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"Say, burglar-sama," Akaya piped up.

"He's addressing him with –sama?" Marui demanded. "What the —?"

Niou shrugged. "I'm a good influence, I guess."

". . . Yeah, okay." Yagyuu was obviously unconvinced, but did not argue. "We should probably save Akaya from that burglar."

"But I want to have fun!" Niou whined.

"Yeah!" Marui cheered. "I want to make friends with a murderer too! And then we can have him teach us the art of stabbing people in the back."

"Nah, I already know how to do that."

"I won't even ask," Sanada mumbled. "You can all deal with the murderer. I'm going to sleep."

Sanada was being irresponsible. That was, like, impossible. Yanagi was having quite a lot of fun writing all this down. "We should end this, though," Yanagi put in. "It's nearly three in the morning."

"That's fantastic," Yagyuu answered. "And we don't care. You two have fun. The rest of us are going to sleep."

"FINE!" Marui and Niou snapped. "You guys have fun being prudes."

"What does being a prude have to do with anything?" Jackal demanded. "I feel insulted."

"You know, I suddenly have an urge to watch an American drama."

"Why American?"

"Because the women on their show are really hot," Niou replied.

"You've done enough mind-scarring for one day. Go to sleep or run fifty laps tomorrow."

"Sanada's no fun."

"When has he ever been fun?" Marui asked. "Let's just get the murderer out of the house and sleep."

"Aw, fine."

Downstairs, Akaya was talking to the alleged murderer. "So can I see your cool mask?"

Niou cheered silently. "The brat is actually smart! By taking his mask, the brat can take him down more easily."

"It's so awesome!" Akaya exclaimed. "Can I have it?"

Niou face-palmed.

"Of course," Yukimura responded. "It is a great mask. It was made in Italy."

"What's it made of? Leather?"

"No, plastic!"

"That's so cool!"

Yukimura chuckled. "Don't you recognize me, Akaya?"

Akaya looked up. He was silent for a few seconds, and then his face lit up. "You look a lot like that cartoon from the children's network! You know, the guy who's friends with the purple dinosaur."

Yukimura laughed. "You're sure you don't remember me?"

At that, Niou and Marui crept downstairs. "Holy —, it's Yukimura." They raced downstairs to greet him.

"Really?" Akaya stared at his captain. "You don't look like Mura-buchou."

Marui laughed. "You're right, Akaya. He doesn't look like Mura at all. He looks like his evil twin."

"That wasn't even funny," Niou interrupted, looking disappointed.

Yukimura smiled at them. "So you're not mad that I tried to kill you all?" He held out a pocket-blade. "Right?"

The light reflected off the blade as Niou and Marui stammered yes in a very nervous fashion.

"And it's not because I'm threatening to kill you?" Yukimura pressed.

"Well—" Marui stepped on Niou's foot. "No, not at all," Niou said, grimacing in pain. "Damn it, Marui, what the hell are you wearing? Heels?"

"Cleats," Marui chirped.

"And Akaya, dear, please get out of that dress. It's scaring me," Yukimura chided.

"YUKIMURA? SCARED?" Yanagi shouted from upstairs. There was the sound of some furious scribbling, and then Sanada shouting:

"Everyone go to sleep or you'll be kicked off the team."

"You use that threat too much."

". . . Be quiet, Yagyuu."

"He learned that from me!" Niou hollered, waving his arms like a proud parent.

"Well, it seems everyone is awake." Yukimura's eyes glinted. "Let's have a little end of sleepover type of celebration."

There was a collective groan.

"I said, let's have a little end of sleepover type of celebration."

Everyone cheered with weak enthusiasm.

Yukimura beamed. "I'm so glad you all enjoyed this sleepover!"

"Did we say that?" Marui asked weakly. He was clinging onto the couch for dear life, looking at Yukimura's pocket-blade with absolute terror. "Dear God, Mura, where do you get this stuff?"


". . . Oh."

"Everyone, come downstairs. I have a little announcement to make." Yukimura settled on the couch, dislodging Marui, who tumbled to the floor.

"Oww," he whined. "I need more sugar."

"Do you want a hug?" Akaya beamed.

"No thanks," Marui replied, backing away. "That dress of yours really scares me. You look like my mom when she's planning my family's demise."

"Your mom does that?" Niou asked. "Mine too!"

They high-fived.

Slowly but surely, the others walked downstairs. "Good morning," Jackal yawned. Yagyuu nodded to his captain and promptly curled up into a ball on the floor. Sanada seemed to be sleepwalking.

"I thought we should celebrate this one last day with something I know you'll all enjoy," Yukimura began. "It's a tale of adventure, mystery, betrayal, and pain."

"Is there any dying?" Niou asked.

"There are two deaths, as far as I can remember. So pitifully painful to watch."

"Is it that awesome movie that took place in Troy or something?"

"No, Marui. It is, however, a lovely movie. It made me—"

"Scream in fear?"

"No, it made me weep."

"It must be a fantastic movie, then, to make Mura-buchou cry." Akaya shivered. "Was it that scary?"

"You'll see," Yukimura sang.

He popped a disc into the DVD player and turned on the television. There was an elderly man on the screen, reading from a notebook.

Niou gaped. "Oh, crap."

Marui and Akaya stared at him. "What?"

Sanada wasn't listening, and Yagyuu had his eyes glued to the screen. Jackal watched the movie with Yagyuu, and Yukimura had a very creepy grin on his face.

"It's here," Niou whispered.

On the screen, the words 'The Notebook' popped up.

It's the end! I watched the movie myself; it was quite lovely. Although, I doubt Niou would agree with me.

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