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Chapter Three: Like Father like Son

For a reason unknown, he hated his father. Was it the smirk that often graced the elder man's lips that aggravated him? Or was it that he is always seen as the son of the great Uchiha Sasuke—the village's noble Hokage?

In time, he had convinced himself it was because of the many secrets his father had. But as each secret was exposed to him, the hatred began to lessen. The amount of loathe he once had disappeared and turned into deep respect.

He didn't understand why.


Kaname never really felt that his father loved him. He recalled being told by his mother that when he was born, his father had held him firmly in his hands and was showed off proudly to the members of his parents' social circle. But as he grew up, he never remembered ever receiving praise from the man in whatever achievement he got.

"Keep up the good work."

Those words were all he got. Even as he excelled in the academy and proudly took the mantle as the number one rookie like his father once did, he still received those same encouraging words. It sounded routine to him—as if it was out of obligation that he was being told those words, and not out of affection. But he didn't care. He supposed that was the time that he truly grew up and left childhood behind.

That was the only way he could keep up with his father's hidden malevolence.


He was only fourteen when he became Jounin—the first in their class. Of course his mentors, teammates and friends were thrilled. His mother was probably the happiest of all. "I'm so proud of you, Kaname!" she squealed as she hugged him furiously. "Jounin at fourteen! What an achievement! The only thing left now is a girlfriend."

"'Kaasan…" he wheezed, trying to detach himself from his mother's crushing grasp. No sooner had those words left his mother's lips did a dozen girls squeal with glee. Kaname was very handsome just like his father. If one were to look at him, no one would guess that he was Sakura's son. And just like his father, he had quite a following among the women of Konoha—young and old alike.

"Kaname-kun is really popular," a gentle voice spoke out. Kaname whipped his head around and saw his teammates amid the crowd. "Asahi, Ririn," he acknowledged.

Asahi was Shikamaru and Ino's son and eldest child. He was the youngest in their class—being a year younger than any of them—but got accepted into their class because of his brightness. He inherited a bit of his father's intelligence, but his appearance came from his mother. His pale sunlight hair reached up to the back of his neck cut into a layered bob, and his azure eyes shone like bright sapphire stones. He was also rather effeminate—being knowledgeable about flower arrangement and tea ceremonies and such—but that only added to his gentle and pleasing personality.

Ririn was a very energetic and headstrong girl. She had beautifully straight red hair that flowed all the way down to her waist. Her eyes glittered like emeralds. She was the number one kunoichi in the academy, and the subject of affection of various men. She was pretty, charming, and a bit witty as well. She was an outstanding ninja, that there were none who would really object to her. Unfortunately for her admirers, she was deeply in love with her raven-haired teammate—a fact that was pretty much known to everyone.

Kaname was also well aware of her affections towards him. The moment his mother heard about this, she had encouraged her son to make the move on her, but he dismissed it—reasoning he had no time to play with girls.

"Congratulations, Kaname-kun," Asahi spoke again, his gentle voice ringing in Kaname's ears like a melodious tune. "Everything all right? You're spaced out."

"Well…" he spoke. "Just a bit overwhelmed."

"Overwhelmed…? Over wha—?" Before he could finish, a girl had pushed her way forward, bumping against the blonde and sending him tripping to the ground. "Get out of the way!" the girl snapped. "You're blocking our way to Kaname-kun." "Yeah," added another. "Honestly, why does he get to be on the same team as Kaname-kun and Ririn-chan? He's totally un-cool. I swear he's a fag."

Though against the comments that sprang up, Ririn couldn't help but giggle a bit at the last comment. But before anything else could be heard, Kaname stepped forward and helped Asahi back to his feet. "Uh, sorry, Kaname-kun," the blonde spoke. "I guess I'm ruining your big day, huh?" Kaname was about to utter something but was blocked by Ririn and the other girls who immediately crowded him again. He strained to look at Asahi only to discover him gone.


The squawking of the crows knocked him out of his reverie. It was still early in the morning, and very early before the appointed meeting time with his teammates. Earlier, he had prepared breakfast instead of his mother who was still undergoing punishment caused by his father—punishment for attempting to kill something that the man treasured.

He just sat there by the stump of the tree, musing on his thoughts when he felt a familiar chakra-signature approaching. He glanced sideways to look at his blond-haired teammate. "You're early Kaname-kun," Asahi chirped. Kaname grunted and lifted himself from the soft ground. "So are you, Asahi," he said as he approached the younger boy. "You couldn't wait to have it, could you?"

As the words left the raven, Asahi paled and lowered his gaze—a grave expression spreading on his face. Kaname reached his hand out and cupped the blonde's chin, forcing him to look up and have their eyes meet. "Kaname—ku…" he was hushed by the force of strong lips latching on to his. Surprised, he instinctively tried to pull back, but strong arms quickly wrapped themselves around him, pulling him closer causing their bodies to press against one another.

After a few minutes have passed and the mind-blowing kiss finally ended, Asahi lay cornered up against the stump of the tree with Kaname looming over him. "You're so beautiful Asahi," Kaname spoke. "So very beautiful…" He began to fidget with the zipper of the blonde's flak jacket, and slowly pulled it down. "K—Kaname-kun!" the young one weakly protested. "Y—You want to do it here?"

"Any problem with that?"

"S—Someone could come! Hyuuga-sensei… and Ririn-chan…"

"They won't be here for another hour and a half… which means I can have you for that long…"


"You want it too, don't you, Asahi? That's why you came here so early…"

With no rebuttal for that remark, Kaname quickly latched his lips on to the young man's neck, spreading his kisses all the way to the collarbone. His hands roamed about the lithe body, discarding his clothes—garment by garment—until the man's naked form was finally exposed to him. Kaname undid his own clothes, his eyes never leaving Asahi's, as his cock began to twitch with anticipation at the thought that soon… he would be buried balls deep into this man.

Soon enough, the training ground of Area 11 was filled with the pants and moans of two intimately intertwined bodies. Asahi was straddling Kaname's hips with his back turned to the raven, their point of contact burning hot with lust. Kaname nibbled on the blonde's shoulders and smothered his back with kisses. He reached around the slender waist to grab hold of the blonde's pulsing member. As soon as he felt hands gripping his manhood, Asahi bucked up and writhed his body a bit, causing Kaname to be further buried deep inside his cavern.

"K—Kaname-kun…" he moaned, feeling the pressure build into his system. He bounced up and down, timing it with Kaname's thrusts and pumps. His name was whispered to his ear as they continued the motion, increasing in speed with each occurring second.

Amid the heat and the excitement, Kaname began to muse again on his earlier thoughts. When did it begin?

It was a year ago…


"Kaname, why don't you spend more time with you father?" Sakura had asked one day while she was putting the dishes at the sink. "When was the last time the both of you spent the day as father and son?" Kaname wrinkled his brows together at the mere thought. "He's always busy, 'kaasan," he answered, irritation present in his voice. "He is Hokage, after all."

"Nonsense," Sakura scoffed. "It's because he is Hokage that you should get to know him better. The entire village loves him you know. How much did you think your mother went through just to become your father's number one?"

Her smile was bright and honest. Kaname did not have the heart to break it. Despite what his mother was saying, he was aware of her insecurities as a wife to the most powerful—and most handsome—man in all of Konoha. For as long as he can remember, there were several women who had tried to make a pass at his father, but all of them failed much to his mother's relief. However, Kaname still could not shake off the feeling that his father had a bigger, deeper underlying secret. That situation bugged him and annoyed him.

I am the only one who cares for 'kaasan. That's why I'm the only one who can protect her.

In the past, that's how he thought. Because he never really felt a true connection with his father, he saw him as a threat to the family, and someone who would inevitably hurt his mother. He would never allow that.

"Kaname, please?" Sakura pleaded with bright grin on her face. "It'd be good training for you too. You also want to become Hokage someday right?"

Kaname always prided himself with being the obedient son to his mother. And if his mother requested, he'd do it right away. Although disliking the notion of spending some time with his father, he got up and begrudgingly sought the elder man—wherever he could be.

The streets of Konoha had become livelier than ever since the day Sasuke took office as Hokage. Since he and his father looked alike, wherever Kaname went, he'd always be spotted. Truth is, he disliked the attention but put up with it. He most especially disliked the attention his fan girls were giving him. If there was anything he didn't need, it would be the false praises and affections from other people.

Feeling down and grumpy, he subconsciously strolled around until he found himself standing before Yamanaka Flowers. As he pushed open the door, the sound of the bell chiming greeted his ears, and he saw a familiar face with a big yet gentle smile. "Kaname-kun! What a surprise!" said Asahi as he settled a bunch of tulips into a round clay vase. "What can I do for you?" the blonde continued, now focusing his attention to his raven-haired teammate. "Daffodils for Sakura-sama again?"

"No," he shook his head. He approached the blonde, frowning a bit and brushed his hand against the small band-aid plastered on his friend's face. "What's this?" he asked, noticing how close it was to the boy's lips. Asahi just smiled brightly and said, "I got scratched by some of the rose thorns. No big deal. It happens all the time." Kaname frowned. He'd been friends with blonde-haired boy long enough to know whether he was lying or not.

"Who did this to you?" he asked, his voice containing malice. Asahi perked a bit, but then turned his head away. "It's nothing, Kaname-kun. I better get back to work."

Kaname clenched his fists and stared blankly as his friend disappeared behind the counter to retrieve a few things. Placing his reddening fists into his pockets, he turned around and left the place with fury. He didn't intend to go to that place anyway. But his body would always subconsciously lead him to wherever the younger man was.

Asahi…He blocked out all other thoughts that would spring up from that one name.


Kaname surveyed the room with curiosity plastered on his face. His father was usually in his office during the day, so he was expecting to find him there. Imagine his surprise when he found the room to be empty—not a living soul in sight.

What the hell?

He frowned as he scratched the back of his head. This is the first time that he sought the man out of his own accord and it was now that the man went missing? He found the situation quite unbelievable. This is just one of the things that he hated about the man. From a deep corner of his mind, he wondered why he hated his father so. It's true he had always disliked the man, but how did it escalate to such scorn?

The academy…

Yes, that's right. It was during one of Hokage's visits to the academy back when he was still a student. Of course a lot of the students and teachers squealed with glee at the great Uchiha Sasuke's arrival. But Kaname had already prepared himself for that so it didn't bother him.


It was when he saw the look of admiration glazing over bright azure eyes—all of which was directed to the elder raven-haired man.

Seeing the expression Asahi had on his face when Sasuke approached them—how he blushed and lowered his face in embarrassment—made something pang in Kaname. "What do we have here?" his father's voice was deep and crisp. "Is he a friend of yours, Kaname?" The small boy nodded, still frowning. "My, what a cute boy," his father continued, reaching out his hand to pat the blonde boy's head. "What beautiful blue eyes… Certainly a marvel…" Asahi had turned different shades of red that time, and found it impossible to form coherent sentences. Kaname scowled and grabbed hold of the younger boy's wrist, quickly hauling him away from his father's touch.

As they distanced themselves from the crowd, he didn't notice the amused grin forming on his father's lips.

Yes, that was the time he truly began to hate the man. At that instant, he had felt as if his father was taking away something important from him. And he despised him for it.

Kaname glanced around the room one more time, his usually stoic eyes searching for anything out of the ordinary. When he was about to leave, his gaze fell upon the life-size poster dangling from the adjacent wall. Not really the curious type, but there was something about it that he found intriguing. He approached it, feeling the smooth glossy plastic with his fingers before giving it a light tap.

It was hollow.

Which means… there's something on the other side…

Now this really intrigued him. He brushed the poster aside to find a wall… rather… a door disguised as a wall. He felt for the handle and, upon grasping it, slid it open to reveal a stairwell leading all the way down.

A secret passage…? Interesting…

Kaname went down the flight of stairs, following the brightly burning candles. He kept walking, amazed at this remarkable tunnel he's discovered. It probably loops around the entire village! But moreover, it seemed to have been carved or at least owned by the Uchiha clan. The walls practically screamed it—bearing the clan's symbol of an uchiwa fan.

The row of candles led him to a door bearing intricate designs. He marveled at the door's elegance and was about to tap it gently when he heard some sounds coming from the other side. Was that a groan? He pressed his ear against the painted wood and strained to hear two sets of voices. They were both male… that much he can tell.

"Sa… Sasuke…" one of the voiced moaned.

Sasuke? That's his father's name. So his father was one of the men in there. But who was the other? And what were they doing in there?

"Mn… Naruto…"

Kaname reeled back upon hearing his father's voice. Never had he heard his father sound like that before. But, wait… Naruto? That name sounded familiar. Naruto… If he remembered properly, "Naruto" is the name of his parents' teammate. The blonde-haired one with big blue eyes… He only knew the man from pictures that were lying about in the house. He'd been told that the last time he had seen the man personally was during his father's inauguration, but that was ages ago! He was only three years old at the time, so naturally he wouldn't remember.

Another groan reached his ears, and he felt perturbed. What were they doing in there? Unable to overcome the curiosity mounting up in him, he opened the door a bit ever so slightly, just enough to have a good peek. The sight he saw shocked him.

There on the bed were two bodies pressed so intimately together. The blonde whom he assumed was Naruto was sprawled on all fours, his face being pressed down on the sheets with every thrust he received from the man behind him. Kaname gaped in awe as he saw the outline of his father's body glistening with sweat.

It was… it was beautiful…

The way their bodies moved in perfect synchronization made it seem as if they were dancing—their moans and grunts, and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh were the orchestra. He stared wide-eyed, unable to tear himself away from the sight. He knew that he should feel disgusted—enraged that his father was committing the sins of adultery and infidelity. Yet at the same time, he found the scene before him so electrifying.

He had never known that two men could pleasure themselves like that. It was invigorating. He continued to watch as his father's engorged organ would sink deep into the blonde man's tanned rear—their movements increased in pace with each passing thrust. The sight was making his toes curl in his sandals.

He began to feel weak to the knees, and collapsed on to the floor, but his eyes remained fixated on the sight. Unconsciously, his hand reached into the hem of his pants and began to further stimulate himself to erection. He watched the two men continue with their action. He began to think how Naruto resembled another blonde he knew of—the same hair color, the same shade of blue for the eyes. Their complexion maybe a bit different, but the resemblance was there.

He began to imagine… imagine that Naruto was that blonde that plagued every wet dream he had, and he was his father who was mercilessly pounding into the younger man. He imagined that it was his name being called out, not his father's. He continued to fantasize, his hand increasing its speed, until finally, he felt the heat beginning to pool deep down, straining for release.

He looked at his father and Naruto again and realized they were about to reach completion as well. He continued to pump his cock vigorously. Close… So close… There was only one thing on his mind right now. He bit hard on his other hand to muffle the scream he wanted to release. At that moment, he reached his climax—a strangled cry escaping his lips, his mind mentally screaming one name.


As he lay there panting, he saw his father reach his climax as well, and collapsed on to the blonde, their bodies feeling like dead weight. Regaining his sense of reason, he tucked his sated member back into his pants and zipped up. He began to get rid of any trace he had left that would suggest he was there. Afterwards, he picked himself up and dashed away, ignoring the pain his groin felt from ejaculating too much.

"Sasuke," Naruto moaned, gasping hard for air. "What's wrong? Ha… You seemed… ha… more into it… ha… than usual…"

Sasuke peered at his lover and gave a chaste kiss on the forehead. "It's nothing, koi," he said. "Let's just say that things have really gotten interesting."


Kaname lay perfectly still, waiting and listening for movement. It was past midnight, and usually at around this time, his father would get up from bed and go down to the basement. These past few weeks, he learned more about the man's habits. He also learned that the so-called "home-office" that his father prided himself with was actually an extension of that tunnel he found hidden in the Hokage office.

It would probably be considered a crime, but he couldn't get the image of his father and Naruto so intimately involved with one another. The image practically burned into his eyes. When he had gone to meet with his mother after that incident, he was flustered and excused himself from eating dinner with them. He was searching for the disgust he was supposed to feel for feeling so… galvanized at the intense sight of two men having sex. He also searched for the guilt that he had to feel for not telling his mother of the infidelity her husband had done. Yet, he found none.

Not a trace of guilt or shame… Nothing.

Ever since then, he would follow his father to that secret room and listen in on their lovemaking. He'd always be on the other side of the door jacking off to the sounds of pleasure the two men made. It was a pitiful and pathetic thing to do, but it was the only time he would feel heightened and rejuvenated.

He waited a bit more and was surprised that he didn't hear his father moving. It didn't feel like he was getting up at all. Curious, Kaname got up and took a peek into his parents' bedroom and, sure enough, both of his parents were lying in bed fast asleep.

Kaname frowned. Isn't he going to meet Naruto-san tonight? This was a first, and it slightly disappointed him. He had gotten used to this new routine he had established—his cock was even beginning to spring to life on its own. Now, he was stuck with a growing hard on and no method of relief. He had tried masturbating alone in his room before, but couldn't get the release he wanted. It seems he could only ejaculate properly if he could see the face of his partner.

For a moment, a thought entered his mind along with bold courageousness. Ever so quietly, he tiptoed all the way down to the basement and pushed aside the bookshelf covering the entrance to the tunnel. He made his way to the secret room, took in a huge breath of air, and pushed the door open.

"Sasuke?" a voice moaned as if jolted by the sound of the creaking door.

Kaname gulped a bit, but maintained his resolve. No turning back now, he thought. He approached the bed and felt the smoothness of the silk with his fingers. He brushed up against the tanned thigh, earning a gasp of surprise from the blonde. "Sasuke?" Naruto repeated, wondering the reason for the silence and why the room was still engulfed in darkness.

Lips quickly attached to his own, and Naruto found no room to protest. But there was something about the kiss that felt… different. The kisses continued to trail down his neck, to his collarbone then to his chest, stopping a bit to suck at a hardening nipple. "Sasu…" Naruto moaned, unable to deny the pleasure being brought about by the strange kisses, yet he felt something was wrong. He reached for the bedside lamp and clicked it on. The familiar sight of black hair greeted him, but he knew it wasn't the same man.

"You're not Sasuke," he said, still locked on to the stranger's kisses. Kaname rose, having their gazes meet on equal level. "No, I'm not," came the reply. He descended on to the tanned neck again, but this time, Naruto found the urge to pull away. "Wait, stop!" he exclaimed, freeing himself from the raven's grasp. "You're not Sasuke. But… you look like him… Are you…?"

"I'm his son, Kaname."

"Kaname?! You're Kaname?! I… I haven't seen you since you were three years old."

"I know."

Kaname motioned to continue his earlier ministrations but was halted by a tanned hand. "W—Wait…" Naruto felt confused. "K—Kaname-kun… was it? What're you doing here? We shouldn't…" "Am I not good enough then?" the query surprised him. "I—It's not that," Naruto stammered, not really knowing how to respond. "B—But… aren't I a bit too old for you? And Sasuke is…"

"Otousan won't be coming down," came the simple reply. "He's fast asleep right now. And besides, with your appearance, Naruto-san, no one would even notice that you're above thirty."


"Just for tonight…"


"Just for tonight… can I be otousan in your eyes? And just for tonight… can you be someone else in my eyes?"

The statement shocked him, and once again he was rendered speechless. Naruto gazed into the young man's obsidian eyes and realized how much alike they were with Sasuke's. The facial features were the same, even the contours of the face. Everything mimicked Sasuke. Whilst drowning in these thoughts, Kaname came forward and kissed him gently, pushing him back down on to the mattress.

This was the first time he'd ever have sex with anyone—let alone a man—and he was very nervous. But at the same time, he was excited. He wanted to feel pleasure like his father felt. He smothered the blonde with kisses and stray touches as he positioned himself at the man's entrance. "Wa—Wait!!" Naruto gasped, already lost in the heat and the lust. "If you do it like that, it'll hurt!"

"O—Oh…" Kaname drawled. He felt a bit embarrassed about being taught how to take someone, not to mention very awkward. But he knew that it would be worth it once compared to the amount of pleasure he'd feel.

After a few minutes of foreplay and preparation, he felt his cock sheath itself deep inside Naruto's tight heat. He gasped as the sensation flowed into him. He angled their bodies so that he had a clear view of his cock disappearing into the elder man's ass. Kaname gaped at the sight and found it rather amazing how something so big could fit into something so tight.

"Ugh… Nn… Guh…"

They both moaned and voiced their pleasure, losing themselves in the lust. Kaname didn't know when he had closed his eyes, but when he opened them, he saw Naruto's image overlap with that of another person's. "A—Asahi…?" he whispered faintly, and widened his eyes as he only saw Asahi beneath him. The passion he was feeling was now uncontrollable that it made him hallucinate. But it didn't matter. Even if it was just pretending… he wanted this man. He wanted this man to become his.

Bracing himself into a new position, he pounded harder into the blonde, their gasps filling the room with a husky atmosphere that reeked of sex. The feeling was amazing! He had heard stories about how great sex was, but he never thought how incredible it felt. So much better than masturbating… He kept the pace up and soon… very soon he'd reach the climax he wanted.

With every thrust, he buried himself deeper and deeper, his eyes clouding with lust and satisfaction. Grabbing hold of the blonde's shoulders, he brought their bodies closer and felt Asahi's own erection rubbing against his belly. He moaned at the feeling and felt fingernails digging at his back to the point he bled. But he didn't care. That pain was nothing compared to this pleasure.

"Asahi…" he rasped. "Asahi… Asahi… Asahi…"

With only that name being formed in his lips, he let go of all his resolve and came hard, deep inside the tight cavern. He felt a similar warmth spread in between them, and the next thing he knew, he had fallen back on the bed in a mess of tangled limbs. He felt hot, sticky and extremely satisfied. He pulled out and rolled on to his back, sweat forming at the edge of his brow.

"Fuck…" he breathed. "That was… so much better that just masturbating…"

"I take it you enjoyed yourself?" a dark voice called out.

Kaname instantly got up, and paled at the sight of his father looming over them. "O—Otousan…" he stammered. And then he felt the room spinning, making him feel dizzy. He clutched his head in pain and felt everything fade into darkness.


Kaname opened his eyes in shock and gasped for air. His body was drenched with sweat and his heart was beating like crazy. Trying to calm himself down, he turned and surveyed the room. He was back in his own room with the same pajamas he had been wearing earlier. He was also tucked beneath the covers like he was originally in. The oddest thing was the time displayed on his clock was still midnight.

But that can't be, he thought. That's just… impossible…

"Enjoyed yourself?" a voice called out, and he quickly whipped his head to discover his father seated on the chair adjacent to him, hidden in the shadows. There was a sly smirk on the man's lips, and his eyes glistened red with three swirling black dots. Sharingan? A realization dawned on him. So… it was all just… genjutsu…? As if sensing his thoughts, Sasuke got up from his seat and approached the startled young man.

"You look a bit confused, son. What's wrong?" Kaname trembled a bit at the man's sneer. But it didn't erase the questions that were forming in his head. "You didn't think," his father continued. "That I wouldn't notice, did you? That you've been watching… pleasuring yourself to the sounds we made?"

Sasuke pulled back a bit of the younger man's bangs that had stuck to his face due to the perspiration. "I've known since the first time," he explained. "I was expecting you to barge in and try to murder me for such infidelity towards your mother, since you're so fond of her. But I didn't think you'd find pleasure in those erotic sounds. After that, I let you quietly follow me and watch."

"W—Why…?" Kaname flinched at the feeling of his father's cold fingers upon his heated skin. "Why did you…"

"I guess we are more alike than just in appearances," the elder man continued. "But I wanted to see just how much. Since you took pleasure in just jacking off, I knew there'd come a time you would crave for more. So I decided to find out tonight."


"Honestly, I didn't expect you to react like that to my genjutsu. To think, you'd shamelessly take Naruto like that. Be thankful that it was just an illusion. Because if you had done it real life…" He bent down to whisper directly into his son's ear. "I would not have hesitated to castrate you myself."

Kaname gulped as he felt his father pull away from him. "Anyway," he heard the man speak from the doorway. "At least you've confirmed your own feelings, right?"


"That boy, Nara Asahi… the one with clear blue eyes and a beautiful smile… You love him, don't you? I must say, we have the same tastes. Must run in the family… Well, probably you now have a bit of confidence to express your feelings… even if it would end in rejection."

Those were the last words spoken before Sasuke left the boy to his own thoughts. Kaname heard his father's footsteps disappear and figured he was probably going to Naruto like he usually does. As he lay there back on his bed, he mused on his father's words, the intensity of his emotions, and not to mention the overwhelming pleasure he had felt. Even though it was just genjutsu, it felt so real that he couldn't forget about it.

"Uchiha's are possessive by nature," he recalled being told once before. "We always get what we want, no matter what."

The dawn of a new day would soon come.


"You have something important to tell me, Kaname-kun?" Asahi asked.

It had been days since his talk with his father and he used up all that time to think things over. True that he was an introvert when it comes to his true feelings, but experiencing a heightened ecstasy in his father's genjutsu had awakened some nerves inside him. Despite the older man's questionable motives, it's true that Kaname now had a certain confidence inside him.

The notion that his father actually helped him something somehow scared him, but at the same time pleased him.

"Kaname-kun?" the blonde-haired boy repeated.

"Asahi…" he spoke with utmost seriousness. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time now…" He glanced at their redhead teammate in the distance who was engaged in a discussion with their Jounin instructor, no, team leader. Assured that their conversation would not be heard, he turned his eyes back at Asashi, took a deep breath and spoke. "I love you."


"I love you, Asahi. I've always loved you since we were kids—when you came to deliver that bouquet of lilies to my mother."

The bouquet… It had been years since then… But that's when these feelings of his started.

Asahi looked at him blankly as if trying to process the words in his head. But afterwards, he let out a small giggle and said, "That's a good one Kaname-kun. For a moment there, I thought you were being serious. Cracking jokes isn't really your thing."

"You think I'm joking?" he responded quite surprised and ticked off. "You seriously think I'm joking?"

"…Well aren't you?"

"A guy confesses to a guy… You think it's a joke?"

"Well what other thing could it be?" Asahi snapped. "I have lots of people teasing me and bullying me… but for you to join in that 'fun' is a bit too much, Kaname-kun."

"I'm being serious here!"

"And it's not funny! It's not…" he faltered. "It's wrong…"

"I love you."

"Kaname-kun! Please! I don't want to hear anymore!"

Kaname was stupefied. What's going on? He was being honest, wasn't he? So why is he being pushed away? Was it wrong to confess his feelings? "Asahi…" he stretched out his hand to touch the boy, but Asahi flinched and pushed the hand away. "Leave me alone," he said; his voice was trembling. "This is the worst joke I could get from you!" Without another word, he dashed away, leaving the training grounds.

Ririn and their sensei turned their attention to them, a look of query spreading on their faces. "What happened?" the elder man asked. Kaname bit his lip and shook his head. "Nothing," he muttered. "Nothing at all, Hyuuga-sensei." He clenched his fists in aggravation, and completely ignored Ririn's attempts to pry some answers from him.


When he got back home, the first thing he did was trash his room. He was beyond upset. Here he was, the most wanted bachelor in Konoha—he could have anyone he wanted, but he couldn't have the one person he did want. It was frustrating!

"Decided to redecorate your room?" a voice asked from the door. He turned around to see his father leaning against the wooden fixture, his arms crossed and an amused smirk on his face. "You might wanna keep it down," he continued. "Your mother's complaining about the noise." Kaname bit his lip and turned his face away as he let his anger simmer down. Sasuke looked about the tussled room and let his eyes fall upon his son's desk. There was a picture of Kaname's team. He picked up the frame and took notice of his son's soft gaze directed at the blonde-haired man. "You love him that much?"

Kaname grunted in response. "What do you care?"

"Didn't I tell you?" Sasuke chuckled. "You and I are more alike than you think." He settled the picture back on the desk, taking light amusement at his son's fluster. "Asahi…" he muttered. "He used to deliver flowers for your mother back when you were small. It was either daffodils or lilies, wasn't it?"

Kaname lowered his head. How could he forget? He was only six or seven at the time. He was playing at the yard when he heard the doorbell ring. He went to answer it, and when he slid the door open, he was greeted with the sight of sunshine and bright blue skies. The small child standing before him held a bouquet of lilies that completely complimented his face and figure. Kaname had never seen anyone so beautiful before. It was during that time that he had begun to feel something for that child. Even after he discovered that the child was actually male, it didn't stop his feelings from growing.

It took many years before he was able to decipher that these feelings were love. But he wasn't confident enough to confess them, so he hid behind the guise of being best friends. But that made him crave for further touch.

"I do love him," he finally answered his father. "And I was rejected. Worse, he probably doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I ruined it." He was already prepared for rejection. He knew from the start that Asahi might not reciprocate his love. But he couldn't fight back the urge to tell him. He also wasn't expecting Asahi's reaction to be like that. He thought the boy would understand. He really thought…

"Then make him yours," his father's voice shot through his cogitation.

"What?" The words stunned him. What was his father saying?

"Mark him, dirty him, do anything that would make him belong to you."

"What… I can't…" he didn't know how to respond properly to his father's words. "He won't even let me…"

Sasuke sighed, "Can't be helped then… I'll give you this." He pulled out a small vial from his pocket and held it out for his son to take.

"What's this?" Kaname asked, not fully trusting anything his father would give him. Sasuke smirked and raised an eyebrow. "You don't trust me? Your own father?" Kaname bit his lip, hesitating in his answer. Ever since the day he was born he had seen through his father's mask, and learned of his hidden cruelty. This man was dangerous, probably the most dangerous one alive, and he was the leader of a powerful ninja village like Konoha. The power this man wields is frightening.

"Well?" Sasuke asked again. "Will you take it or not?"

"Not until you tell me what it is."

"If you must know," the elder man scoffed. "It's a very strong and potent aphrodisiac."


"Yes, a sex-inducing drug. It's very effective really."

"H-How did you…"

"The petals of the Kokuryu flower are used as ingredients for a stimulant. But the extract from its root is far more effective than any other drug—especially in its purest form. I initially learned this from Kabuto. You can't imagine how many toys Orochimaru went through in a day."

The way he had said it was off-handedly, like it was a piece of everyday information. Kaname bit his lip and quivered under his father's gaze. Was this man even his father? He knew he was sadistic and twisted, but he never truly knew to what extent. "I… I can't…" he trembled in his answer. "Forcing Asahi… I just can't…"

"If you somehow get this into his body, he'll respond to you. He'll even crave for you in ways unimaginable."

Kaname felt like the shadows were enveloping him, enticing him to delve in deeper. He briefly wondered if his father spoke this out of experience; if he had used the same method on Naruto in the past. But his own sense of pride and integrity refused to stoop so low. Why do I need that? I love Asahi. My feelings are true and real. Why do I need that…? On the other hand, he's been rejected by the boy—something he could never come to accept.

Is it right? Is it wrong? He didn't know anymore. All he did know is that he loved Asahi. But it simply wasn't enough to love him. He also wanted to embrace him, to possess him, to claim him for himself. He wanted no one else but that boy. He must have Asahi no matter what the cost is.

With a trembling hand, he reached out for the vial and took it away from his father's grasp. Kaname took in a huge gulp of air. He truly wished he wouldn't need to use this drug. But if Asahi continues to elude him—to escape his grasp, then he is left with no other alternative.

He will be mine. He will laugh and cry knowing that he is mine and mine alone… body and soul.

"Thinking of ways to make him yours?" he heard his father speak. "Fair, enough. You are my son, after all. That's to be expected."

His eyes wandered to his father, and took notice of the proud smirk on his face. And deep inside, Kaname held a sense of fulfillment of being acknowledged by such a man. After many years of false praises and routine compliments, he was finally being commented purely and truly. That feeling did not cease, even as he watched older man turn his back and leave him to his own thoughts.

The shadows finally swallowed him whole.


The memory began to flee from Kaname's mind as he once again basked in the sensation of claiming the young blonde. If people would choose to pass by Area 11 at the moment, they'd definitely be in for a shock. "Asahi," he whispered into the blonde's ear. "It's almost time. Sensei and Ririn could be arriving at any moment. Shall we finish?"

"Ka… Kaname-kun!!" Asahi screamed at the top of his lungs as he ejaculated long and hard. It took a few more thrusts before Kaname followed suit, spilling his seed deep inside his lover. "Ah," Asahi writhed. "Kaname-kun, no… Not inside…"

"Sorry 'bout that," the elder boy said. "There's a river just a few meters ahead. I'll help clean you up." And then he bathed in the ecstasy.

Asahi winced as he submerged himself into the cool water, instantly feeling the contrast of his lover's hot seed. "What a beautiful sight," he heard Kaname speak. "And sexy too." The blond paid no attention and continued to wash himself off. His reflection glittered in the water, offering him a perfect view of the numerous hickeys and kiss marks adorning his flesh. He scrubbed himself with his hand, probably trying to eliminate those marks. But the more he did so, the redder it became.

"Don't do that," Kaname spoke out. "You'll just blemish your skin."

"I'm not a girl who needs to worry about skin problems."

"But you still spread your legs to me as if you're one."

"The—That's because…!" Before he could finish his retort, strong arms suddenly enveloped around him, pulling him into a tight embrace; that left him breathless. "Kaname-kun…"

"Asahi…" the older boy whispered. "Do you remember our first time?" Asahi quivered. How could he not? That was when he discovered a side to his friend, one he didn't think existed! Kaname held on tighter, pressing their bodies closer together. Whenever Asahi would falter in this "relationship", he would continuously remind the boy of that time when his body completely opened itself up to him. It was wrong, low and selfish, but Kaname didn't care.

He had him. And that's all that truly mattered.

A few minutes later, both boys were washed, cleaned and fixed, just in time to find their teammates approaching them. "Kaname-kun! Asahi-kun!" Ririn called out, waving her hand. "Have you guys been waiting long?"

"No," the elder of the two replied. "We had something to keep us preoccupied." He glanced at Asahi with an all-knowing look, but the younger boy looked away in embarrassment. "Eh?" the girl titled her head. "What's that? A game or something?"

"Something like that."

"Can I play it as well?"

"Probably, someday," Asahi flinched at Kaname's words. "But it's really something just between me and Asahi…"

"Really, Kaname-kun… You and Asahi share too many secrets!"

"That's enough," their teacher spoke up.


"Let's just hurry and do this mission so that we can come back early."

The three young shinobi nodded their heads and proceeded to the main gate. Asahi kept raising the collar line of his flak jacket, trying to hide the fresh kiss marks adorning his flesh. Kaname noticed the desperate attempt, and smirked at the notion. He left those marks there for a purpose. It's to show that this blonde-haired angel has been robbed of its wings and is now bound to a demon.

"Say, sensei," Ririn spoke. "What kind of mission did Hokage-sama assign us this time?"

"A-Class," came the reply. "Some rogue nins have been terrorizing the fishing villages up north."

Kaname shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Doesn't matter. We'll probably be back by supper."

"Kaname-kun is so confident," said Ririn. "That's coz you're the most outstanding ninja under Hokage-sama's command. Sasuke-sama must be proud of you."

"…I suppose he is."


For a reason unknown, he hated his father. Was it the smirk that often graced the elder man's lips that aggravated him? Or was it that he is always seen as the son of the great Uchiha Sasuke—the village's noble Hokage?

In time, he had convinced himself it was because of the many secrets his father had. But as each secret was exposed to him, the hatred began to lessen. The amount of loathe he once had disappeared and turned into deep respect.

And now, he understood why.

Because they are father and son…

End of chapter

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