Theme: Bartimeaus Trilogy: KITTYxBARTIMAEUS

Book: Golem's Eye.

Where change begins: Page 533.

Critisizm Available?: Neutral. NO flames or mean words, please. :D

She (kitty) turned away, hobbling after Jakob toward the arch. She paused suddenly and glanced behind her back slightly. The demon was staring after her. "Keep going," she told Jakob. "I'll catch up." Kitty's friend paused, as if in doubt, but kept going as she requested. Kitty turned around and limped back to the Egyption boy. "Yes?" She paused for a moment, but finally said, "Well, I wanted to thank you for saving me from the Night Police. You could have easily misinterpreted Mandrake's command and let me die."
"I could have," said the demon. "but I felt that a young troublemaker like you should at least get the chance to blow up one last thing." Bartimaeus glanced at the frozen golem, looking genuinely disappointed. "Well," said Kitty. "thanks anyway." She then turned around and began to hobble back to Jakob, who was by way ahead of her by now. After a moment, Bartimaeus hurried after her.
"Wait," he said. Kitty stopped and turned to face the boy. "Promise me," he said. "that you won't get yourself killed."
"Don't worry, djinni, I won't," laughed Kitty. Bartimaeus smiled with amusement.
Suddenly, the djinni lifted her chin up with the top of his fist. Before Kitty could respond, the demon brought his lips to hers. Kitty was shocked, but didn't pull away. When Bartimaeus released his kiss, he gave her a cheerful smile. "Take care, okay?" he said, and turned into an elegant hawk with gleaming plumage. With one flap of mightly wings, Bartimaeus was in the air and away with great speed.1
Kitty watched the demon disappear, her fingers on her lips, as if making sure that the djinni's kiss had not altered her. "Kitty!" cried a voice from behind her. "C'mon, we have to go!" Kitty broke from her trance and began limping quickly to catch up.

1. Yes, he left the boy unconcious. Bartimaeus is off to get a bucket of water of which to revive Nathaniel out of pure boredom.