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Fire And Ice

Natsu was sitting down at a table in the Fairy Tail guild. He was depressed over something, as he wasn't his usual loud self. So far, almost everyone except Gray, Erza, and Lucy in the guild had tried to find out what was wrong with him.

However, with no luck they all go tired of seeing him depressed, and just went on with their lives. One thing hadn't changed though, his stubbornness. He had refused to tell anyone, and that was why everyone had given up on it. They figured he'd back to his old self soon enough somehow.

Natsu let out a very depressed sigh, and was about to get up, but someone had said his name. It was Erza.

Just as he had been about to turn around, she smacked him in the face. "Whats wrong with you. All you've done lately is just mope around, and sighed heavily all day." said Erza in an angry tone. Natsu just got up quietly from the destruction as the punch had sent him flying into a chair, and a table.
"Its nothing." said the young fire mage as he attempted to walk away slowly.

Grabbing Natsu by his scarf, Erza pulled him up to her face. "Yes it is something. Lucy is worried sick about you. I am too, but when you upset my girl, then I've got to do something about it.. I didn't do anything earlier because I figured you'd get over it, but dammit its been a week Natsu since all this started." she said tightening her grip.
Natsu just stared back blankly. "Everyones worried, but they can't stand being around you since your so mopey!" yelled Erza.

"I really don't care right now Erza. Could you just let me go." he said like a zombie.

Erza couldn't stand seeing him like this. She looked into his lifeless eyes. Its as if he had given up on life itself.
She noticed that now she only held a scarf. Natsu had slipped through, and was now walking off zombie like. "That little bastard." said Erza just as she was about to run after him. A hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Let him go. Perhaps he'll be back to normal if we leave him alone." said the owner of the hand. The hand bore the mark of Fairy Tail, and it belong to none other than Lucy.

"Ok dear, but it hurts me to see him like that. I was just trying to help you, and all of us that care for him." she said pulling Lucy into a tight hug.

Lucy blushed a little bit, and said "I hope he gets better soon though."

Lucy was torn apart deep down over seeing her friend in such turmoil, and it tore her ever more apart that she could do nothing about it.

"Its been a week since this started. I wonder what happened though to make him so bad. Oh yeah, that reminds me how are Jubia, and Gray getting alone." said Erza remembering suddenly the news from last week.

Jubia had asked Gray out, and Gray had accepted. "They're doing alright. Truth be told though, I don't think Gray likes Jubia that way. He's been real irritable all week." said Lucy Erza was now playing with her hair, and was smelling it.

"Your hair smells nice." said Erza who was still hugging Lucy. She kissed Lucy on the cheek.

"Thank you Erza." said Lucy while blushing deeper than last time.

It was nighttime as Natsu left the guild. He heard a female giggling, and turned to see Jubia clinging onto a shirtless Gray. He just turned around, and started walking away. Those were the last two people he wanted to see.

"Oh, its Natsu-san. Over here!" said Jubia while waving with one hand. Natsu was annoyed that he had been spotted so easily. "Damn my bright hair." he muttered, and turned around

He was depressed, but he still acknowledged people who spoke to him.

Gray seemed annoyed as Jubia clung to him. "Yo." was all Gray said as he turned his head to looked at the sky.

Natsu just nodded his head. "So Natsu-san, what are you up to, Jubia wonders?" said Jubia in a happy tone.

"I'm up to nothing." he said sadly. He turned to leave, but Gray finally spoke up. "Natsu, whats wrong with you?"
Even Gray was asking him what was wrong. Natsu clutched his chest, and turned around to face Gray. "Its nothing." he said and ran off.

"Jubia wonders whats got the little salamander all sad." said Jubia .

"I hope he'll be ok." said the ice alchemist. Even though he fought with Natsu a lot in the past, he had grown to like Natsu as a friend.

Natsu was now hugging a pillow in the bedroom of his apartment. Happy was no longer present as he had gone to stay with Erza, and Lucy. He had gotten tired of Natsu being so down in the dumps. The little cat had tried so many times the first few days to bring sunshine to his friend's eyes. However, each attempt had been futile. Natsu had finally fallen asleep, but with a picture next to him. It was of a young Gray, and Natsu holding hands. On the back of it was some writing.

The next morning Natsu got up wearily, and got dressed. He tried to find his scarf, but remembered leaving it at the guild.
He headed out of his apartment, and walked lazily towards the guild building.

Everyone was already out on missions. Only a few people were still there. Probably too lazy to go out on one.

As he walked in, nobody paid attention to him. He approached the counter where Mirajane sat. "Any good missions?" he said in a bored way.

"Sorry Natsu. Only simple ones are up. All the good ones have been taken for the day." said Mirajane. Mirajane had not asked what was wrong with Natsu as she already knew. It was one thing Mirajane was very wise about, love.

Natsu waved goodbye lazily, and made his way towards the mission board. He picked one that looked like a day's work, find a little boy's dog. The price wasn't that good, but Natsu just wanted to get away for the day away from everyone.

Just as he was about to leave to go to the client's house, a few people called his name out. It was Jubia, Gray, and Lucy.

They all asked if he want them to come with him "I highly doubt it will take four people to find one little dog." said Natsu in a dead tone.
Lucy, and Jubia took the hint, and left. Gray however didn't.

"I'm going whether you like it or not." said Gray in retort.

"Whatever." said Natsu as he walked away with. However, inside he was happy that he was getting a chance to spend time with Gray alone without Jubia.

A few hours passed after they had completed their small mission. Natsu, and Gray now laid down on a band near a stream in a forest outside of the town. Gray had suggested coming here, and Natsu hadn't really fought against the suggestion.

"Hey Gray, do you remember when we were just kids in the guild?" asked Natsu in a tone he hadn't used in a week. It was almost happy for once.

"Not really. I remember some, but not a lot." said the alchemist. He was in his boxers, and was laying next to Natsu.

They were both laid on their backs, and were watching the stream's water flow away towards where it would someday meet the ocean.

"Oh." said Natsu sadly. His heart tugged a little bit, and he knew he had been hurt deep. Natsu got up, and was about to leave.

"Why are you leaving all of a sudden. I thought we were enjoying ourselves." said Gray pulling on his shirt, and pants. He ran after Natsu.

"I have things to do, and dont follow me." said Natsu as he walked faster.

Gray was about to follow him, but decided to just leave him alone. For some reason, Natsu had become all upset when Gray said he didn't remember their past that much as kids.

Another week passed, and nothing changed. Natsu hadn't gotten any better, or worse. He just went around lifelessly, and did missions. He hung around the guild littler, and littler. It was the weekend, and the sun was setting.

Outside, Natsu saw Gray walking away, with Jubia following him, except tear were streaming down her eyes.

"Gray-chan, please! Why are you doing this?" said a upset Jubia as she tugged at Gray's arm.

"Jubia its over! It didn't work out! Just let it go!" said a pissed Gray. He was angry over the fact that Jubia was making such big deal out of their breakup.

"I haven't felt anything for you for the past two weeks. I'm sorry, but it just didn't work out." he said calming down.

Jibia just cried some more, and ran off. Gray sighed, and sat down right on the sidewalk with everyone watching him.
Natsu was more happy than sad. He ran over to Gray to comfort his friend.

"Gray! I just saw what happened. Are you ok?" asked a worried Natsu.

"I'm alright. Its just that I haven't had any feelings for Jubia the past two weeks. I just though its time to end it. She just had to make a big scene about it." he said while sighing. "Dammit!" he yelled as noticed his shirt was gone.

Natsu laughed, and said "Well I hope you'll be ok. And Jubia too." Natsu was back to his old self, not that Gray could see.

"Thanks Natsu. Ill see you around. I hope you get better too." said Gray thinking that Natsu was still sad over whatever it was.

However, little did he know that Natsu was back to his old self now.

The following day, news had spread throughout the guild about the breakup. Everyone was hush hush about it though. Jubia was still apart of the guild as she had joined them a while ago, but she had taken a vacation the morning after saying she needed to get away.

Natsu greeted everyone as his usual loud, and cheerful self. Everyone cheered in response to seeing the young mage back to his old self.

Lucy, and Erza were sitting at a table in a corner.. They were happy that Natsu was back, but they both noticed two things. One that Natsu had started his little depression scene two weeks ago when Jubia, and Gray started going out, and that the second thing was as they broke up the next day aka today he was back to his old self.

"You dont think that Natsu likes Jubia do you?" asked Erza.

Lucy fell over in a comedic fashion. She thought her partner knew who Natsu liked. After all they knew each other since childhood.
"No Erza. I think he likes Gray." said Lucy in a whisper.

Erza just blinked, and looked at Natsu who was now reunited with Happy. Happy had heard the news and flew to his old friend as fast as he could.

"I guess. There is their whole childhood thing." said Erza deep in thought trying to recall a past memory.

Lucy just looked at Erza in puzzlement.

"What childhood thing?" she asked.

"Well, I can't really recall it." said Erza as she scratched her head while laughing. Lucy banged her head into the table repeatedly.

While the two talked, Natsu went on celebrating with everyone. Mirajane was glad to see him back to normal, but she knew she would have to help him. If this was how he was if Gray went out with somebody else, who knew what it would do to the poor kid if he was rejected.

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