For Ellie who requested a role reversal of Time.

The man in the middle of the road was the last thing she remembered seeing. The screech of tires against tarmac was the last thing she remembered hearing. Her head hitting the window with enough force to knock her out was the last thing she remembered feeling before the car flew through the air, twisting, and landing, with the screaming sound of metal grinding against metal, upside down in the ditch on the side of the lonely road.

The heavy rain hammered against the underside of the car and seeped in through the cracked windshield. It was the water that crept up around her head that eventually roused her from oblivion. She gasped, trying to pull oxygen into her bruised lungs, the seatbelt uncomfortable tight around her chest.

Somehow she managed to undo the seatbelt and fell into the sunroof of the broken car. Her back hit the roof too hard , her side arm digging painfully into her side, and she cried out in pain as she tried to move, her arm throbbing.

The smell of gasoline filled her nostrils and she knew she had to get out of the car. She carefully turned around, squeezing herself through the windshield of the car, clawing at the wet earth of the ditch. She hauled herself out and sat shaking at the side of the road.

She checked her pockets for her cell phone, trying to remember if she left it in her pocket or in the car. She pulled her cell phone out and cradling her arm, which she assumed was broken, she tried to stand.

The sharp stab of pain, which burned through her leg, up into her stomach, made her fall to the ground, once again dragging lungfuls of oxygen in.

Her head pounded and she pushed the heal of her hand into her temple, trying to steam the bleeding and the pain.

She opened her cell phone, her eyes flicking to the tree line as she caught movement in the darkness. She squinted, trying to tell if it was the wind or her concussed brain. She looked back down at her cell phone, closing her eyes as another wave of pain hit her.

The hiss of a flare echoed over head and she automatically dived for cover, hiding beneath a bush, knowing that if whoever it was, was looking for her, they would be calling out her name, also knowing that there was no way help would have got there so fast.

A man emerged from the tree line and made his way over to the ditch. He looked down at the car as she held her breath, hoping that the bush would hide her. She pressed speed dial one just as the man lit a match and threw it onto the crumpled metal heap that used to be her car. The call connected just as the car exploded. She prayed her whisper before oblivion took her wouldn't be carried on the wind to the man who had just destroyed her car.


"Will this rain never end?" Tony looked out of the window, squinted through the weather. "I had plans this weekend." Ziva stood next to him, and she turned to look at him.

"You always have plans, no?" She asked, enjoying the way his eyes lit up.

"Of course, with a face like mine, Zee-vah, its difficult not getting a date." He lurched forward and his forehead hit the window. "Boss…ok, first...OW, and second, what was that for?" He whined at Gibbs who had materialized behind him. Ziva chuckled and turned back towards her desk.

"Oh DiNozzo, so many reasons…" He broke off as his cell phone rang. He pulled it out his pocket, a small smile gracing his features as he noticed the name on the caller ID. He flipped it open. The unmistakable sound of an explosion invaded his ear and then her voice came on the line. The worry had already set in at the sound of the explosion, but the tone of her voice, so obviously in pain made the worry turn to panic.


"Jen…Jen, where are you?" He all but shouted, causing his team to look worriedly at their leader. "Jen? Can you hear me?…Jenny, hold on, I'm coming for you." He snapped his phone shut.

"McGee, triangulate the Directors GSP signal…she's in trouble."