen leaving Ginny to reign in her lust. Even after all these years neither had even close to her fill of the other.

"Can you make me some toast to go?" Ginny asked as she started gathering her equipment.

"Sure thing Gin." Hermione waved her wand and set the kitchen into action while she looked around at all the articles of clothing left around their apartment. She giggled and looked down happily at the ring on her finger. Ginny had given it to her after the Harpies had won the Quidditch World Cup. It had been when they were alone after the party; Ginny had been so sweet about it, and so nervous. As if Hermione would, could refuse.

"Toast is done. You better hurry you're gonna be late." Hermione held out the toast as Ginny leaned in and kissed her deeply while taking the toast in the hand not holding her equipment.

"I can't wait till tonight." Ginny said with a wink then she disapparated and Hermione was alone.

"Me either. Well I'll just keep busy until then." Hermione mumbled to herself. She fixed her own breakfast and ate while reading the paper. Afterward she wrote to the Weasley's and her parents.

"I suppose I should pick up the clothes before someone sees all of them." Hermione flicked her wand and the flat was spotless. It wasn't long before Hermione was bored so she did some light house work by hand. She dusted all the shelves in their living room; they had so many bookshelves filled with books. Hermione had read them all many times. One bookcase had been dedicated to the books written on her friends and family, plenty of Harry. Some of the threesome's adventures, a couple on the effects the on their families. A few on Ron and Harry's relationship and why it was so perfect, many on Ginny. There had even been a few on the families of the 'Golden Three'. Hermione laughed, she hadn't really wanted all the books but Ginny insisted and some of them had been quite entertaining to read. Even though some facts were wrong and some of the explanations of why Harry, Ron and Hermione had been able to defeat Voldemort when others couldn't were, in Hermione's opinion, wrong, they kept them.

Hermione cleaned the bedroom; it had a large bed with silk sheets, a dresser, nightstand and another good sized bookshelf. The master bathroom had a shower and a large tube, it could fit two and the girls took advantage of that. Hermione used her wand on the bathroom as it wasn't something she enjoyed cleaning.

Later Hermione pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt and decided to go out and browse some shops. She put her hair into a pony tail and headed out the front door. She went first to some muggle shops, she got a few new books and a couple of her and Ginny's favorite treats. She then went to Diagon Alley. She looked at the magical book store and shuddered as she saw the book poster for the book she wrote in the front window of the store. She couldn't believe she had been convinced to write a book but she had done it, it pulled in a nice flow of money and she had met all sorts of people afterwards but she missed her quiet life when people weren't constantly asking her if she would write another. It had been a book on house elves and she was surprised how many people read and had a positive response to it. She dedicated the book to Dobby.

Hermione shopped for a few random things, she already had Ginny's anniversary gift and it was wrapped and hidden. She was so excited for tonight.


We should get a little outfit for tonight…

One Ginny would like…

A little black see through one…

I don't know…I'm not one for the sexy outfits…

Ginny likes when we wear them…remember last time she convinced us to wear it?

Yes I do. I've never seen such…


I'm not sure how to explain it…maybe hunger is the right word.





And not to mention the sex was…





I feel like a thesaurus.

We're bored.


Hermione went home and started getting ready to go to Ron and Harry's. She showered and then spent time making sure she was perfectly ready, make up perfect, hair tamed and then she got dressed. She wore a little red dress that stopped mid thigh and had a deep neck line. The dress was held up by tying around her neck so most of her back and shoulders were exposed. She wore this dress for Ginny's pleasure because one day they had gone shopping and Ginny saw it and nearly dropped the bag she had been caring. She had fussed about Hermione not buying the rest of the day; Hermione had gone back the next day on her lunch break and bought it.

Hermione put on the dress and matching high heels. She gave herself a once over in the mirror and headed out to the kitchen to get her purse. The plan was for the two couples to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant and then go home and enjoy each other's company. It was going to be a quiet evening and Hermione was fine with that.

There was a knock on the door and Hermione was startled. She hadn't been expecting anyone, she was meeting Ginny, Ron and Harry at the boy's flat. She walked to the door and was surprised to see Harry standing looking quite handsome.

"Harry? Am I late?" Hermione looked at her watch in confusion.

"Oh, no. Ginny asked me to walk with you. Now that I see you, I don't blame her." Harry looked at Hermione's outfit with a raised eyebrow.

"Well she really liked this dress when she saw it at the shop. It's a surprise for her, is it too much for tonight?" Hermione looked at her dress self consciously.

"No, no. It's prefect." Harry didn't look half bad in black pants and a green shirt that brought out his eyes nicely. The shirt was undone a few buttons and his hair was its usual messy look. He had rolled up the sleeves and the shirt was un-tucked.

"I don't need an escort to your flat Harry." Harry smiled crookedly.

"We all know you can out duel most anyone. I think she just wants to make sure your ok." Hermione muttered under her breath and then shrugged.

"Ok I guess I'd do the same thing. Shall we?" She motioned to the door and Harry nodded. They walked along chatting.

"How's Teddy?" Harry asked, Hermione and Ginny had adopted him after Remus and Tonks died.

"He's great. He can finally control his Metamophmagus. He's almost as good as Tonks was." The two walked in silence for a moment, out of respect for all the friends they had lost.

"That's good. They couldn't have picked better people for him to end up with."

"Harry they could have picked you and Ron and the two of you would have been fine parents." Harry smiled and laughed quietly.

"Me and Ron, parents? We work too much and plus we can't control our urges as well as you and Ginny." Hermione laughed at the memory of the day before.

"It's not ever easy. You and Ron would make great parents." Harry looked uncomfortable for a moment.

"Ron has started talking about adoption. He wants a kid or three." Harry laughed. "I guess it's strange for him not to have kids running around the house, he wants a big family…"

"Harry you have nothing to worry about. You'll make a great dad."

"You always know what I'm worried about, ever perceptive Hermione. I don't agree with you though."

"Why not? I'm always right." Hermione said teasingly.

"I haven't ever had real father. I had Sirius for a while but it wasn't long and he was more of a mate."

"Harry you are a good man. You love everyone and are a kind person. You would make an amazing dad." Hermione linked arms with her friend. "Plus I said so." Harry laughed and the pair walked up the steps to Harry's flat.

"We'll wait till Ginny gets here. Ron's dying to see you." Hermione laughed.

"What are you not satisfying him enough?" Harry took the joke lightly.

"Well that's not what he said last night, or this morning, or at lunch, or an hour ago for that matter." Hermione gagged playfully and Harry laughed. He opened the door for Hermione like a gentleman and when Hermione turned to call out to Ron she was shocked to see many people.

"SURPRISE!" They all yelled before she could react.

"W-w-what's going on?" Hermione's hand rested on her chest and her heart pounded under it.

"It's one of my gifts to you." Ginny said as she stepped around the corner looking fantastic in black jeans and a button down shirt that was unbuttoned somewhat so that there was skin showing.

"There's more?" Hermione was still trying to quiet the pounding in her ears.

"There's always more Love." Ginny grinned and took the hand that was at Hermione's side and lead her through the crowd.

"'Ello Hermione!"

"Congrats you two!"

"Happy anniversary!"

"Hope you have many more!"

"We'll have to have lunch and catch up!"


"You guys are so lucky!"

There were many words thrown at Hermione from the crowd, most of them she knew, the Weasleys, friends from work, friends from school, friends from random places, her parents and Ginny's team mates. Hermione was overwhelmed and then suddenly it was quiet and softly lit.

"Sorry about that Hermione." Hermione turned and looked at Ginny who looked rather sheepish.

"Why did you plan a surprise?" Hermione's voice was fairly level, she sat on the leather couch, she realized they were in Harry's office.

"I didn't. Mum got bored so she thought this would be a good idea and they roped me into it."

"What about practice and the meeting?" Ginny looked rather miffed at that comment.

"Mum's idea so that we could get ready all day. I would have rather gone to practice rather than decorate. I was going to go nuts, setting up streamers and laying out plates…All I could think about was our unfinished business from this morning." Hermione grinned as she was nearly back to a normal heart rate.

"I though about it too." Hermione patted the couch next to her and Ginny eagerly sat down.

"I really, really like your dress." The lust in Ginny's eyes confirmed it.

"Good I wore it for you."

"You mean for me to take off." Hermione laughed.

"Yes." She leaned into Ginny and whispered in her ear. "We had better go back out there or Harry will never want to sit on this couch again." She clarified what she meant by placing her hand on Ginny's upper thigh and starting to trail upwards.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Ginny answered cheekily.

"You're funny." Hermione stood and offered Ginny a hand which was quickly taken. Ginny stood up and opened the door for Hermione then followed her out.

"I hope you aren't mad about this." Hermione shook her head.

"Nah, it's sweet but rather random. Usually surprise parties are on birthdays."

"Yeah I know, I tried telling Mum that but since most of the grandkids are at Hogwarts she's bored." Hermione laughed, she took the time to survey the party as she had been too overwhelmed to do it earlier.

There was music playing and the kitchen was full of food. Flashing lights and the flat was still fairly dark. It was clearly bigger than it normally was and all the furniture was gone, there was a bar and Ron was there serving drinks.

"Wanna dance Love?" Hermione nodded and followed Ginny, her eyes trailing up and down Ginny's fit body.

"Always." They got to the dance floor and Ginny turned around and placed her hands on Hermione's hips pulling her into her. Hermione draped her arms over Ginny's shoulder and they began dancing. The music was good and it was a mix of fast songs and slow songs which made for great dancing.

Hermione had spent the last half hour trying to get Ginny as turned on as she could. She took advantage of her short dress, her wandering hands didn't help Ginny any. Ginny was still flustered from earlier in the morning and this wasn't helping. She was almost glad when Sara and Melissa came up and gave them both hugs. Almost.

"Ginny! Hermoine! I can't believe you guys have been together for 6 years!" Sara said as she linked hands with Melissa.

"Yeah, Ginny still puts up with me." Hermione teased. Ginny kissed her cheek.

"Well it's rather easy when you wear dresses that look like that."

"You two seem happy." Melissa spoke up.

"Yeah we still are and I think we will always be."

"Well congrats anyway." She said sweetly.

"Thank you, hey I'm looking forward to seeing your football match." Ginny said excitedly. Melissa's team was coming up for a match and Ginny insisted that both she and Sara stay with her and Hermione.

"Me too. It will be nice to spend time with you too. It's been far too long. The four girls tried to see each other often but the distance and timing made things difficult.

"Well I'm gonna go harass Ron now." Sara said excitedly.

"I'm gonna follow her and make sure no one hits on her." Melissa said with a light tone.

The party went on late into the night. It was about one in the morning when Ginny drug Hermione off the dance floor.

"Ok, ok. I give, you can dance longer." Hermione smirked.

"And?" Ginny rolled her eyes then leaned in so that only Hermione could hear her.

"And you made me want you so bad I was about to take you there on in the middle of the crowd." Hermione shuddered and pulled Ginny into a heated kiss.

Ginny grinned knowing that Hermione was just as turned on as she was; she put her hands on Hermione's hips and pulled the older girl into her. Hermione bit Ginny's lip and then sucked on it while her hands snuck under Ginny's shirt and started moving up her toned stomach and ribs. Ginny groaned and pulled Hermione into a dark and private corner. She opened her mouth and pulled Hermione closer before her hands moved to Hermione's butt. Hermione grinned and slid her tongue into Ginny's mouth.

Ginny's hands gripped Hermione's butt when the brunette's hands found her breasts and started to tease her. Ginny started to fight for dominance of the kiss and suddenly found herself pinned against the wall with her hands by her head and Hermione looking hungrily at her.

"If we don't get out of here now I will keep going and I don't care who sees." Ginny nodded.

"We need to say good bye first." Hermione growled. "I don't want to but if we don't who knows who will show up at our flat looking for us." Hermione agreed and took Ginny's hand and started to hunt for the fewest people they could get away with saying good bye to.

They thanked Ginny's parents and then said good bye to Hermione's. Sara and Melissa were next, a few of Ginny's team mates as well. Hermione never let go of Ginny's hand and when they stood next to each other she slipped her hand up Ginny's shirt and at one point unhooked her bra. Ginny knew that she was going to start losing clothes in a very public manor if they didn't get out of there soon. She ran over to Ron and gave him a kiss and saw Harry and waved blowing him a kiss. Harry laughed as he looked back and forth between Hermione's hungry look and Ginny's flustered and excited body language, he put two and two together.

Once out on the doorstep Hermione flew at Ginny and tackled her and once they were in the air she disapparated. Hermione had planned it perfectly so that instead of the ground they landed on the bed. Hermione started unbuttoning Ginny's shirt right away, she was straddling the shocked red head.

"In a hurry much?" Ginny teased. Hermione rocked her hips suggestively and then suddenly Ginny couldn't get Hermione's dress off fast enough. Hermione grabbed Ginny's and then put them above her head.

"Not till I say so." Ginny groaned as the heat she felt rushing to her core intensified at the new twist.

"Please?" Hermione had gotten the shirt off and pulled the lacy bra off too after a raised eyebrow.

"No." She then went to work on Ginny's pants. She pulled them off in record time, some how Ginny's shoes and socks were already off. When Ginny was completely naked Hermione let her hands roam again. They traced each of Ginny's ribs and then she leaned in and started kissing down Ginny's neck to her shoulder.

"Mmmm L-Love?" Ginny's hands clutched at the sheets as her voice strained trying to remain calm.

"Yes?" Hermione's lips were leaving a scorching trail along Ginny's shoulder.

"You need to get out of that damn dress." With out warning Ginny rolled on top of Hermione and started kissing her neck while she undid the tie at the back of her neck.

"I thought you liked it." Hermione purred as Ginny possessively bit her neck once the tie was undone.

"I liked picturing taking it off." The dress was quickly removed and Ginny was pleasantly surprised to find Hermione not wearing any underwear.

"Well now that it's off what do you want to do?" Hermione's hands started to trace the inside of Ginny's thighs getting ever so close to the raging heat before backing away just before she reached it.

"This." Ginny kissed Hermione deeply and moved so that she could straddle one of the brunette's legs while pushing her own up against Hermione's center. Hermione moaned at the sudden pressure. Ginny licked Hermione's slightly puffy lips and was quickly granted access. She gained control of the kiss quite quickly. Hermione's hands moved back up to Ginny's breasts and started to massage again. That was all that Ginny needed, she broke the kiss and stared to kiss Hermione's breasts.

"God Ginny…" Hermione couldn't say much else as Ginny took her nipple in her mouth and started to flick her tongue against it. After paying plenty of attention to both breasts Ginny started kissing down Hermione's stomach, she dipped her tongue into Hermione's belly button and then kissed lower. Hermione's hands were on her head pushing her lower. Ginny's hands were already starting to tease Hermione. As much as it drove her nuts Hermione loved every second of teasing.

They both loved every touch, every kiss, every look and every second spent together. They had fights, every couple did, but over all they were the happiest couple in the world. As best friends, lovers and equals Hermione and Ginny had found something.


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