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Chapter 3

It had been three days since Gray, and Natsu returned. However, Natsu wouldn't acknowledge Gray at all. Every time he tried to talk Natsu, he would ignore Gray. Gray thought he had done something wrong, so he decided to bring Natsu to a place he knew Natsu loved to go each year, the fair. The previous year Natsu had missed it because of a mission, and he had been so mad over it, that he had refused to go on a mission, but he got over it. So Gray knew that Natsu was looking forward to this year's one.

It was the day before the fair, and Gray was planning to ask Natsu if he wanted to go with him, not on a date, but as a friend. He saw Natsu laughing at something Lucy had just said. They were sitting at the counter where Mirajane stood usually, and served drinks. Gray approached them, but Natsu acted as if nobody was behind him.

"Hey Gray." said Lucy turning her to attention to the ice mage behind Natsu.

"Hey Lucy, Natsu I have a question for you." said Gray in a happy tone.

Natsu just acted as if it was the wind making a noise.

Gray just scratched his head as he was irritated at his friend's behavior, but he kept himself cool. Heck, he'd been doing it all week. He didn't want to damage their friendship more than Natsu was doing himself.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the fair with me tomorrow as a friend."said Gray still scratching the back of his head, laughing nervously.

Natsu's heart soared at the words that Gray had said, but as he said those last three his heart sunk.

However, it was still time to spend with Gray, so what the heck. "Sure I'll go with you." said the young pyro mage turning to face Gray with a big smile.

"Alright, I'll pick you up at 7." said Gray waving goodbye.

Natsu left too as he was too excited now to stay in the guild. That left Lucy alone with Mirajane.

"So Lucy do you think something will unfold from his?" asked Mirajane giggling.
"I don't know, but I do hope so for both of them." said Lucy.

Later that night in Lucy's apartment, Lucy, and Erza laid on the Stellar Spirit mage's bed. They both wore nothing, but a bra, and some underwear.

Erza licked Lucy on the cheek, and asked "Whats wrong? You seem to have something on your mind."

Lucy blushed at Erza licking her, but managed to speak up. "Its just tomorrow the fair will be open, and Natsu was invited by Gray to go. I'm just worried about them." she said sadly.

The one word fair sparked Erza's memory. "Now I remember.." said Erza recalling that fateful day. "I know something will happen. Hopefully, Gray will remember too. We'll be going too you know."

"We are? Why?" asked Lucy looking at her partner.

"Why of course to spy on them. Also to have a little fun ourselves." said Erza who started to fondle Lucy's breast.

Lucy moaned out quietly "Erza."

Meanwhile, Natsu sat in his own apartment too excited to go to sleep. He held the picture of him, and Gray as kids above his head while he laid down on his bed.

"I can't believe it. I'm going back there, and best of all its with him." said Natsu hugging the picture. He hoped that it would bring back the memories that Gray could not remember. Happy was already asleep at the foot of Natsu's bed.

Natsu fell asleep at last, still hugging the precious picture from his childhood.

Natsu was having a good dream. He had just went to the fair with Gray, and they were both happy. Gray had taken him to the roof of the Fairy Tail guild. This is where things had gone wrong.

"Hey Gray, can I confess something to you?" asked Natsu looking up at the stars.

"Sure thing." said Gray who turned his head to Natsu.

Natsu took in a deep breath, and then turned his head to Gray. He then suddenly kissed Gray on the lips, and then pulled away. "I love you." said Natsu.

However, Gray looked disgusted. "What the hell! I'm not that way man." said Gray with a face that looked like he just ate something that tasted really horrible.

Natsu's heart was broken. "But what about our childhood?" said Natsu as tears started to form around his eyes.

"We were just kids then. Now we're both grown. You may be that way still, but I'm not. Goodbye Natsu." said Gray who started walking through a dark tunnel.
"No! Please don't leave me!" yelled a crying Natsu. The tunnel enveloped Gray, leaving nothing, but a brokenhearted mage.

Natsu woke up from this dream, and had tears in his eyes. He turned his attention towards the light from the window. It was morning already. He looked at the clock which said 6 am. Natsu wiped away the tears, and went back to sleep. He didn't want his dream to come true.

A hour later, Gray arrived to pick up Natsu. He was at Natsu's door, and was knocking hard. "Come on Natsu! Wake up!" he said loudly. It had been a few minutes like this. He would knock, and then say loudly for Natsu to come on.
After a few more minutes, the door opened till the chain lock would allow. "What do you want?" asked a grumpy Natsu.
"It's time to go. Remember the fair?" said Gray angry that Natsu had forgotten already.

"I'm not going." said Natsu closing the door immediately.

Gray was both hurt, and mad. "Come on. I invited you specifically Natsu." said Gray hoping that Natsu could hear him through the door.

"I'm not going!" yelled Natsu from the inside.

"Why are you acting so childish!" yelled Gray.

Time passed, and no answer came. So, Gray did the last thing he could do. Not even he expected it himself. Break into Natsu's apartment through the window.
"Ice make bridge!" he yelled outside of Natsu's apartment. A bridge of ice formed and Gray made his quickly up it. Gray made the window freeze up, and then he pushed his hand against it as he hadn't made the ice too strong. The ice, and window cracked and broke into tiny pieces. Gray jumped inside, and noticed he was in Natsu's room. "Now where is that brat?" he asked himself.

He heard the shower running. That had to be Natsu. Not caring that Natsu would be naked, he bust open the door, making Natsu look through his shower curtain.

"How'd you get in!" he said loudly.

"I came in through the window. Now come on. Your coming with me to the fair." said Gray not noticing that somewhere along the way he had lost his shirt. Natsu had tried to get out of the shower to escape tripped on the bar of soap on the shower floor, and fell out. However, he was caught by Gray.

Natsu blushed, and tried to pull away. "Oh no, your not going anywhere." said Gray making his grip on Natsu tighter. Gray had him locked from behind, so he didn't notice Natsu becoming hard in a certain place.

Gray was much stronger than Natsu physically somehow. He dragged Natsu to his bedroom, and told him to get dressed. Natsu did as he was told knowing that there was no way to escape Gray once he got determined enough.

Gray, and Natsu walked towards the fair. Natsu was a foot behind Gray, and anyone could tell he was pouting by his face. Gray felt bad at himself for forcing Natsu to come, but Gray really wanted Natsu to come with him. His original cause had been to get Natsu to talk to him again, but now it was different.

"Natsu please cheer up." said Gray stopping and turning to his friend.

"Why should I?" asked Natsu as he stopped too, but wouldn't face Gray.

Gray sighed, and said "I'll ride any ride you want to. No matter how kiddish, I'll ride it." This was the only way Gray could think to cheer up Natsu.

"You swear?" asked Natsu.

"Yes. I swear. If I don't do it, I'll buy lunch for you everyday for the rest of the year." said Gray. He knew that now he would have to keep his promise if he didn't want to go into serious debt.

Natsu was now cheerful, and ran grabbing Gray by the arm. "Well, lets go then!" he said loudly, and cheerfully.

Gray was happy to see his friend cheerful again. They arrived at the fair.
However, unknowing to the two friends, Erza and Lucy were hiding. "Finally! Talk about an hour late!" said an angry Erza.

"Ssh, they might hear you." said Lucy. They were hiding in a bush by the entrance to the park.

"Are you two gonna enter the fair, or not?" asked the person who let people in. He clearly saw them behind the bush, and so did everyone that had entered the park. Lucy, and Erza entered, shortly followed by Gray, and Natsu.

"Lets go on the Merry-Go-Round first." said Natsu pointing at it. Gray just groaned, but went on ahead. Like last time, Gray, and Natsu rode on the same horse as most of the horses already had a kid on it. Erza, and Lucy also rode on a single horse. The ride started, and Natsu was cheering like a little kid. Gray smiled, and was happy that Natsu was enjoying himself.

Erza on the other hand was mad. "Can't these things catch up! Come on Silver! We've got to get closer!" yelled Erza at the poor plastic horse. Lucy just sweat dropped.

"Man thats a loud kid." said Gray as he couldn't see that far away.

Just as Gray, and Natsu got off Gray had a flashback of the time he rode the ride as a kid with Natsu.

Gray held his head with one hand. "Are you ok Gray?" asked Natsu.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." he said. "Did that really happen?" he said quietly.

Next, they rode the same ride as they did in their past. As Gray, and Natsu were lifted in the air, Gray had another flashback. "Uh, whats going on." he said. Erza looked determined as if she was trying to get closer to the two to see what they were doing. Lucy who was behind her just enjoyed herself.

It was now sunset, and around 5. Gray had gone to get some cotton candy for Natsu. Natsu sat on a bench, and there was a bunch of bushes separating another bench that was behind it. On that bench sat Lucy, and Erza who peeped through the bushes.

Natsu was tired, and held his head on his two hands

Gray came back with two cotton candies in hand. He saw the two girls as they walked off. He saw that Just as he was about to say something as he got closer, all the rest of Gray's memories came rushing back. He dropped one of the cotton candies he had cotton for them. The shock of the sudden memories had caused Gray to freeze.

"Come on. Nows the perfect chance to kiss." said Erza.
"What do you mean?" asked a confused Lucy.

"Well now they only have one cotton candy, so if they both eat it from the bottom, hopefully they'll kiss." said Erza.

Lucy just sweat dropped again. They could just go, and get another one, but she didn't want to ruin Erza's fun if thats what you could call it.

Gray finally woke up from the deep thought had been in. He sat down, and gave Natsu the cotton candy. "Sorry that I dropped the other one. It was for you, but you can have mine" said Gray. "Whats wrong?"

"Its nothing." said Natsu. "You want to share it?"

"Sure why not." said Gray. They both took turns biting from the bottom of the cottony goodness until there one small part at the top As they both went in to eat it, their lips met. Natsu was surprised, and so was Gray. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, and they both pulled away quickly. "Sorry about that." said a blushing Natsu. However, he was happy that he got to kiss Gray.

"Its alright. I was going to tell you, so I might as well now." said a blushing Gray. "I have my memories back, and I'm sorry that I forgot.

Natsu stopped blushing, and turned to face Gray. "So do you still feel that way about me?" he asked truthfully.

"The reason I went out with Jubia was because I felt sorry for her. However, while I went out with her, I didn't feel anything, no spark, no nothing. But when I'm with you I always felt a fire within my icy heart." said Gray trying his best to explain how he felt for Natsu.

"So that tiny spark as kids turned into a flame?" asked Natsu.

"I think so." said Gray leaning in to kiss Natsu. He allowed Gray to, and their lips met again, except this time it was on purpose. Gray's tongue asked permission to enter Natsu's mouth, and Natsu allowed him so.

Gray's tongue moved around a bit, and touched all he could, just enjoying the taste that was Natsu. Finally, Gray's tongue left Natsu's mouth, as they were both out of air.

"Gray, I love you." said Natsu while panting.

"I love you too." said Gray who too was panting.
Erza, and Lucy both said "Aw."

"Hey, did that bush just say something?" said Natsu as he turned his attention to it.

"I think it did." said Gray.

The two new lovers got up, and left. They had been freaked out by the talking bush. "What idiots." said Lucy.

It was now nighttime, and Natsu laid on the roof of the Fairy Tail guild accompanied by Gray. "The reason I didn't want to come was because I had a bad dream that you rejected me even though you remembered that day." said Natsu. They were stargazing, and Natsu had picked this place. He didn't want to but he had to get past that dream.

"I don't blame you Natsu at all. I would be scared too if I was in your position." said Gray.

Natsu didn't reply, and just sighed. He was glad that everything worked out, but he was extremely tired.
Without warning. Gray was on top of Natsu. Natsu blushed, and said "What are you doing?"

"Nothing, just staring at your perfect face." said Gray while smiling. He bent down to kiss Natsu, and Natsu took control of the kiss time pulling Gray down onto his body. Their kiss lasted until both of them gasped for air.

"We need a signal if we need air." said a panting Gray.
"Yeah, how about we just pull away?" said a panting Natsu.

After the two lovers got back their breath, they both said in unison "I love you."

After a while more of stargazing, Natsu had fallen asleep. Gray who was tired too just picked Natsu, up, and started to carry him like a bride. "I hope he doesn't mind staying at my apartment for the night." he said as he was too tired to go to Natsu's house and back.

Meanwhile, on a roof across sat a spying Erza, and Lucy. "God we're nosy." said Lucy while sighing.

Erza just sat there watching the two leave with binoculars, and smiling, glad that her two friends had found love.

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