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Chapter 28

After a few days, Jason felt calm enough to finally go home and face his father. Not to mention the fact that Jacob had been calling at the house every hour on the hour checking on Jason, and honestly everyone was getting a bit annoyed. Jason got up from his makeshift bed on the couch the morning of the four day of his stay and saw me lingering in the kitchen looking for something to munch on.

"Beth, I think I am going to go home and confront my father today about the whole marriage ordeal today. I don't know maybe he is right. Maybe I should wait until after high school to get married for social purposes you know."

"Yea, I know what you mean. That may make Jacob more keen to the idea. Do you want me to come with you for you know moral support?" I offered clearly worried about him.

"No I think I will go alone. I will let you know how it goes though. I guess if you don't hear from me then you know that he killed me." Jason said attempting to find humor in the situation.

"I guess so huh? Well I wish you all the luck in the world." I said with a smile and watched Jason walk out of the house, phase, and run on his way. I sighed and then went back to my mission of finding something to eat.

Chace walked into the house and came and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the top of my head. I turned around in his arms and asked, "Where were you this morning? You weren't there when I woke up this morning." I said with a faux frown on my face.

"I was out by the river, just thinking about things." Chace said.

"What kind of things?" I asked worried. He sounded sad.

"The same things that I was thinking about when we had our weekend alone." Chace said guiltly.

"Chace, what did I tell you, you shouldn't worry about things like that. How about we go to the city to get your mind off of things? I have to go shopping anyway."I said with a smile.

"Okay, on one condition." Chace said with a mischievous grin.

"and what would that be?" I said getting more worried by the millisecond.

"I get to drive your Ferrari." Chace said very excited.

"Fine, but you better be careful. I love that car." I replied.

"More than me?"

"Not even close." I replied stretching up on my tip-toes to kiss him and he returned it.

"REALLY? You two can't find an empty room to do that sort of stuff in?" Lillie said as she walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, hi, Lillie. I didn't know you all were back?" I said innocently.

"Of course you didn't, considering that you were too busy making out with your boyfriend to notice when your best friend comes back from her hunting trip." Lillie said with a teasing edge to her voice.

"Well I am so sorry that I was unaware of you arrival I will make sure that I am properly informed of this information so this little incident does not happen again." I replied teasing as well. Chace was just laughing through the entire conversation. Which caused Lillie and I to start laughing.

"So what are the two of you doing today?" Lillie asked.

"We are planning on heading to Seattle for the day." I replied.

"Oh that should be fun. Where is Jason?"

"He went home to finally confront his father after he has been here for the past five days." I replied.

"Oh! Well I am going to go bother Emmett. Have fun in Seattle today you two!" Lillie said going to find Emmett

I ran up stairs and got dressed in a hurry. On my way downstairs I ran into Edward. "Where are you running off to?" He said with a smile.

"Chace and I are going to Seattle for the day." I replied.

"okay just be careful." Edward said in his most fatherly tone.

"You know we will. You know Chace won't let me get into any trouble."

The trip to Seattle was a quiet affair I was more worried about watching out for cops than anything. Chace was pushing my car to the limit.

"Chace you are going to get us arrested and then what will we do?"

"We are not going to get arrested Beth. I know what I am doing and not to mention you have a radar detector built right in." Chace replied with a smile and squeezed my hand. I just shook my head. Needless to say we made it to Seattle in no time. Our first stop was to hit the mall to see if there was anything remotely interesting there. Chace and I both found some Converse that we liked and then we made our way to the music store which was honestly our favorite store in the entire mall.

After the music store we decided to hit the bookstore and then the guitar store. I needed to change the strings and I needed some more picks because mine kept mysteriously disappearing. At the book store I picked up several book for myself and a few for my mother. I thought she would enjoy. Chace had to work hard to pull me from the guitar store to prevent me from buying another guitar. So we quickly got strings and picks and left the store.

At around noon we decided that we should cater to my human side and find something to eat. We ventured to the food court and once I had gotten my food we walked off to find a table. I ate in a hurry so that I didn't waste any time. I was glad that my plan to distract Chace was working. He seemed a lot happier than he was that morning.

After I was done eating we decided just to walk around the mall. We had been walking for about an hour when Chace all of a sudden stopped and stared at couple that was walking toward us. There was something odd about the couple. They didn't look human.

"Chace? What is wrong do you know those people?" I said getting worried. I knew what the was, I just didn't know who they were.

"Beth, those are my parents." Chace said in udder shock.

"Chace are you sure. I mean those people, their…"

"Vampires, I know…. But that's them. I know it." Then the couple spotted up and the woman' s face lit up. She knew that the man standing by my side was in fact her son. Her thoughts were filled with love and confusion. The man's thought were fatherly and also they were confused. He knew that his son was now a vampire but he was confused on how this was so. As the couple go closer I started to prepare for the worst.

"Chace?" the woman said in absolute amazement

"Yes, Mom. It's me." Chace said and the two off them embraced.

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