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A Hidden Love

Our story begins at midday as Clark's mother Martha Kent brings the groceries into the house.

"Hey Mom, what'd you get?" asked Clark as he brushed his fingers through his wet brown hair.

" Oh, not much, just a bunch of-" Mrs. Kent noticed that Clark had been looking not at her, but out the window where Lois Lane and the boyfriend Oliver Queen had pulled up and were now kissing each other goodbye. Mrs.Kent looked at her son and saw his jaw muscle flex and his hazel-green eyes turn as clear as the cloudless blue sky. She smiled at him and patted his back. He looked at her and then realized that she could see that Lois and Oliver kissing made him sad, angry, and slightly jealous. He instantly put a false look of question on his face. Mrs Kent just smiled and finished putting things away.

After a few minutes the Green porshe zoomed out of the drive and Lois walked into the kitchen. As she did so Clark (with an angry look on his face) walked out of the kitchen bumping into Lois. When she looked back at him and he did nothing but kept walking towards his bed room door, she looked at Mrs.Kent with an inquisitorial look on her face.

" What's wrong with him?" she asked. Mrs. Kent just smiled and shrugged. There was about a half an hour of silence then a hard rap on the front door. In his room Clark assumed that it was Oliver back for more kisses. Clark walked out of his room and into the living room. He saw the back of two girl's heads one he knew was Lois' but the other one he didn't notice. His mother came in with lemonade and cups.

"Clark!" She said. Lois and the guest turned around to look at him. It hit him, who the girl was it hit him hard and went straight to his heart. The girl had dirty-blond hair that was more blond than anything else. She was as tall as Clark and had the same hazel eyes. She wore a lavender shirt with white sleeves, and dark blue jeans and brown army boots. She stood and slowly walked to face him. She had noticed that not only was he close to tears, but he had also gone stiff at the sight of her.

"Raya?" He whispered afraid that he was seeing things. with a smile she said "Yes, its me Ka- Clark.". She started to walk forward slowly, giving him time to take it all in. But it was him who walked over to her and swept her up in his strong arms. Hers went around his neck.

"Well Mrs. Kent and I are going to go the kitchen and. . . call Lionel." said Lois. She and Mrs. Kent left Raya and Clark alone to talk.

When Raya and Clark finally parted they sat at the couch.

"I thought for sure you were dead this time." said Clark. Raya smiled.

"I was, Kal-El, your father brought me back." She said. Clark did nothing but stare at her.

"Well I am glad he did you had only just gotten here and you left just as fast. So . . . my father will help you but he wont even talk to me?" He replied. She laughed lightly.

"Well I can't help you there."She said. They sat in silence for a few minutes and then Raya said " Hey, do you want to race?". Clark smiled and nodded.

"But we should go somewhere where there are less people to worry about." He said with a wink.

An hour later they were walking on a remote island.

"You are much faster now than you were the last time we did this." said Raya in reminiscence.

"You think so?" Clark asked. He smiled at her. The smile made her blush and gave her goose bumps down her spine. She looked away.

That smile could melt my heart, thought Raya.

I never thought how much I missed this, just walking, and talking with her, Clark thought. "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but why am I seeing you?" asked Clark.

"I am here to help you." Raya replied.

"Help me with what?" asked Clark.

"With anything you need help with." She said matter-of-factly.

"Uh-huh." said Clark.

Its a good thing his life is so crazy, other wise he would probably figure out that I can't sand to be away from him, she thought. Just then Clark heard a familiar voice in his ear.

"Clark where are you? I need to talk to you , its important." Said the voice (Clark identified the voice as Chloe Sullivan's).

" Raya-" Raya put her fingers to her lips for silence.

"Kal-El you are not the only one with the gift of super-hearing." She said with a smile. Clark gave her a grateful smile back and gently kissed her cheek.

"You know how to get back to the farm right?" He asked her. She nodded and he took of at super-speed to talk to Chloe.

Once she was sure that he was far enough away she slumped to the ground and touched her cheek with a shaking hand. Wow! He has really soft lips. I can't believe he actually kissed my cheek!! She took a deep breath, stood, dusted her pants off and took off for the Kent farm.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet, Chloe was in the printing room. Her papers were done and she turned around and then . . . . . . . WHOOSH! there was Clark. Chloe jumped and dropped her papers.

"Jeez, Clark!! you can't just sneak-up on people like that." She said, picking up her papers.

"You,called me." said Clark still smiling from when he was with Raya.

"Okay what is it? And don't lie to me and say its nothing . . . you're glowing." Said Chloe noticing his smile.

"Raya's alive and at my house right now. Jor-El brought her back." He said. He was far too eager to tell someone and then lie." Wait a sec, you mean the Raya from the Phantom Zone? The Raya that you held in your arms after she was killed?" Asked Chloe, thoroughly surprised.

"One and the same." Said Clark.

"Okay, well in that case, can I meet her?" asked Chloe.

"Sure lets go right now!" Clark replied happily.

Later that day, Clark and Chloe walked into the kitchen where Raya, Lois, and Mrs. Kent were conversing quietly.

"Hey guys." Clark said as he got himself a glass of water, then he walked over and put his arm around Raya. "Raya this is my friend Chloe. I told her all about you and she couldn't wait to meet to you." He said with a smile. Raya blushed.

God he smells SO good. She thought.

"Hello Chloe!" Raya said, extending her hand and shaking Chloe's. "So, exactly how much did he tell you?" Asked Raya, trying to see if this girl knew that she and Clark had come from an extinct planet, complete with super powers.

"He told me everything!" said Chloe catching the hint.

"Oh, he did?" She said looking at Clark, who still had his arm around her. As she did, she regretted it. The look she saw on his face was so entrancing and at the same time it terrified her. Good god, that smile was like Heaven.

Raya and Chloe sat and talked for what seemed like hours. Then Chloe got a text from her boyfriend, Jimmy Olsen.

Will you meet me at the movie theater at 4:00 pm? It said.

"Oh, it's my boyfriend Jimmy." She said. "He wants me to meet him at the theater. I should probably go." Chloe stood. "I hope to see you again." said Raya, who also stood.

"I'm sure you will." said Chloe. She waved good-bye and walked out the the front door. "She seems nice." said Raya to Clark after a few minutes.

"She is , she's the best side-kick anyone could ask for, and I trust her." Said Clark. He noticed that Raya had used the word seemed.

"You know what I think about trust so I won't say anything." said Raya with a smirk.

"I trust you, and besides this is not the Zone." replied Clark and returned her smirk with his own. Raya smiled to herself,

So, She thought. He trusts me. I suppose he's right. This isn't the Phantom Zone.

"No, I suppose this isn't the Phantom Zone." she said. She smiled at him.

"You know that I just thought about? You don't have a place to stay do you?" Clark asked her.

"No, I don't." Raya said with a sigh.

"You can sleep in Clark's room if you want." said Martha, who was listening in on their conversation.

"Why are you always so quick to give my room away, huh? You did the same thing with Lois." said Clark sarcastically. "I'm just kidding, I really don't mind. Feel free to sleep in my room, I'll just crash on the couch." said Clark as his mom was about to protest. Raya smiled and nodded her thanks. Clark smiled in turn.

"Raya, those are the same clothes you had on wh- last time we saw you aren't they? Do you have anything else?" Martha asked her.

"Oh . . . " Raya said slowly.

"Don't worry I'll take you shopping if you want!" said Lois with a friendly smile.

"You will, that would be awesome thank you!" Raya said gratefully.

"Raya, come here I want to show you where my room is." said Clark with a nod to let her know that he truly needed to talk to her away from the others.

She nodded and took his offered hand and he led her to his room. He closed the door and turned to face her, his face serious. "How long are you going to stay?" He asked.

"As long as you need me." Was her truthful reply.

"Okay well I'll have to start to build you a guest house." He told her with a thoughtful look.

"What? No,no, no, I can either sleep on the couch, or I'll find an apartment close by." she told him. That's far too much for me, she thought.

"No, the only close place is Lois's and It is 1 room and too small for two people." he said but he knew that there was enough room in the apartment, but he wanted to be closer to her. Plus he liked doing things for her.

"Well . . . only if it's not too much trouble, and I want to help build it." she waved her hand as Clark drew the breath to protest.

"Its that or no deal. I know you don't need help but it will be done way faster if i help. Not that your slow but . . . . . . . . . ." she told him.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out 50 dollars and offered it to her, "So you don't feel guilty when Lois goes broke." He said with a mischievous grin.

"Funny, ... I don't know what I'd do without you Kal-EL." She said sarcastically. They left the room, then Raya and Lois left for shopping.

Clark set off at super-speed to build the guest house. He had gotten the structure of the house done and had stopped for a very pre-dinner brake, when a voice, Raya's, sounded in his head.

"What in the name of Jor-EL are you doing?" she asked.

"I would rather tell you when you get home. I look mental whispering to myself."he replied in a whisper.

"Fine I just wanted to tell you that Lana and Lex are headed your way." Rayareplied. Clark knew that he did not have to reply. He cleaned up his mess and then he went back to work on the guest house,

Or, he thought, Raya's house.

He was lifting another large piece of wood when Lex's Benz pulled up to his house. Lex and Lana got out of the car and walked up to the front door.

Clark took a deep breath, put his fingers to his lips and blew. An ear piercing whistle emitted from him. The Luther couple looked out into the field. Clark waved his arms. Lex and Lana got back in there car and drove through the Field,following the tracks made by his truck.

"Hi Clark! WOW! What is all this?" asked Lex Curiously.

"Oh, this? Its a guest house. I got tired of my mom giving away my room." said Clark with a friendly smile. Lana had once told Clark that she would always love him, but still loved Lex, and he was the one who proposed. He now had a truce for the time being.

"Didn't Lois move out of your room 2 years ago?" asked Lana suspiciously.

"hm?... Oh , yeah!! but,... um- Raya is back and she doesn't know when..." He let his voice trail off when he saw the way they looked at him. Oh, I forgot they don't know who Raya is. He thought.

"Raya,.. she is a friend from . . . . A long time ago." Actually it hadn't been long at all. They had met in the prison that Zod sent him to, the prison known as the Phantom Zone. They all called that horror Dark Thursday.

"Oh!! well how nice of you to take her in,.. and build her a house." Said Lana.

"Oh no,no,no,no! It isn't just for her! It is for all of our futer guests." He noticed that even he did not agree with himself.

"WOW, Smallville, you are a fast worker!" said Lois, who had walked up behind them. though she had tried, she had failed to surprise him. (he could hear her foot steps, and her slow breathing gave him the clue that it was her.)

"Thank you Lois." he said turning around. But he then was ensnared by the bewitching beauty of the girl he had not heard come up behind him with Lois. Raya with a red tank top and dark blue faded jeans.

Wow! Clark thought that's a dazzling sight.

"Well Raya you look... nice." Clark couldn't really think of what to say so he thought "nice" would be best.

"thank you,... so did you save some of the heavy lifting for me to do?" Raya asked still pushing the whole 'I want to help build it,' bit.

"Wow, you must be Raya." said Lana.

"OH, yeah, Lana, Lex, this is Raya, a close friend of the family. We haven't seen her in like... a long time." Clark said.

"Its an honor to meat you." Lana said politely. "You as well Mrs. Luther." Raya said equally polite.

"Oh you can call me Lana." she replied. Raya smiled at Lex and offered him a hand. Lex took it.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Ms. ..." he stopped realising that he didn't know what her last name was.

"Reynolds, Raya Reynolds." she said. Clark wondered where she had come up with that name.

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