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Acumalatanta- Do not worry

Ya minaho- I know

Lein malanta Saiyago?- You speak saiyajin?

Ya Nemot minahe-I never knew



Dizzy up the Girl

V: January Friend

Chichi's eyes fluttered open, blinking the remainders of sleep from her mind, she looked next to her to find the spot Kakarot had previously occupied; vacant. She scanned the room, her eyes locking on Vegeta; he had someone pinned to the wall in front of him, his body blocking the person from her view.

"YOU ARE A SICK FUCK GET THE HELL OUTTA MY SIGHT!" Vegeta released the mans throat, the familiar form dropping harshly to the smooth tile, Vegeta pulled his foot back, swinging forward full force he kicked the person in the side, Chichi catching a glimpse of her well beaten step father, bloodied and bruised from the previous night. Vegeta kicked him again before grabbing him by his shirt and dragging him out of the room, slamming the heavy door, the force reverberating into the now silent room.

"It's ok Chichi go back to sleep." He approached the bed, sitting in the chair beside her, he sighed deeply, running his hands through his thick mane of hair.

"Everything's all right now, once mom is better we are going to go stay with dad...all of us including mom. I promise you'll be fine." His eyes possessed a flame of anger burning deep within him, his internal rage never bubbling to the surface. Chichi reached her hand toward him, resting it upon his cheek, her fingers gently stroking the soft flesh beneath her fingertips.

"I'm glad we're all better off there. Even if we're not really a family anymore."A single tear escaped her eye, pain laced into her now soft voice. Her eyes drifted through the room, avoiding the gaze of her brother.

For higher ground
About the way you look
The way you scream out loud

Chichi's lips parted gently, silence filling the room momentarily as she pushed her anger back to the recesses of her mind.

"Where's Kakarot?" Her voice was sullen, soft, barely reaching Vegeta's ears before dissipating into nothingness. "He should be back his parents tried to get him to go home and he went spastic, the hospital staff had to restrain him. It was quite comical, wish you had seen it." Vegeta grinned at the thought of Kakarot cussing at his parents and the staff as well. Chichi pulled the sheets up around her shoulders, resting her head back against the pillow, thoughts of last night vividly playing in her mind. She and Kakarot were now officially an "item", despite the fact that no one would know, she wasn't quite sure if that bothered her or not. A smile dawned on her face at the thought of them having a secret relationship, an affair of sorts, it seemed so romantic… so risqué.

The door creaked open slowly, Kakarot peeking his head into the room he caught sight of his girlfriend.

"Babe?" Chichi's head lolled to the side, her eyes locking on his, her already present smile widening at the sight of him. Happiness played on her face, a hint of seduction dancing within her eyes. He could feel her eyes enticing him, beckoning him into her little world, where she was all he needed, the only thing he longed to touch and taste. He slipped inside the room, shutting the door behind him; he saluted Vegeta playfully, approaching the other side of the hospital bed. Kakarot leaned over the plastic railing, kissing her full on the lips, his hands cupping her face tenderly.

"Sorry I wasn't here when you woke up, something came up." He sat pushed the railing down, sitting on the edge of the bed, his hand quickly finding Chichi's.

Just like the last time
It's all the same to me
She said

"We're probably leaving tomorrow, they want to discharge Chichi tonight. But they want to keep mom one more night for observation, they'll probably keep Chi tonight too though. When we leave here though we need to stop at Mom's house quickly to grab everything we'll need, like our clothes." Chichi's arm reached around Kakarot, wrapping around his waist, her hand resting on his hip. "Can Ka-chan come stay with us the first night? Just for one night? Please?" Vegeta nodded his head, not finding himself able to deny his sister. A satisfied grin formed on her face, knowing that she had the ability to manipulate her brother. Vegeta stood from his spot beside her bed, heading towards the door; he glanced back at his sister.

"Get a little bit of sleep tomorrow's going to be a long day" Vegeta left the room, shutting the door quietly behind him.

Chichi pulled Kakarot further onto the bed, her arms wrapping around his waist, her head rested comfortably against his chest. She tucked her legs up, curling up alongside him, reveling in the warmth of his broad chest. "I never want to loose you." He stroked her face gently sighing, his fingertips grazing the silky skin of her cheeks. "Me either It's mid afternoon and I'm sure you're bored out of your mind. You want to go for a walk in the private garden?" He nodded his head, letting her hop off of the bed first, landing lightly on her feet."I need the fresh air." She darted playfully toward the door, a skip in her step. She completely ignored the obvious fact that the only thing covering her was a paper thin johnny coat, tied behind her neck, the open back exposing her bare flesh and panties.

Kakarot stood from his spot on the bed, approaching her petite form, before opening the door and allowing her to exit ahead of him. She pranced down the hallway energetically; walking backwards she stumbled over her feet momentarily. Attracting the attention of the nurses and doctors, earning concerned and indifferent looks, she stuck her tongue out childishly.

"Come on Ka-chan your slow today. Can't keep up with me?" Kakarot jogged a few steps catching up with her immediately; he grabbed her by the waist tossing her over his shoulder, walking down the corridor toward the elevator. Arriving on the first floor, he carried her toward the entrance to the outdoor courtyard.

He placed her down on the ground, allowing her to gain her balance, taking her hand in his he walked ahead of her looking around the already familiar place.

"Follow me I came down here this morning after my parents left and checked it out, I found an area I think you'll like." Kakarot took her hand and guided her through the stone paved haven full of flowers, walkways and benches. He led her around a corner, hedges creating a wall, dividing off a small area from the main courtyard. Chichi's lips parted, trying to form words to thank him.

Let's pretend
My january friend
I'm wanting you again
I wanna touch you
Every single heart that beats pretend

There was a medium sized man made pond in the middle, the edge of the pond lined with stones, separating the path from the water. A short wooden bridge reached from one end of the pond to the other, sitting only a few feet above semi-clear water. Chichi turned to him, she smiled before throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him on the cheek, her lips lingering against his flesh for a moment. She ran into the secluded area standing by the side of the pond and carefully stepped onto the small footbridge, making her way to the middle. Chichi lowered herself to the ground, allowing her legs to dangle over the edge of the bridge, the water just below her delicate feet.

"It's so beautiful." She swung her legs back and forth letting her toes skim the surface of the water sending ripples to the outer edges of the pond. The cool water sent chills from her bare feet all the way up her body. Her eyes traveled along to water to Kakarot, moving up his body, finally locking on his eyes. He made his way along the edge of the water, stepping onto the bridge he approached her, sitting down beside her. He grabbed her waist pulling her body toward him; she maneuvered herself to straddle his waist, one leg on either side of him. Her feet rested on the wood behind him, her toes curling at their close contact.

My january friend
I'm wantin you again
I wanna touch you
Every single heart that beats

Their eyes locked and they leaned closer both yearning to touch the other, to feel their flesh beneath their own. Kakarot wanted her badly, her scent alone drove him to the edge, her taste brought his desire to a whole different level. His only fear was pushing her past her limits, beyond her comfort, into the pain and fear Vegeta had told him she had encountered. He took her lips with his own, one hand caressing her hair, while the other pressed her tightly against his body. His tongue ran over her top lip then her bottom before she opened her mouth, allowing him access to her mouth. His tongue roamed over the inside of her mouth exploring every inch learning every little detail until he got to her tongue. Their tongues fought against each other, their bodies writhing against each other, both clinging to the other in lustful desperation.

Chichi had one arm wrapped around his neck, her other roaming underneath his shirt touching his taut flesh, her fingers grazing his muscles. Her hand moved from his chest, roaming lower, and her fingers falling upon a furry extremity wrapped around his waist. She felt it unwind from around him, wrapping around her wrist firmly, he pulled away from the kiss, his eyes staring directly into hers.

"Yes, my tail? Where's yours my Saiyajin doll?" Chichi's eyes widened at his words, shock overtaking her features.

"Vegeta told me, nothing to worry about."

Don't cry out loud
You've gotta bear your cross
But never dream too loud

She smiled, her features softening at his words, it wasn't fear of him knowing that had shocked her, just she hadn't expected him to know her heritage.

"Both me and Vegi-kun keep them well hidden. You know as well as I do, they are a weak spot." Kakarot leaned in, his breath playing on her lips, she darted forward, her lips pressed firmly against his once again. Her tail silently slipped out of the johnny coat, entwining around his, the tip of their tails were at the bases of others. His tail stroked the base of hers going from tip to base making her breath catch in her throat, she moaned into the kiss allowing herself lean into it more, nipping at his bottom lip. The edge of his tail slipped away from her tail, making it's way into the johnny coat, his tail traced along the edge of her panties before slipping into them. Kakarot's empty hand found its way to her tail, massaging the tip gently while his tail stroked her womanhood playing with her most intimate parts. Chichi moaned into the kiss, her body arching against his, her hands grasping at his back.
Chichi once again pulled her mouth away from his, licking her lips, her eyes closed tightly. "Kakarot..." His touch, his kisses were maddening, the teasing was enough to drive her insane.

A loud clapping could be heard from behind them, from the entrance to the secluded area.

"Good one Kakarot. You've gotten into her pants and you're not even dating...What a slut." Narissa approached the pond, Mikey following her as a dog follows their owner. Narissa's tight Abercrombie shirt clung to her small chest, the tight jeans accenting her curvy hips.

"Kakarot you fuck! I told you I wanted her! You can have any girl you want but I wanted her." Mikey took a few steps forward, his movement stopped by Narissa's hand firmly placed on his shoulder.

And you're tied
Teid to the next time
You realize
Your crimes

"Mikey's right though Kakarot you can get any girl you want. I don't see why you would want her." Narissa's tone dripped with sarcasm and envy.

Kakarot pushed himself from the edge of the bridge, using his arms to turn his body toward their company. Chichi moved to stand from his lap, only to be stopped by Kakarot's tail pinning her body against his, her flushed face resting against his shoulder.

"We came to check on Chichi, we stopped at her dad's house and he said he hadn't talked to her since the party. He also said that Vegeta had called to tell him you were hurt, your father thought it would be nice if we stopped by to see you. The nurses told us where to find you."

Chichi growled deep in her throat, the fur on her tail ruffling up, the last thing she needed was stress. She picked her head up from his shoulder, levitating her body up off his lap. She landed firmly on the ground in front of Narissa, she allowed herself to gain her balance, her footing slightly unstable.

"Ok bitch listen, I've had my eyes on him since my brother dragged me to the first Kami damned football practice and just because I have him now doesn't mean anything beside you're jealous." Narissa took a step forward, her hands clenched at her sides, her slightly taller stature casting a shadow over the petite girl.

Let's pretend
My january friend
I'm wantin you again
I wanna touch you
Every single heart that beats pretend
My January friend
I'm wantin you again
I wanna touch you
Every single heart that beats

Chichi moved to take another step forward, wanting to challenge the girl she had once been able to call a friend. As her foot hit the ground for the second time, her body gave way, falling forward she braced her body against the impact, her hands meeting the stone path. "DAMN SEDATIVES!" She powered up, enabling her to levitate her body off the ground allowing her to 'stand' a few inches above the other female.

"What the?? How can you do that?" Narissa backed up, shock written on her features. Chichi chuckled deep in her throat, amusement playing in her chocolate eyes. "You didn't know? I'm a Saiyajin."

She let her power reserve slip further, a purple tinted aura now emitting from her body, her eyes flickering turquoise even if only for a second, it had been noticed.

"It's a funny thing how you get scared of something you don't understand, but you knew about this as well as I did, remember mom explained my heritage to us in the third grade why I had a tail, you were there. Have you really forgotten?" Chichi glanced over her shoulder Kakarot, a small smile gracing her full lips.

"Come here Ka-chan, Acumalatanta."

Time stood still
Monday morning yeah...
Showed me what I had to see
It's not the way I thought it should be
Oh yeah

Kakarot smirked at her, he walked from the bridge, making his way to Chichi. Standing in front of her he extended his arms to her.

" Ya minaho. Lein malanta Saiyago? Ya nemot minahe."
Chichi powered down allowing her body to fall forward into his awaiting arms, her eyes locked on his, nodding a silent thank you.

"I can't support myself; guess I shouldn't have stayed in the bed this long today. We should probably get back inside before Vegi-kun starts to worry and comes to look for us."

Kakarot reached around, lifting her legs, he held her bridal style, her arms wrapping around his neck for support."If you two won't start any drama, you can come back in with us to her room." Mikey and Narissa nodded their heads in agreement, choosing to follow Kakarot as he walked back through the garden toward the doors leading back into the hospital. They made their way down the bright white hallway. Upon exiting the elevator a hand firmly grasped Kakarot's upper arm, cutting off his circulation.

"Where the fuck did you two go? And what the hell happened to her?"

You're my january friend

You're my january friend
You're my january friend
And every heart that beats pretend

Kakarot swallowed hard."I brought her out to the garden, guess the sedatives haven't completely left her body, she kinda collapsed, so I'm carrying her. Chill." Vegeta sighed and reached out, taking his sister in his arms, resting his cheek against her forehead. Kakarot took a step back, his eyes darkening, questions live on the tip of his tongue, his brow furrowing in concern.

"Listen I was concerned, the staff didn't know where she was, I came to find you because Yashumi isn't in his room, the staff doesn't know where he is either. I don't want him anywhere near her." Vegeta growled through his teeth, anger evident on his face and in his eyes.

"But someone told them Narissa we were downstairs, if the staff didn't know, who the fuck did?" Kakarot's lips parted, finding himself at a loss for words, a solution to the dilemma eluding his mind.

My january friend
You're my january friend
You're my january friend
And every heart that beats...

Tonight's pretend...