Danny Phantom: Quia Peccavi Nimis

By: Hordak's Pupil with lots of help from Shining Zephyr

Disclaimer: As always I don't own Danny Phantom (I still wish I did) or CSI: New York.

Author's Notes: The plot bunnies have attacked me again and the result is this fic. This is a sequel to Who You Going to Call? Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter I: The Powers of Darkness

Fr. Machson

"…Amen," I said concluded the Lauds for the day. I put away my book and went to the tabernacle in the chapel next to my office and took out my key.

I genuflected before unlocking the door, removing the golden pyx from the burse around my neck, reverently placing some of the host in it; placing the container back into the burse and locking the door and make my rounds.

When I arrived at the third floor of the hospital, I heard a scream coming from one of the rooms.

"What is wrong?" I ask a nurse who is running panic stricken, "it's okay, my child, no one will hurt you, now please tell me what is wrong?" I plead with her as she points to a room at the end of the hall, "Masters?" I asked worriedly as I walked in the room and saw one of the doctors brutally murdered.

I stood in silent horror before the sight, never in all my years in dealing the demonic have I seen something as shocking as this, "God protect us," I finally prayed the words barely escaping my lips, "Someone call the police," I shouted to one of the nurses as I silently cross myself. Lord, if there was a time we need you it is now!

Mac Taylor

"Why is it the first case of the day is always the weirdest," my partner, Stella Bonasera, asked me as we got out of the car and walked up to the police that were on the scene.

"Detectives Taylor and Bonasera, what happened here?" I ask the police chief showing them our badges.

"Well around, the 7:00 a.m., we got a call from a nurse at the hospital claiming that a Doctor Richard Kelser was found murdered and the patient in the room missing.

"Who's the patient?" Stella asks before we go to the scene.

"A Vlad Masters, incarcerated at the hospital for being...demonically possessed," the officer made a face as we thanked him and made our way to the scene.

"Whoever did this was a pro," I said noticing that was no blood when we entered, "This is going to difficult," I said but I was up to it, I wasn't going to let this case go unsolved.

"Hey Mac, take a look at this," Stella said putting her gloves on and looking at the body on the ground, "there's some sort of slime on the victim," she tells me pointing to the corpse getting a sample.

I was about to say something when my phone rang, "Taylor, yeah, we're on our way," I say turning off my cell phone.

"What is it?" Stella asks me as she looks at me curiously.

"Get that sample to Adam in the lab, we got another victim," I tell her leaving the scene pondering the strangeness of the case.

Danny Fenton

"What a great day," I said sitting on the steps outside my house and enjoying the warm weather. Things have been quiet since Mayor McFruitloop has been in a confined to a Jesuit hospital in New York City, thanks to the Ghostbusters.

I still have nightmares about that battle with Vlad/Abramelin/Choronzon and seeing to my horror that my entire life had been stolen from me. It was times like these I wish Jazz was still here, but she's away at Harvard studying Parapsychology.

While I am sitting, I see Sam coming down the road, "Hey Sam!" I yell running up to her and kissing her.

"Hey Danny, how are you feeling," she asks me knowing I've been having trouble sleeping and is concerned for me knowing that with my ghost powers lost sleep isn't good.

"Hanging in there, Jazz is coming home today so hopefully, she'll be able to help me," I tell her running my fingers through my hair (which is now a mullet) nervously.

"I think this lack of ghosts is getting to you Danny," she said kissing me and handing me a book, "I got this for you at a book store," she says handing me bag.

I reach in and pull out a book titled Moonchild by Aleister Crowley, "Thanks Sam," I tell her hugging her.

"I thought you might it like it's a fantasy novel," she said as I flip through it just as my ghost sense goes off.

"Just what I need," I moan as I run behind a tree and transform into Phantom and search for the ghost.


"Don't you ever get tired?" I asked him rolling my eyes, this downside of Vlad being locked up the only ghosts that escape are the Box Ghost and Klemper, both of which can get on your nerves after awhile.

"THE BOX GHOST NEVER TIRES!" he shouted throwing boxes at me, which I dodged easily.

"You know I have better things to do than chase after you," I told as I glared at him.

"Then let me handle him Phantom," I heard a voice said as Valerie descended on her hoverboard.

Things have changed between us these past months, ever since Jazz left for college, I decided to tell Val my secret. It took her awhile to accept it, but she is eventually warming up to me and no longer hunts me.

"Thanks, Val," I said as I flew back home and phased through the door and sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

"In New York City, police are puzzled by the 'Jesuit Murders' as it has been dubbed, all though NYPD have made no arrest they are looking at an escaped patient Vladimir Masters as a person of interest. When asked about the case all that Detective Mac Taylor of the NY Crime Lab would only say is that his team is on the case," the reporter said as I turned off the TV.

"So much for vacation," I sighed as I went to go tell Sam and Tucker the news.


"Did you find anything on that slime?" Stella asked me as she walked into the lab.

"I did and you're going to find this interesting," I tell her bringing up the results on the screen, "Spectral Analysis revealed there are three substances in it," I explained to her. "50 percent is blood type O negative with what appears to be carbonated water; aspartyl-phenylalanine-1-methyl ester, 1,3,7-trimethyl -1H –purine-2,6 (3H, 7H)-dione; another other foreign elements.

"Diet soda?" she asks confused, "what about the other substances?" she asks me as I call up the rest.

"10 percent is some sort ionized oil of indeterminate origin, but that is the weird part," I tell bringing up the last result.

"What could be weirder than that?" Stella asks raising an eyebrow at me.

"40 percent is Selenium Plasma but there is less than .000001 in the known universe," I tell her confused.

"Could it be wrong?" she asks me looking at it.

"I've taken that into account and the chances of error a googol to one," I tell her

"Could he have worked in a lab somewhere where they study this substance?" Stella asks me.

"Not unless he can move at the speed of light, the only lab that studies it is CERN. There's no way he could travel between Switzerland and the US in such short time," I tell her as her phone rings.

"Bonasera," she answers, "Okay will do," she says as she turns her phone off, "Mac wants Danny to interview the priest for more information on the suspect," she says as she leaves and I go back to analyzing the slime for an answer.


"That last killing was so uncalled for, you know NYPD is looking for us now!" I hissed at the voice in my head, it was that magician Abramelin, somehow his consciousness as merged with mine.

"I told you Plasmius, he was weak and the weak must perish, that is the mandate of the Left Hand Path," Abramelin whispered to me as removed the black mask from my face as it was starting to irriate my skin.

"Unlike you, I am not interested in your satanic philosophy, and stop calling me Plasmius in my human form," I shouted to him as the morning air stung my burned and scarred skin. My legs were about to give way and I had to switch to ghost form to avoid collapsing.

"Satanic is misnomer, true brothers of the left hand path do not believe in Satan, the real Satan is a creature of light whose task is test humanity's loyalty. The Left Hand Path is about to freeing oneself from the divine," Abramelin tells me, "besides, Plasmius, we have other things to think about," the mage tells me.

"Like what," I ask him as I place my hand over my left eye as it was giving me problems even in ghost form.

"Revenge, it's time we make Danielle and Daniel pay for humiliating us," Abramelin tells me as I hear a someone coming and hide.

"How do you plan to do that? Have you forgotten I'm not allowed within a hundred feet of the Fentonworks," I ask him as I sigh.

"Leave that to me, abeo!" he shouted as I felt myself turn to mist and vanish into thin air.


"Did you find anything on that slime?" Mac asks me as I arrive at the scene of the latest crime.

"Yes, it's a mixture of blood, diet soda, oil, and something called Selenium plasma," I told him as he looks at me curiously.

"Has Danny interviewed the priest?" he asks me kneeling down looking at the corpse.

"On his way, what do we have here?" I ask him as I watch him examine the victim.

"Sgt. James Coleridge, USMC, found dead same injuries as the doctor's little blood, 3rd degree burns, and this slime on him," he tells me.

"You now NCIS will want to take over this case," I tell him cautiously knowing that Marines will want their own investigation.

"I'll deal with NCIS," he says looking at me.

"Any eyewitnesses?" I ask him as he rolls his eyes.

"Just one, some nutcase in an angel costume, he claims a man in a mask with white hair singed at the ends," Mac tells me, "You can talk to him if you want," he says as I walk over to question this angel hoping for an answer to this puzzle.