Don't Try This at Home

Disclaimer: I don't own either Supernatural or Mythbusters.

A pair of rolled up socks bounced off Sam's head and he turned to glare at his brother, who was giving him his best smirk from the other side of the motel room. Completely undeterred by Sam's glare, Dean pointed at the TV.

"Check it out. My baby's famous."

Sam looked at the television to see Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman sitting in a white '67 Chevy Impala, driving off in it after purchasing it. "I thought they did this already," Sam said, turning away from the laptop that had previously consumed his attention, having required socks to the head to get him to look away from it.

"Yeah, but this time they're gonna replicate the results, not the myth. They're sending it flying, no matter what," Dean explained, looking slightly impressed that Sam had recognized that this was a different episode than when the JATO rocket myth had first been put to the test.

Sam nodded a bit. That made sense – he had actually been slightly disappointed when the Mythbusters had busted that particular myth. It had been the first episode of the show, and he'd been away at college and had caught it on TV by chance. Though he'd never tell Dean about it, watching the Mythbusters trick-out a '67 Impala with rockets had actually reminded Sam of his brother, and had made him a little bit homesick. After that episode, he'd been hooked on the show. A few months after he'd gotten back on the road with Dean, he'd been pleasantly surprised when Dean insisted on watching Mythbusters in the first hotel they'd gotten in that actually had the Discovery channel. Apparently, Dean liked watching them blow stuff up.

"Check it out – they brought back the hot chick with all the tattoos!" Dean exclaimed, pointing, as the TV displayed former Mythbuster Scottie. Sam let out a little amused snort – typical of Dean to watch a show like that as much for the chicks on it as for the explosions.

When they were finally about to set off the rocket, Dean leaned forward, eager to see an Impala fly like that.

"This is gonna look so kickass!" Dean muttered, grinning.

"Maybe if it works, we can strap rockets to your car," Sam teased, earning himself a quick glare.

"And mutilate my baby the way they did to fit the rockets on that Impala? Never," Dean turned his attention back towards the TV, just in time.

On the screen, the white Impala was approaching the ramp set up to assist its takeoff, and the rockets lit. A moment later, it was in a million pieces.

Dean looked about as horrified as the show's hosts, and Sam burst into laughter at his brother's expression; eyes wide and mouth hanging open. It took several minutes for Dean's brain to turn back on, and when it did, Dean turned towards his brother.

"They friggin' blew it up!!"

"I saw," Sam said, trying to stifle his laughter. It didn't work. A moment later, a pillow hit him full on in the face, only making him laugh harder.

Dean rolled his eyes and stood, grabbing his keys and heading for the door. Somehow, through his laughs, Sam managed to give Dean a questioning look, unable to silence the cackling long enough to ask where he was going. "I'm just going out to the car," Dean muttered, a little sheepishly.

Once it processed that Dean was actually checking on the car after seeing the white Impala bite the dust, Sam's laughter just grew, and he thanked his lucky star that Dean was already out of the room by then, because his amusement was sure to earn him another pillow to the face otherwise.

Sam was already planning on teasing Dean mercilessly about needing to check on it like that.

As long as he didn't laugh himself to death first.