"I can't, House," she whispered. "I'm too tired."

"Yes, you can," he encouraged her.

She leaned forward, eyes ablaze, and pushed with all her might.

"It's a girl," the doctor announced; laying the tiny baby along her chest. He watched as she stroked a few fingers along the infant's head. Her eyes filling with unspoken tears; finally she had the gift which she had waited so long for.

"She's beautiful," she whispered to him.

He pulled back the pink blankets that graced her bed then sat her down. Her small head rested along the cream pillow and he brushed a few dark locks out of her eyes. Sometimes, he hated how much she looked like her mother. "Do you think mommy loved me?" She suddenly asked.

"Doctor House, something went wrong," the doctor spoke, his voice dripping with concern.

"What," he asked, slightly confused with the turn of events. "Is it the baby?"

"There was a complication," the doctor informed him. "With Lisa."

"Your mommy loved you very much," he told her, drawing the blanket up to her chin. "More then anything in this world." He watched as her eyes fluttered shut, her breathing drawing even and crawled in beside her.

"We're sorry, House," the doctor said. "We lost her. Lisa's gone."

He kissed his daughter sweetly on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, Lisa," he whispered, once for his daughter, but also one last farewell to the love of his life. He closed his eyes, making a promise to take care of such precious things.