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Kort had vanished. For a month they had tried to find him, tried to cajole him into doing something stupid so they could pull the trigger, Tony, Gibbs and Jen didn't know which one wanted it more. But he had disappeared; no doubt he was laying low, biding his time for payback. Gibbs was constantly looking over Jen's shoulder, not wanting to take the risk that she would once again be almost taken from him.

With regards to their personal life they had taken things slowly, finding time in their busy schedules to reacquaint themselves with each other and true to form, hadn't spoken a word about the change.

"So, I was thinking," Gibbs said as he barged into her office at the end of her first week back. She arched an eyebrow at him.

"Dangerous past time Jethro." She smiled.

"I know…but I was thinking, dinner tonight? I'm buying." He cocked his head, his arms crossed in front of him whilst he waited for her answer. She pretended to deliberate longer than necessary.

"Well, if you're buying…" He cracked a grin and left, leaving her door open. She sighed, not knowing which was more annoying, him leaving it wide open or him slamming it. She smiled at Cynthia as she discreetly shut the door, shooting Jen a sympathetic look.

The day had been long and she kicked off her shoes the minute she walked through the front door. Being away from work for 3 weeks had made her job, when she returned, interesting to say the least. She frowned slightly as she picked up the scent of steak au poivre coming from the kitchen. She leant against the door frame and watched him move around her kitchen. He seemed unaware of her presence as he opened drawers and cupboards, trying to find plates. She smirked as he opened the glass cupboard and cursed under his breath.

"Second cupboard on you right." She said, unable to bear the torture any longer. He whipped around and ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

"There is no logic here Jen," He pointed a knife at her; "You need to sort that out." She walked up to him and took the knife from his hand, placing it on the side board and pulled him towards her. He came willingly.

"There is logic, it's my logic." She said, enjoying the feeling of his hands running up and down her back.

"Aaah, that will be why it makes no sense." He said, before lowering his head and pulling her in for a kiss. She accepted it with pleasure, running her hands through his hair.

"Hey…no using your feminine wiles to distract me." He said, pushing her away, she grinned at him, for a brief moment seeing the slightly more carefree man she knew in Paris. He turned around and she snaked her arms around his waist.

"I seem to remember you promising me to show me how much stamina you have, old man." She teased.

"We are not skipping dinner Jen, I'm hungry and I've worked hard on this." He disentangled himself from her.

"Worked hard?" She laughed, dodging the asparagus spear that came flying her way.

"We're eating…so sit."

She sat obediently and spent the meal eating suggestively, practically deep throating the asparagus, looking at him through lowered eyelids, running her hand up his thigh, loving the way his muscles jerked under her hand, ignoring his warning growls and the way he gripped her hand. She smirked when he let her hand roam a little too far up and she felt how distracting her behavior was being. He eventually lost his resolve and pulled her from her seat, causing a little squeak of surprise from Jen.

He dragged her up the stairs and all but through her down on the bed, pulling his shirt over his head as he advanced at her. She smirked again and slowly licked her lips, tugging her buttons of her blouse open far too slowly for his liking. He lost patience and ripped at the shirt, tossing it carelessly aside, and pulling her to him, loving the feeling of her hot body plastered against his.

His hands took on a life of their own as he explored her body. It had been far too long since he had lost himself in her body and even if it killed him, he was going to take it slowly tonight…she moaned against his mouth and he decided that slowly could wait.

He undid the buttons of her pants, pushed her backwards and pulled them off. His hands trailed down her thighs as he did, earning himself another moan from Jen. He undid the fly on his jeans and pushed them down his hips, standing up quickly to rid himself of the nuisance material. His boxers came next and he straddled her, lowering his head to her stomach, kissing the soft yet still firm skin. He mouth moved upwards, eliciting yet more hard to ignore sounds from Jen. She arched her back as he reached her breasts and he took the opportunity to reach behind her and deftly unclasp her bra, pulling it off her and once again throwing it aside.

Free from the constraints of clothes, his eyes drunk in every last aspect. Her small waist, her perfect breasts, her milky white thighs. If she had been any less sure of her self she would have felt embarrassed by the scrutiny Gibbs was bestowing upon her, but she had always known what effect she had on him.

She reached up to him and pulled him down, relishing in his comforting weight, his kissed her deeply, his hand running down her side and up her thigh which she raised to wrap around his waist, bringing his hips closer. He teased her, bringing her to the edge with his fingers and pulling back until she breathed out his name. He lifted his hips and slid into her, closing his eyes, as his body grew re-accustomed to the feel of her surrounding him. She moved slightly underneath him, silently begging him to move. He pulled back and thrust deeply into her, she arched her hips towards him, trying to bring him deeper. She clutched at his shoulders as he began to move faster, she bit her lip as she fell over the edge and she held him close as he followed her.

It was only when the blood had stopped roaring in her ears that she realized that her ribs hadn't hurt once.

She lay with his arms wrapped around her, listening to his heartbeat even out under her ear. She trailed her fingers through his hair, drawing circles on his chest.

"Thank you." She said, and the tone of her voice made him realize that she was thanking him for so much more than the dinner.

"For what?" He asked. She smiled up at him, and continued drawing small circles on his chest.

"For dinner…for letting me argue when I needed it…for looking out for me even when I didn't want it…" She trailed off, wanting to say so much more but not being able to find the right words. His arms tightened around her.

"You're welcome."

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