AN: So, because I may never finish my Nick/Madison AU (I've been working on it for a year and a half now so things don't look so good) I decided to just write this. I'm still working on the AU, but at least this will get out some of my frustrations. Also, this is my first 500 word drabble and my 40th story. Yay for milestones! I hope you all like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own PR, you can tell because Nick was only evil for five minutes while I would have made him evil for at least a whole episode.

In Her Eyes

Nick gasped for breath. He looked up at the now clear sky, vaguely wondering if he'd dreamed it all. The second the thought entered his mind his newfound power surged within him and he felt more alive than ever. He stood, looking out at the ancient forest. In the back of his mind was an order: destroy it. He smiled. That would be fun.

Hurried footsteps echoed down the hall behind him. He ducked quickly out of sight.

"Hello?" Madison called, stepping out onto the balcony.

"Maddie," Nick said smoothly, emerging from the shadows.

"Nick!" Madison cried, jumping around and clutching her chest. "You scared me," she said, her voice light. Her eyes hardened slightly and she looked him up and down. "Are you all right? I thought I heard something up here."

"I was just practicing," he said, motioning to the fallen practice sword behind her. "I must have been louder than I thought," he added.

"Well," Madison said, shedding her cape and bending to pick up his sword, "you can't practice very well on your own." She dropped into a fighting stance and Nick smirked. He walked past her to grab another training sword. He turned swiftly, attempting to catch her off guard, but she blocked his strike. He raised an eyebrow beneath their lifted arms and she smiled. He brought his sword down and around and she spun away, managing to catch him while his sword was low. She smirked as he clutched his sword arm. She hadn't hit him hard, but she had still hit him. He smiled up at her and her own smile faded slightly at his dark expression. He attacked with double the speed and strength he'd used before, easily disarming her. She tried to spin away again but he caught her arm and her spin brought her into his chest. She looked up at him and he could see a faint purple glow reflected in her wide eyes.

"Nick," she gasped, trying to break free of his hold, "what's happened to you?"

"Madison?" Udonna's voice came from deep within Rootcore. "Are you all right?"

Madison was about to call out, but Nick put a hand over her mouth. He turned to the doorway and said in Madison's voice, "I'm fine, Udonna, just enjoying the view."

Madison's eyes widened further and she fought harder. Nick held her tight.

"As much as I would love to stay," he said, fully aware of how good it felt to hold her in his arms, "my Master has a mission for me."

There was an added note of urgency in Madison's eyes as she stopped struggling, too shocked to move.

"I'm afraid," Nick added, "that I can't have you telling anyone about me -- not yet anyway." He put a glowing purple hand to her forehead and her eyes fluttered closed. He set her down in a chair on one of the connecting balconies before disappearing into a seal and setting to work destroying the nearest village.