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"Yukimura-san," Kirihara pleaded. "No! You remember what happened last time! You can't force me to do this again. It's child abuse! Have you no sympathy, buchou?" His teammates looked on helplessly. They couldn't save him now. They couldn't even save themselves.

One would think his captain was forcing him to mass murder the school. No, of course not. That would just be silly.

"I HATE TEAM BONDING!" Kirihara cried. He then buried his face in his hands and wept silently in the corner.

Yukimura gave him an all too innocent look. "But Akaya! I thought you liked our last team-bonding activity."

Everyone sweat dropped simultaneously. Magical thought bubbles formed above their heads as they recalled their last 'pleasant' experience. It involved Akaya's drowning in the Amazon River, Sanada's losing his precious cap and grieving for it for weeks, Niou's near-death experience after being tied to a tree by a cobra, and much more. Oh, and Jackal was scarred for life after watching . . . something. (Dirty, dirty minds. That wasn't what I meant. It was something about a polar bear and a toucan, I believe. Did I mention that already?)

"What is it, everyone?" Yukimura asked, clearly disconcerted. "Don't you like our team-bonding events?" He gave his troubled team a prize winning smile, clearly awaiting some praise.

A cricket chirped. Many times.

"Yukimura," Marui began, putting the green gum in his mouth on hold for a moment, "your events are somewhat . . . extreme."

"I have no idea what you mean."

Renji frowned. "Unless you've forgotten, our last team-bonding activity was a trip to the Amazon River. Might I add that some of us had near-death experiences . . . I really don't believe the RikkaiDai tennis team would be willing to go through that trauma again."

"Of course I didn't forget," Yukimura replied easily. "How could I? Had it not been for that experience, I would never have known the thrill of watching a cobra choke a human. I rather enjoyed it. I took some beautiful pictures of you all, and forwarded them to the other schools. I received nothing but great responses."

"Yukimura, you –" Sanada tried.

"Whoever doesn't participate will find themselves the reserve player for the rest of the month."

"I'll come," Sanada immediately announced.

Yukimura smiled appreciatively at him.

Hesitantly, Marui stepped forward. Niou followed, and Jackal stepped up too. Yagyuu stood next to Niou, and Renji took a spot near Jackal. "What about you, brat?" Niou called. "You coming or not?"

Akaya gave Niou a death-glare, but walked forward anyway. "If I die, I'm suing you," he muttered, wiping tears from his blood-red face.

"Good," Yukimura said, looking pleased. "Would you like to hear what our team-bonding activity will be?"

Everyone flinched.

"An . . ."

They drew back in preparation.

". . . exciting . . ."

They covered their faces with fear.

". . . slumber party!"

They gave Yukimura a dumbfounded look. It stayed that way for several minutes. Finally, Sanada cleared his throat. "Fine idea, Yukimura."

"Y-yeah," Niou stammered. "Sounds slumber-y."

"I'm so glad to hear you're all excited! It will be held at my house, Saturday at six in the afternoon. We'll play so many exciting games," he continued, "like Concentration, and Patty cake, and Truth or Dare."

They sweat dropped in unison again. "Aren't we a bit old to be playing those games?" Renji protested.

"How about Strip Poker? And Strip Twister? And –"

"Stop right there, Niou," Yagyuu told him. "We have Akaya with us, remember?"

"Indeed. We wouldn't want to taint innocent, pure mind," Jackal agreed.

Marui gave them all a dubious look, then turned his attention to the second year who was silently fuming and turning very, very red in the corner. "Him? Innocent? I don't think so."

"That means we can drink Vodka and play Strip Poker in his face!" Niou cried in delight.

In his face?

The group sweat-dropped again, even Devil Akaya, and they all took a good step or twenty away from him. Rapidly turning away, Renji wondered, "What should we bring?"

"Just yourselves," Yukimura insisted. "Oh, and if you could get in contact with Inui, that'd be great."

"What for?"

"I want some of that Inui Juice he's so infamous for."

"How much of it?"

"Enough for eight people," he replied with a malicious grin.

Renji knew exactly how many people were in his team, but he counted anyway, just to be certain. And much to his disappointment and fear, he counted eight trembling tennis players. "Inui's on vacation," he lied.

"Really?" Yukimura shrugged. "Well, okay. I hear he has an online manufacturing account. I'll just order eight glasses of that blue vinegar drink he invented."

"You'd be better off with Penal Tea," Renji mended.

"But they don't sell it online. Inui only posted the vinegar drink. It looks very satisfying."

"I could get you Penal Tea," he said quickly.

"But Inui's on vacation."

"He's not leaving till tomorrow. I can go get some today. Now. And be too busy to come back to practice for the rest of the day."

"Now? Well, that'd be helpful." Yukimura nodded his approval. "Alright, then. Thank you."

Renji ran off.

"I'll, uh, come with him," Niou suggested. "He'll need help carrying all those crates of juice."

"But it's only eight glasses," Yukimura responded, confused.

"I'm much stronger than he is," Niou insisted, and raced after Renji.

"I'll help too," Marui quickly said, and followed Niou.

"You can't manage by yourself," Jackal yelled after him, and dashed toward the other three runaways.

"I ought to go too. I'm stronger than all of them combined!" Akaya bragged, following them out of the tennis courts.

"I better go and make sure they don't get into any trouble," Yagyuu informed his captain with a sigh. And he disappeared too.

Sanada approached Yukimura, not making any attempt to get away, but not looking overjoyed either. "You know," Yukimura told him thoughtfully, "the way they keep running away . . . you'd think they're trying to escape from me or something." Then he waved his hand, as if to wave the ridiculous notion away.

Sanada sighed.

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