What Mel Knows

What Mel Knows

Danny and Mel had a thing, once. It was just after she'd joined the team – she was new in town, and she and Danny got along way too well for people who had just met, and Mel, while not exactly bad at being alone, liked having company. They did almost everything together, for those first few months – they worked together, ate together, drove together, hung out together – and when she invited him over for dinner to celebrate her third month as Web's new marionette doll neither one of them thought anything of it, until they were naked and panting on her kitchen table (the bed hadn't been close enough) three hours later.

That lasted for almost a month, until they realized Web knew. They were both so creeped out by the fact that they ended it, amiably, because they'd both known it wasn't going to last either way. And so they were friends. They were Danny and Mel, Mel and Danny, and they worked seamlessly, knew each other better than most partners who'd been working together for a year knew each other.

So Mel knew Danny. She knew one angry growl from another ornery one, knew that sometimes he talked about sex and family because he didn't want to talk about the job. He asks all kinds of really personal questions because, of them all, he's the one who really wants to get to know people. When he dangles a piece of his own life out there, he expects to get a response in kind, and Paul and Mel always fall for it.

Rebecca, though…

Rebecca doesn't offer up anything, ever. They know her for months before they find out about Becky George. None of them can tell if she's a cold bitch or if she just…doesn't realize that she isn't exactly normal.

Mel thinks she's a mix, and that she doesn't know who to be.

Mel also knows this irks Danny. Danny likes to know people – not their ticks or their motives, he's not and never will be a profiler – but their lives. Their interests, their histories, their favorite food and color. He doesn't like that she's only ever eaten out with the team a couple of times, doesn't like that her apartment is painted all in neutral colors and her desk is the focal point of her living space – doesn't like that she's never worn anything but FBI sweats or suits unless she's undercover. Mel thinks it's spooky that she does this. Paul wants to know why.

Danny wants her to paint her kitchen bright red, share a burger with him at Dugans, wear a tickle-me-pink shirt under her slimming Armani suit.

Mel catches him looking at Rebecca, sometimes, when Web is out and Paul is talking to his wife on the phone, and she can't tell if he's checking her out or if he's just thinking about her. Danny has that uncanny way of sliding his eyes so that any woman he ever greets thinks he's probably giving her a once-over, even though he learned it from his father long before he was interested in girls and it isn't him checking someone out, but sizing them up.

Except even Mel can't tell if he's sizing Rebecca up or checking her out. Or what conclusion he comes to.

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