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This stories is a side story of Thank you niisan. The story takes place after the chuunin exam. Sasuke and Hinata have been dating for two months now. Itachi decides to torment Sasuke. Italics means Itachi's thoughts. Thanks for reading!

In Itachi's room

Itachi was looking the window watch his ototo and his ichuunoonna making-out under a tree. What a cute couple they make. That just makes it so much more fun to torment Sasuke. There are many ways to torment, I just choose. Wait I know a perfect way to torment him...

Outside in the Uchiha compound

Sasuke had his back against a sakura tree and Hinata was siting in his lap with her lips locked to his. They had been making-out for an hour, only stopping to breath. They were not ware of anything or anyone around, even of Itachi who right in front of them. I've here for two minutes and they haven't noticed me. A cute and very rude couple I must say.

"Hello!", Itachi yelled at the making-out couple. Sasuke and Hinata, once heard Itachi, stopped kissing and stared at. "That's better, it's very rude to ignore someone like that."

"What are you doing here niisan and what is so important that you had to disturb us?", Sasuke screamed at Itachi and hugged Hinata protectively.

"Hello Itachi-san.", Hinata whispered to the older Uchahi while blushing from embarrassment. Itachi gave small smile (yes I made Itachi smile) to Hinata."I'm sorry we ignored you Itachi-san.", Hinata said shyly. Hinata is very intimidated by the older Uchahi.

"Supashi-bo Hinata-chan and don't scream Sasuke you sound like a girl when you do that.", Itachi explained.The tormenting begins.Sasuke glared at him while Hinata just giggled.

"I don't scream like a girl niisan and get lost!", Sasuke yelled at him.Itachi nodded and said,"Alright but mom wants to see you ototo." Sasuke glared at him and whisperd some to Hinata. "I'll be back and you better be gone niisan when I'm back.", Sasuke said as he left Hinata and Itachi alone.

"So how are you Hinata-chan.", Itachi asks."I'm ok Itachi-san, how are you?",Hinata askes timidly. "I'm ok, so Hinata what do you think of my ototo?"

"Well Sasuke-kun is very sweet, strong , and cute.", Hinata replies, blushing a deep red color. No one has asked her about what she thinks of Sasuke before.

"Hinata did you know Sasuke had a bed wetting problem, or about Sasuke's doll collection or how he is gay ?", Itachi asked with an evil grin on his face. Hinata shook her head no."Also Sasuke had a crush me once but now that is with you he will finally is strait.", Itachi said.

"Really?" Hinata asks innocently.

"Hai Hinata. Sasuke was gay, he might still be gay but if you stay with he'll be strait.", Itachi explains to her.

Inside of the Uchahi Clan Main House

"Moms not even here. Niisan tricked me!",said a very angry Sasuke.

Back out side

"Wow, so Sasuke even cross dressed too.", Hinata said very shocked to the new information about her kareshi.

"Hai, Sasuke also..." Itachi cut off when Sasuke came back looking really mad.

"Niisan you lier mom wasn't even home and i told you to leave. What did tell my Hina-chan!",yell a very, very mad Sasuke.

"Well I must leave now, bai Sasuke, Hinata-chan." , Itachi as he disappeared into a poof of smoke. Hinata stared at her kareshi and innocently asked, "So you really loved Itachi-san and cross dressed to with him, or ...?" Sasuke screaming her stopped from finishing what she was asking.


Back in Itachi's room

Itachi was laughing like a madman on the floor.That was so much fun and it was only the beginning.From out the open window a girlish sream could heard

"Itachi-niisan you're dead!"

The End