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Chapter X: Dies Irae, Dies Illa


"Now what are you going to do?" Abramelin asked me as I looked out the window of City Hall. Those blasted cops are coming to defeat me, but I am one step ahead.

"Skulker, Technus," I said snapping my fingers as the two ghosts appeared in front of me smiling.

"Yeah boss," the hunter replied, "you have job for us?" he asks as I smile at them.

"Yes, I do Daniel and his newfound allies are on their way here, I need you to stop them but leave them alive I want to see their faces when they see that Phantom and Danni are in fact Daniel and Danielle Fenton," I told them as they nodded and disappeared while I laughed at what was going to happen.

Mac Taylor

"I'm glad we're all here, as much as we get on each other backs we need to work together on this one," I told the ghosts and NCIS agents as we met outside city hall.

"We need a plan, no doubt Vlad is waiting for us," Phantom said as Stella and me looked at him. It amazed that is being who looks no older than 15 could be so calm in the face of danger.

"Okay, what do you suggests," Agent Gibbs asked impatiently as the spirit thought for a second.

"Dets. Taylor and Bonasera you will take the back entrance," Phantom said as we nodded, "We may need backup, so be ready to call more of your forces here," he tells us.

"Agents Gibbs and David you'll man the front entrance, be ready for anything," he says as the agents salute him respectfully.

"Det. Flack and Valerie, you are on the side entrances, hopeful Plasmius won't be expecting that," he says as Flack looks at the ghost skeptically.

"Do as he says, he knows what he's doing," I tell him as he nods.

"Me and Danni will take the secret entrance and ambush him," he says as we split up and prepare for the attack.


"Everything is clear on the east, Huntress over," the detective's voice said over my comlink as I looked around the area.

"Ditto, here, Det…," I said as my sensors picked something up, "we got ghosts here," I said as I looked at the sky and saw Vlad's ghost vultures circling overhead.

"All right boys, get her!" the leader said as they swooped down but I blasted them to the ground.

"Valerie, this is Flack, I have a ghost attacking me here," I heard the police officer say as I flew over to the east end to help him.

When I arrive there, I see the Fright Knight attacking Flack, "Prepare to face your worst fear mortal!" the specter yelled as Flack shot at him. "Fool! I am a ghost you cannot kill me," the knight laughed as I blasted him from behind.

"He can't but I can," I taunted as I sent him flying, "Halloween is over!" I shouted as he growled at me.

"You'll pay for this, huntress!" he yelled as swung the soul shredder at me but it was blasted out of his hand.

"You'll be the one paying, ghost!" Flack said as I sucked him a thermos for the time being. "Let's go, the other might need help," he said as I followed him.


"This place gives me the creeps," Danielle said mustering all her courage, just being her brought back painful memories for her, but she was determine to face her demons.

"I know," I said as I produced a ball of ectoplasm in my hand for light, "but we have the detectives, the NCIS agents, and Val helping us…," I said before I was blasted against the wall.

"…and you're still no match for me," Vlad's cold voice hissed as he appeared from the shadows. His face was hidden by a mask on the left side and his eye covered with a patch while he clutched a walking stick in his hands.

"You going to sing Music of the Night Plasmius?" I asked him laughing as he raised his hand, "Before you go all hocus pocus on us Vlademort, let's settle this like old times us against you, ghost powers no magic," I said as he bowed.

"Very well," he said pulling off his mask revealing his charred and melted flesh and blood red eye eternally opened before turning into Vlad Plasmius. "Ah, it feels good to 'go ghost' as you would say son," he said as he stretched and hurled an Ectoblast at us.

"We still can kick your but old man," Danni sneered as she raised a shield and deflected Vlad's attack.


"You will make a fine prize on my wall," the being who identified himself as Skulker said aiming his gun at me but I dodged it.

"You know how many terrorists have said that to me when I was in Israel and I'm still here," I said as I kicked him in the chest sending him flying through the air, "and I'm still here," I told him as he growled.

"Now, I Skulker will…," he said as we heard a beeping noise, "Go to the library and checkout book on history of Purpleback Gorilla no I thought I fixed this thing," he said as rockets appeared on his back and he took off.

"Should we chase him," I asked Gibbs as he looked at the ceiling.

"No, we should go see if Dets. Taylor, Bonasera, Flack; the ghosts; and the huntress need our help, move out!" he ordered in typical marine fashion and we left the scene.

Mac Taylor

"You cannot defeat me Technus!" the ghost laughed as he blasted with some sort of energy beam but we ducked out of the way.

"I think I have an idea Mac," Stella said taking out her cell phone, "look what I have," she said smiling as the ghost looked from behind his sunglasses.

"That can't be, they're not even on the market yet," he said as he flew at us but before he could get it he stopped, "Technus 2.4 cannot be fooled so easily," he said as he tied us up using some kind of circuit board, "now to take you precious phone," he said as he infested the phone.

"Mac, can you press the on button with your foot," I asked as he reached out and touched the button.

"Welcome to iTech…tech…tech… what's wrong," he asked confused as we were set free.

"IPhone virus, it's rare but it happens," I said as I took a rock and smashed it, "I can always…let's go," I said suddenly as I heard a scream.

We ran downstairs where it came from until we met up with the NCIS agents, Flack, and Valerie, "Let me guess, you heard a scream?" I asked them as we silently crept down the stairs.

"It's coming from that door," Valerie said pointing to a metal door, "on my signal we enter," she said as we all nodded and prepared to attack.


"You said no magic Plasmius," I said as I tried to squirm free of the tentacle that gripped my waist. I could feel the suckers dig into my flesh as I looked up at Vlad with hatred.

"Did I forget to tell you, Abramelin integrated his magic into my ghost powers, so technically I'm not using magic," he said swinging his hand causing the tendril to slam me against the wall. "A pity your ghost powers don't work on them," he said laughing.

I was about to say something when the door opened and Vlad smiled, "Welcome agents, detectives, my wayward servant," he said to our allies.

"Let them go!" Det. Bonasera said aiming her gun at him as he glared at her.

"I dare you," he said making a breaking a motion with his hands. I could feel it increase its grip on me.

"DANNI!" Danny shouted as he blasted he managed to break free, "Let her go, Plasmius," he sneered as his eye glowed green with hatred. "I swear Vladimir Drake…," he said as Vlad blasted him.

"Behold, your 'Phantom'" Vlad said as I saw that Danny had changed back into his human form. "Now for you!" he sneered but before he could do I saw Det. Taylor shot Vlad sending him to ground then everything went black.

Don Flack

"Restrain him," Agent Gibbs said as he and Agent David raced up to him but he laughed.

"Perhaps…another…time," the monster rasped as he covered himself with his cape and vanished.

"DARN!" Mac hissed as he saw that the villain got away.

"Take it easy, Mac," Stella said as he calmed him down as he stormed out of the room.

"Mac!" she said as she ran after him.

"Take the children to the hospital they need to be treated," Agent David said as she and Gibbs picked up the phantoms and left.


"Plasmius got away and almost killed the ghost children in the process, what do you have to say for yourself," the observant yelled as I sighed they could never see the big picture but I did.

"He was defeated and no one died, I would call that a success," I said as I smiled and they left.

Once they were gone, I changed the image on the mirror, this time to American Southwest. There at an impressive building, three people were talking.

"I'm not sure this 'Daniel Fenton' is qualified look at his records Cs," a man with black hair streaked with gray said in a European accent.

"True, but his sponsor seems to think of highly of him, I think we should give him a chance," an Asian woman with black hair in a wheelchair protested as they both turned to a middle aged man sitting at a desk.

"We don't even know who this kids sponsor is," the European man spoke up as the other man silenced him.

"I know Armand, but there is something about him, he has potential," a middle aged man sitting behind a desk replied.

"The same thing was said of your brother, when he started racing," Armand said raising an eyebrow as the other man glared at him.

"I didn't hear that," he said angrily turning to the woman, "the matter is closed, we will accept Daniel," the man said getting as the other two bowed.

"Yes Headmaster, Spritle," they said as they left and I turned away smiling, everything was in place.


"Mac, are you all right?" I asked my partner as I walked up to him.

"We almost had him, we could sent this scumbag to prison, but he got away!" he said upset.

"Mac, we did all we could, besides, you really think we could have held someone with Vlad's power in prison?" I asked him, "The main thing is he weakened and won't show up for awhile," I told him as he turned to me, "Mac, you've been in this business long enough to know this happens," I told him as he sighed in defeat.

"You're right," he finally said, "how are the Phantoms?" he asked me cheering up.

"They're going to be okay, they should be starting to wake soon, let's go I think we need to have a talk with them," I said as we left City Hall and went to the hospital to check on them.


"We should have you both arrested for obstruction of justice…," was the first thing I heard as I opened my eyes and saw Detectives Taylor and Bonasera looking at me. "…But we won't, because I can understand the need for the secrecy," Det. Taylor said glaring at us.

"Thank you," I said as I shifted in bed to get comfortable, "What happened to Vlad," I asked him curiously.

"Gone, but he was injured and will be in the shadows for awhile hopefully," Det. Bonasera said as I looked at Danni.

"Danielle is going to be fine, we had got to her in time, a second later and she would have been permanently paralyzed," she said as I gulped.

"You two did great work, Amity Park is good hands thanks to you," Det. Taylor said taking out four pins from his pocket, "One is from us, the other from Agent Gibbs and the NCIS team," he said as I smiled.

"Thanks," I said as they smiled and left, leaving me to think about the future what might happen next.

The End