Prompt: #10 Indecent Exposure
Pairing: Witch Princess (Lilith) x Claire
Genre: Romance, General
Summary: Thank the Goddess for bad weather; if it'd been sunny, she'd be stuck explaining to quite a few people just why exactly her 'friend' was running around in the sea without any clothes on.

Indecent Exposure

Claire stared on with wide eyes and slowly brought a hand up to her mouth. Just what the hell was Lilith thinking?! The blond farmer looked around from left to right, making sure no one was watching.

She was able to breathe easy when she made sure they were alone; thank the Harvest Goddess for the bad weather. If it'd been sunny...well then, she would have to explain to Rock, Nami, and a few others just why exactly her 'friend' was running around in the sea naked.

"Quit being such a wuss, Claire!" The blonde called out, waving over at her buddy. "Come in! It's not all that bad–you get use to it eventually!" Following those words was a low, menacing laugh.

The farmer grinded her teeth together and glared Lilith down as she moved closer. "I just got over a cold, so I'm not risking getting sick again. Do you know how much profit I lost?" She growled, narrowing her eyes. "Besides! Anyone can come in at anytime. I'm not gonna risk people seeing me naked. You should feel the same way."

Lilith crossed her arms and shrugged, closing her eyes. "Nah, I don't. Anyway, stop being such a prude. I swear, swimming without any clothes is one of the best feelings in the world. It's like-a hot spring."

Claire frowned and stared the other blonde up and down. "You're making me think you didn't hear anything of what I just said: I. Don't. Want. To. Get. Sick. Again." Her eyes dropped down to her feet. "Besides...aren't you...don't you feel just a teensy-bit insecure?"

And that was met with a mocking laugh. Lilith threw back her head, brought up her hand and began laughing uncontrollably. "You humans will never cease to amaze me. Insecure? I don't even know the meaning of the word." She then stopped suddenly and stared hard at her. "...And you have a good body, there's no reason for you to be insecure about yourself."

Claire looked away, "Uh...thanks."

"'Sides," Lilith stepped closer, "Since you have such a great body, you should be showing it off!"

Before she had anytime to react, the Witch Princess pounced on her (naked body and all), and tackled the farmer onto the sandy beach. Giggling incessantly, she quickly reached for one of Claire's overall straps, most likely bent on unhooking it.

With a hiss, Claire knocked her friend's hand away and tried to push her off; but the attempt was unsuccessful. So, instead, the two blondes began wrestling with each other (and off somewhere else, both Rock and Skye sensed that something awesome was happening). The two girls' little match went on for a few more minutes before, finally, Claire was too weak to continue.

"Why did you even bother?" Lilith asked, placing her forehead against the other's. A small grin graced her lips and she sat up (much to Claire's surprise). "Seriously. All I needed to do was this..." She trailed off and closed her eyes, moving both of her hands in a wave-like motion.

Claire suddenly felt the wetness of the sand beneath her, and the gentle drizzling of the rain. With a screech, she quickly sat up–knocking Lilith right off her–and looked down at her body. Save for her blue bra and pink panties...she was completely naked!

"Damn you, Lilith! That was cheap, using one of your spells on me." What kind of spell allows you to take off somebody's clothes, anyway? That thought aside, she got to her feet and was face-to-face with a sneering Witch Princess. "Uh...why are you staring at me-"

" know, you look really hot right now." Lilith wrapped an arm around Claire's waist and pulled her closer, "In those adorable little panties, and this tomboyish sports-bra; your hair all ruffled like that, and the flushed look on your face."

She giggled. Again.

"I could do so many bad things to you," She grabbed Claire's chin and grinned down at her. "So c'mon. Let's do it, right here, right now. It'd be so naughty, and fun!" And now she was acting like a little girl.

Ignoring that gripping feeling of anticipation in her stomach, Claire (once again) checked if anyone was around. Well, the coast seemed clear...for now. This was what she gets for having a mischievous exhibitionist for a best friend. It was a good thing Lilith didn't know the villagers whereabout on rainy days.

She sighed; better the beach than anywhere else, right? Lilith always got what she wanted, anyway–if past experiences where anything to go by. At least she'd be conscious of it this time.

With another deep exhalation of breath, Claire nodded. "Sure. But this time, I'm the dominate one. Okay?"

Lilith clapped her hands once and gave her an ominous smile. "Sure, sure, Claire. Whatever you want."