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They walked hand in hand into the house, where Chloe and Martha were siting at the kitchen table. The food on the stove hadn't been toughed. They both jumped when Clark and Raya walked in. A sudden sharp pain raced through Chloe's heart when she saw their joined hands. But as suddenly as it came, it left. While she still loved Clark, she had Jimmy and he was all she needed.

"Clark! I was so worried. Thank god your both alright." Martha said with a sigh of relief.

"So did you get the bad guy or should we prepare for battle?" Chloe said some what serious, some what joking.

After a moment of silence Clark said, "He is not a threat to anyone anymore." And he left it at that.

"Well that a relief. Now, Chloe, are you going to stay for dinner?" Martha asked moving to the stove.

"Well I don't have to meet Jimmy tonight and its been years since I've had some of your amazing cooking, so if you don't mind, I would like to." Chloe replied.

"Of course, you are always welcome to stay for dinner." Martha said and went about fixing everyone's plate.

Martha made up to more plates of meatloaf, corn, and mashed potatoes. They all ate and talked and laughed together. Clark sat back and looked at the people at his table. The only problem with the picture was that it was missing two vital people.

Dad and Lana. Then this would be a perfect picture. Raya's sweet laughter interrupted his thoughts. She was looking at Chloe, apparently she was saying something funny. Something about her laughter made him smile.

Hm, ... maybe just Dad, he thought.

Soon after that Martha, Raya, and Clark said goodbye to Chloe. Martha excused herself, claiming she was tired and was going to bed early. Clark and Raya began cleaning up dinner.

"So,... where is Lois?" Raya asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Probably at Oliver's, He is her Boyfriend. Or she's out late working on a story... but I doubt it." Clark answered. Raya laughed quietly. They finished cleaning the kitchen in silence.

"You'll have to stay in my room tonight, the guest house isn't finished yet. It'll be done by tomorrow." Clark said walking her to the base of the stairs. She nodded and looked up at him.

"Look Kal-El, I really want to thank you for saving me today. I might still be in that little room if you hadn't. So... thank you." She said, the thankfulness showing in her eyes.

"I didn't do anything you wouldn't have done for me. Oh! And its Clark." He said with a joking smile. She laughed, and rolled her eyes, of course, he makes a joke of it. Men, they can't take anything seriously.She looked up into his clear blue eyes and watched them change from blue to a perfect mix of blue and green.

Then she couldn't stop her self, She stood on her tippy toes and leaned forward not taking her eyes from his. He leaned in and there lips met with a spark. The figurative kind of course, they'd had enough shocks for one day. They she tilted her head to the side for better access and wrapped her arms around his waist. His went in her hair.

They stood there engrossed in one another when the stair way lights flicked on behind them and they herd a soft gasp. They stepped away from each other and moved out of the was for Martha. Clark turned his head away trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Don't mind me I just came down for a drink." She said with a smile. She got her drink, said goodnight again and went back upstairs. Clark looked at Raya and they simultaneously busted into laughter. Raya leaned into Clark's chest. Clark wrapped his arms around her. he kissed the top of her head.

"Goodnight." He whispered.

"Goodnight." She whispered back. He released her. She smiled at him and walked hp the stairs.

He turned and instead of going to the couch, he went to the door and walked outside. He made his way to the barn, stopping to pet the dog.

When he was in his loft he went to the small desk and picked up the picture of his father. He looked at his father's smile, the smile that Clark had seen on his face so many times before his death. That was the smile his dad got when he was proud of his son. Which was very often.

Clark took a deep breathe and swallowed the lump that had begun to rise in his throat. He really missed his father. He was his best friend. The man he always turned to when he had a new power to deal with, or problem to solve.

He walked to the telescope he looked at the clear night sky. not a cloud in sight. He looked through the telescope the stars looked so close he could reach out and touch then. He found the several constellations.

He was out there for longer than te realized. He heard the dog whine in his sleep and thought he should probably go inside and get some sleep.

In a flash he was on the porch steps. he turned to look out at the farm, took a deep breath of the crisp night air and went inside. He took his shirt off and plopped down on the couch. he made himself as comfortable as he could on a couch that was too small. He siged and fell into a peaceful sleep.

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