An: The characters belong ta Kate Constable.

"Calwyn!" Keela's voice came from belowdeck. "CALWYN!"

Calwyn sighed and went belowdecks, where Keela was supposed to be making dinner. She was curious to find out what the girl wanted when she found herself flat on the ground and hurting all over. "Ow," she said, sitting up and rubbing her head. Her hand stopped when she saw something that made her laugh.

"It's not funny! Calwyn, Tonno'll kill me!" Keela whined. SHe was coevered in flour. Flour covered the floor, table, everything.

Calwyn shook her head and stood up, only to fall back down, sending flour everywhere. She and Keela laughed. THen, the two girls were cleaning up when Keela headed to the fire with a pot in her arms. "Keela, watch-" CAlwyn never finished her sentence because Keela had slipped on the flour and went down. The pot, which was full of water, went everywhere. It landed with a thud.

Calwyn picked up the pot and helped Keela up. Then, she eyed the area. "Well, flour and water don't go together," she said, for the two ingredients had formed together to create a pasty substance.

"No, they don't apparently," Keela said as she got several eggs.

"What are you doing?"

"Puting eggs in a bowl to mix with the batter. Why?"

Calwyn shrugged. She listened momentairly to the others above when she heard a crash and clatter, shortly followed by an Uh-Oh. She looked at Keela and gasped: the girl had dropped the batter, uncracked eggs, and bowl on the ground. The two met each other's eyes and burst into laughter.

"What is going on-WHAT HAPPENED DOWN HERE?!OH MY GOSH! LASSIES, WHAT DID YOU DO?!" came Tonno's voice.

The two spun around. Apparently the guys had grown curious as to why there was all this ruckus and had come down to investigate.

"Well, we..."

But the guys never found out because both women burst into hysterics and dropped to the floor.