I had no idea what to do. I found out through LJ that today was Roy's birthday, so I had to do something for her! BUt, seeing as I can't post any new stuff until I finish old, and, while I do have chapters I can update, they're all on my other computer which is out right now. : D So... yeah! I wrote this. It's not all that great, sort of rushed so I didn't lose track but didn't completely ruin it by continuing, but I thought it was nice the first time through. xD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UKE! I hope you enjoy this little piece.

Pairings: HyuRoi

Death never came easy. Realization could never sink in when the words first strike and pierce the heart, just as a person doesn't know they're dead in the heat of a moment until that last breath escapes, leaving behind an emptiness where a shattered soul used to lie in wait.

His hands were steady. His gaze never broke away from that picture sitting serenely on his desk, dragging back fond memories and some of his weakest moments. Not even now, did these moments seem to rip the fragmented soul from his body, after enduring for so long the pain he himself had caused and built up through years of conditioning. Never before had he ever thought it was possible for the end to sink in so quickly, waiting for that final moment, that moment when it would hit him like a dagger in his heart, take away his last breath and leave him to whatever spiritual being took the soul under its bosom as life moved on.

Spiritual being… even his manner of thinking had changed recently. Humanity had failed, so he reached for something to blame and to call on for help whenever his own two feet refused to move forward? He'd spent the last two years calling himself pathetic, worthless scum who'd failed even the most simple of tasks that, for a seasoned hero, should have been a walk in the park, like revenge, and watching over a severely traumatized sixteen year old boy.

"I suppose… I should go, hmn?"

The chuckle from behind him registered quickly, his broken heart gathering another piece to the mysterious and complicated puzzle and slowly pasted it in place for the next one to go. "They're waiting."

"I hate being the hero," he grinned, reaching with a key to the drawer to his left.

"Come on! You love being the dashing prince, rushing to slay the dragon! Get going. It'll be all right, I can't really go anywhere," the jovial reply came.

Another piece moved back into place, dark-eye not shaded by cloth or hair closing as the lock clicked and the drawer slid open, revealing the tools that gave him his power and stripped it away, all with a simple snap of fingers. "I'll be back."

"And I'll be waiting."

"You always were, Maes."