Prompt: #13 "What a waste."
Pairing: Skye x Rock
Genre: General
Summary: "It's a shame. I never would have guessed that someone with your looks would have no talent for cooking. What a waste..."

A/N: I'd say, "Welcome to 15 Pairings", but I'd rather not. Even though it took me more than a week, I finally have the first prompt answered. The first draft of this wasn't all too good (it wasn't even flashfiction); I totally prefer this version over it.

I took on a fanfiction challenge/prompt(s). 15 Pairings, it's called. As the name says, I'll be writing a 15 chaptered fic on 15 pairings (rare, crack, canon, farmer x ?).

The fandom is Harvest Moon (64/Rosebud Village), (More)Friends of Mineral Town/Mineral Town, DS(Cute)/Forget-Me-Not Valley). Expect all types of pairings, kthx?

"What a Waste."

It was kind of interesting how one small incident could create something so much larger. He didn't know why, but hearing those words from him...really hurt. Which, in itself, was pretty 'interesting', considering that wasn't the first time he'd heard those words.

What a waste! All Rock wanted was his usual 1:45 in the morning snack; who would've guessed that no-good thief, Phantom Skye, would be making an appearance, snooping around his mother's kitchen? Certainly not Rock and it all managed to spiral downhill from there.

Deciding he didn't want to lose face to Mr. Pretty Boy (and boy was he pretty) was a real brazen move on his part, and it left him blushing from pure embarrassment over the burning pot of Purple Curry while the silver-haired thief shook his head behind him.

"It's a shame. I never would have guessed that someone with your looks would have no talent for cooking. What a waste..."

Everyone realized something was happening, even the ever so oblivious Jill noticed. The blond went outside less and less; most of the time, he was cooped up inside the kitchen, slaving away over a hot stove, staring intently at Ruby's cookbook. Even when Ann came around, Rock, instead of his shameless flirting, asked her for some advice.

Hm...they all decided not to question what the hell was up–whatever it was, it was definitely a blessing.

"Is it for a special someone?" Muffy had asked him a week later, when he'd triumphantly walked into the Blue Bar. 'A special someone'? One could say that, actually. After a few celebration drinks, Rock had slipped out and went back to the inn to wait up for the Phantom.

Though, the one thing that absolutely sucks about working hard is when all your efforts turn out to be all for naught. So at a quarter past three, Rock, with a heavy heart, dragged himself upstairs to his room. Maybe some things aren't really worth it.

Unbeknownst to him, however, the front door had creaked open and a (somewhat) shady looking figure slipped inside."Hehe, he waited up all night for me, didn't he? How romantic." The Phantom whispered to himself, chuckling lightly. "Maybe someone has a little crush...?"


When Rock opened his tired eyes a few hours later, his vision was pure white. With a terrified yelp, the blond shot up in his bed and clawed at his face. The piece of paper taped to his forehead was met with a sigh of relief as it was pulled off.

The sigh quickly turned into a confused 'huh?' when he noticed that there was messily scrawled note on the back of it:

Hello darlin',

I give you a B on the food, but you get a perfect A+ for the effort. I appreciate you wasting your whole week making curry for me. Hehe, much love for that. And I was wrong, you aren't a waste. In fact, dare I say it?, you're far from it. Well, hopefully we will meet again. Maybe at the beach around, say, midnight? With the full moon shining behind us as we take a long, romantic walk. And the sea's waves crash against the...yeah, I need to get going.


Your Phantom Skye

Rock threw himself out his bedroom window after reading that. Sadly, it was locked, so he didn't really go anywhere.

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