Chapter 10: Unfair Dismissal, and clearing up mistakes.

The Group sat around the dining room table; Roxy and the Doctor had fetched more tea and biscuits, on the table were a stack of books most containing the rules of the academy. Roxy's father was part of the High Council and he took an interest of the academy, the Time Lords scanned quickly through the pages of the books, they could read a lot faster than Ford, Zaphod and Arthur.

Roxy's finger stopped on a rule; in the second book she flipped through, and re-read it a few times.

"It was the first time we did anything wrong, Professor Allen should have been lenient with us, given us a reprimand or a detention." She said "I also noted that screwdriver he carries isn't standard equipment of academy professors."

The group looked at her and she looked down at the book; she flipped through more pages, and finally rested on an important bit of information.

"It also says here that any pupils to be expelled have to be consistently reprimanded or do something incredibly dangerous, like causing a supernova to explode in class."

The Doctor looked at her and smiled; she was clever just like he knew she was, although the others were intensely surprised, the looked at her like she was an alien, which to Arthur she was.

"Roxy, how did you manage to find that so fast?" Stella asked she looked carefully to her friend.

Roxy looked at Stella her sapphire eyes had swirls of golden light around her iris', it looked unnatural and it scared her.

"My mind was jumbled, but not anymore." She said "We should just go to the Academy tomorrow, I will let father know that we need his help backing us up."

Stella looked at her friend she had never seemed so focused or was she seemingly that clever, something was wrong, or that's what Stella thought. But her attention was drawn by The Doctor, he had a calm smile on his face, he was happy about Roxy being able to find the information. Stella had a thought that she hated, she was jealous that Roxy was somehow smarter than the girl she saw earlier at the lockers.

Part of Stella liked having Roxy that way; but she was terrified of those feelings as she cared about Roxy like a sister, or did she really pity her. Stella felt scared that Roxy would no longer need her; they had been friends since before they could remember, but she didn't want to lose her.

The Next Day

They all met up at the front gate of the academy; The Doctor was holding the book that Roxy had read yesterday, Roxy was stood confidently more so than ever before, she seemed like a new person. Stella could almost barely recognize the girl stood there.

"Right we walk into Professor Allen's classroom, and give him the information he needs." Roxy said as she looked at the group around her.

The Doctor sighed as they walked through the halls; he was usually late for some reason or another, but he had made Roxy walk in late, he could tell she was a little stressed of being late. He saw that in her mind during that first kiss, they allowed each other see the truth of who they are and it didn't scare him.

Professor Allen's class room had a class of children a whole lot younger than they were, they had the sweet innocence of youth, not having to worry about the things The Group had to, like who likes who. Roxy held her hand out to knock, but she decided against it as she pushed it open instead. The Doctor followed her into the class room, they could see the Professor was growing incessantly angry and turning purple. He was almost ready to scream at Roxy; but she had a smile on her face, she looked at him carefully.

"Professor, you expelled us, and it was a violation of various rules as stated in the academies code, now either you rescind the order, or I tell the Head master of the non-standard equipment you carry on your personage." Roxy said.

The Doctor watched as the Professor started to turn into an embarrassed pink colour.

"I'd hate to tell my father that you thought the best course of action was to expel his oldest daughter." She continued "Then again he is on the High Council, so maybe I should tell him about your vendetta against us."

Professor Allen looked straight at the female time lord; she had a point, he assumed that they never bothered to read the school's code, he certainly never expected her to call him out on it. She wasn't the most intimidating student, and she wasn't as clever as she was normally.

"Fine." He said "I will rescind the expulsion."

Roxy smiled as she walked out of the room, The Doctor smiled as he followed her out.

The others were gathered around the stairs; Stella looked at them first, she had concern in her cat like eyes. She assumed that they weren't allowed to go back to the academy, what kind of life would she have amongst the outsiders of the glass dome. She liked her life in the dome, she had family and it was a nice place to live.

"So are we back in?" The Master asked, seeming bored of his own question.

"Yeah we are, Roxy was amazing." The Doctor replied "Professor Allen looked like he was going to explode."